Om Nom Run Mod Apk Unlimited Money, Unlocked Characters 


Join Om Nom and Om Nelle on a race through the dangerous streets of Nomville: avoid obstacles, use power-ups to clear the way and unlock new characters from the Cut the Rope universe!
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Om Nom Run MOD APK is a chance game of the infinite running type with the main appeal Om Nom coming out of the world of children’s animatronics. You will calm with your character go done many challenges, overawed obstacles, fight foes, collect gold coins. It reach the finish line with many plunders in hand.

Om Nom is a classic kids’ cartoon series. The half-frog-half-alien appeal is Om Nom who is very fond of sweet candies. Om Nom has tons of cute, lively words and has a full world of his own with friends, infatuations, and even cute enemies.

Om Nom series is loved by broods all over the world since of its humorous happy. Without too many outlines or any difficult moves, the film opens up many backgrounds and lots of funny states around Om Nom and friends. It is not astonishing that this charm becomes the main appeal of the Om Nom game series which is also pretty famous on mobile. Today we will talk about the limitless running game in this series, Om Nom: Run.

Om Nom Run Mod Apk

Overview of Om Nom Run Mod Apk

Name:Om Nom Run Mod Apk
Mod Features:Unlimited Money, Unlocked Characters 

About Om Nom Run Mod Apk

Om Nom’s first mission is to gather as many gold coins as likely on the way. When the quantity of gold is up to a enough level, you will unlock new typescripts with lovely terms: different eyebrows, different attires, new shoes. Om Nom is previously cute, now it is much improved, transporting more excitement to the player.

Along the way, Om Nom will have a casual to receive chance items of high value in flying up the appeal and amassing gold better, such as rockets, coin lodestones, bouncy boots.

Overwhelming all the overhead, what brands troupes stick everywhere this game for a long spell and continually be in an enthusiastic mood with it is the erratic variety and productivity of the tests on the path.


The goal is to live, run for as long as likely. Om Nom not only meetings enemies but also overpowers countless difficulties in the way. You obligation use all your cleverness, flexible control, and keen opinion eyes to recognize these possibly hazardous things. Obstacles are dissimilar from terrain compensations. For example, when you happenstance a jagged trap, you obligation dodge, but when you meeting a colorful stairway, you can rush up to have a accidental to eat more gold changes.

The regulator process is very humble. Like other endless consecutively games, you will dig from left to true or vice versa to help the atmosphere move edges, swipe up is to jump up, swipe unhappy is to roll on the crushed. That means with fair one hand, you can immobile fully enjoy the game.

The setting of Om Nom Run Mod Apk

Run also changes always, creating a lot of eagerness for the companies. Om Nom runs finished busy streets, messy tops, underground channels, massive industrial plants… Each home has a completely different scenery, setting, and land. Each time a new game unbolts, you will be the one to agree your own “endless successively” ability. You will also like these apps are Imposter Smashers Mod Apk, Last Hero Roguelike Shooting Mod Apk.

Advanced, Om Nom’s responsibilities will upsurge more and more. Not only gathering gold changes, but you also essential to pick up items distributed on the thoroughfare to adorn the house for Om Nom future. At this time, you will see that you are so eventful. In a split another when the backcloth licenses out, only unique what an item/obstacle/coin is can confuse you. At this fact, the game is no longer a mere infinite run, but slightly a much higher level of effort.


In Om Nom: Run, players will happen a accustomed atmosphere that is Om Nom from the Cut the Line cosmos, and now, you will not involvement puzzle levels. Explicitly, you will go with this appeal through many unlike levels, effecting challenges and circumvention problems on the path it runs done. The control way that runs to infinity is not too exciting for players since it is simple jabs.

For companies who are just receiving started with the game, the game will deliver some tutorial heights where the player can rapidly get a step-by-step tactic to some of the game’s practices. At the identical time, players can see what they need to loophole and what can be collected to attend the level and whole the mission. Afterwards effecting the starting level, you will go to the certified levels, and the trials are waiting for you fast.


An stimulating point that you will essential to pay courtesy to in Om Nom: Run is that you can easily regulator the appeal and know the tasks you necessity to complete. Precisely, the first task you requirement to overawed is picking up the cultures that look inside the game screen. This pick-up is totally similar to picking up other gold changes in the game, and of course, there will be a pick-up limit that you will requirement to pay courtesy to.

Stages with the type of letter-picking mission will regularly have a star organization that works like a level score system. Exactly, you will control the charm and try to whole that level well, and both star will be some cultivations you essential to whole. Of progression, anyone desires to amass all three actors, and when the goals are encountered, the equal will be over nearly. You will be bright to run to immensity if you do not wide-ranging the goal of the equal.

You determination not be talented to ignore solving new sites at the level that this game has to suggestion, and these places appear clearly in the game’s awning collection. At the same time, each setting has dissimilar designs and trials as it familiarizes new problems and foes. After the unlocking course is effective, you will find a doorway to the new situation, and you can choose whether to transfer into it or not.


When you must knowledgeable a game that runs to endlessness like Om Nom: Run, you will definitely not be able to overlook the fans that help players fast get good consequences. Exactly, you can use the dual result feature to get a higher effect or use the lodestone to collect the adjacent gold moneys. You can also pick up cars and use stunts to trigger the vehicle’s topographies. At the identical time, some heights also force you to stunt a certain number of periods.

The game proposals many skills that players cannot overlook and of progression, unlocking new types is one of them. You can find many dissimilarities of Om Nom and inspiring getups to use and go into diverse levels. At the same time, particular costumes can be ajar with gold coins, and manufacture money converts faster if you comprehensive the errands assigned in the stages.

MOD APK version of Om Nom: Run

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Characters

Download Om Nom: Run APK & MOD for Android

The game has cheerful, cute 2D visuals like the style of the unique cartoon. The later unlockable fonts develop more and more beautiful. Om Nom: Run has modest control, the task is uninterruptedly growing, the context is continually altering with many rich obstacles. Be wary to not get hooked!

What's new

We’ve fixed some annoying bugs and improved the game’s stability.