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Ocean is home: Island Life Simulator is a free 3D first-person island life simulator that takes you to an archipelago of distant scenic islands.
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November 16, 2021
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The life of a solo man who finds himself lost in a desert island can be very tough. It can also be very pleasurable if you’re playing this awesome mobile title of Ocean Is Home. Have fun engaging yourself in this awesome gameplay of life simulation. In which you have fun playing your addictive existence quests in this desert but copious islands.

Ocean Is Home Mod Apk

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Overview of Ocean Is Home Mod Apk

Name: Ocean Is Home Mod Apk
Genres: Adventure
Developer: Birdy Dog Studio
Requires: 4.1
Size: 40M
MOD Features: Unlimited Coins
Updated: November 16, 2021

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Here in Ocean Is Household, Android gamers will have their chances to enjoy the astounding life of a man who goes on a return island. Start by finding means and chances for your survivability, as you look for foods and incomes around the island.

Make uses of the liberating gameplay to freely discover the island while doing whatever you famine. Just make sure that your vital stats are still fine.

You can play the dedicated survival gameplay and nearly look for materials to build your shelter, diets. The water to keep you full and energized, and incomes to begin creating tools and weapons.

Or alternatively, gamers in Ocean Is Home can skill their relaxing life within nature. The study its beauty over the in-depth and immersive gameplay of Ocean Is Household


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive and interactive touch controls

Here in Ocean Is Home, Android gamers can enjoy occupied with the intuitive and interactive touch wheels, which allow them to freely move around the map and work with the different in-game elements. Merely use the analog controls and swipe actions to work on your travels and navigation.

Make uses of the simple action buttons to effect certain orders which let you work on the tools, cooperate with items, and more.

Have fun exploring the huge island

For those of you who are involved, you will find yourself having access to the massive in-game island with many unlike locations and landscapes for you to explore. Touch free to go around looking for incomes, foods, and good places to set up your camps or size new establishments on the islands.

With dynamic weather and accurate day/night system. Ocean Is Home will allow you to fully dip yourself in the island and its active elements.

Realistic vital signs to pay attention to

At the equal time, to make sure that you can constantly enjoy the authentic gameplay of survival, Ocean Is Home will feature its interesting vital scheme, which permits you to enjoy the survival tasks to the fullest. Here, your characters will have four vital indexes, including Health, Energy, Hunger, and Marine.

Also, the external temperature will also change conferring to the time of day and the weather. Both high and low fevers are not good for your character and will have effects on the vital ciphers. So make sure to reflect them properly.

Useful building options to work with

Just like with ARK: Survival Evolved, here in Ocean Is Home, Android gamers will also need the option to create their awesome structures with lots and lots of useful claims. Start by building a shelter to fence off hazardous predators and also giving you a benign haven.

Then you can ensue and expand it into a large house with all kinds of services that a man ever desires.

Have fun crafting items and weapons

To kind the game more fun and exciting, Ocean Is Home also allows Android gamers to work on their different making ideas. Feel free to craft many interesting items, arms, tools, and even work on the progressive contraptions that will allow you to enjoy your passable life at the island.

Here, the game will list out all the different tools, supplies, items, incomes, and skills that are desired to create the certain stuffs. Just make sure that you can assemble all of them and have the required skills to start taking fun with your crafting gameplay.

Level up your characters for better stats and new skills

And dialogue of which, Android gamers in Ocean Is Home can also enjoy the interesting basics of RPG, which will allow them to fully immerse themselves in the mobile title. Feel free to work on the progressive system of player skills and choose how you want to give your skill points to unlock new skills or upgrade your current skills.

And to earn skill points, you can have your appeal leveled up through fights, crafting items, house stuff, and more. Each time you level up, your important stats can be upgraded with stats points. And you can also unlock new helps to further explore the game.

Interesting vehicles for you to play with

For persons of you who are interested, you can now love playing the exciting mobile title of Ocean Is Home while having fun in your favorite types of carriage. Here, the game features a huge gathering of different vehicles that you can have on your record, including cars, bikes, and even yachts. All of which can be created using the forward-thinking crafting features in the willing.

Many resources to mine and collect

Here in Ocean Is Home, you can bargain the island boasting a variety of different incomes, which you can collect from mining or assembly. Look for wood and stones at the start to start working on your tools and build your basic structures.

Then you can make use of the tools and devices that you’ve made to look for more advanced resources for generating more progressive items in the game. All of which should allow you to have utter fun with the realistic life recreation title.

Have fun playing the offline gameplay on the go

To make the game more reachable, Birdy Dog Studio also features their offline gameplay, which is available for all Android gamers to enjoy. Now, there is no need to go on the mobile data or to look for active Wi-Fi networks if you want to play the game. The grand mobile gameplay of Ocean Is Home will continually be available for you on the go.

Free to play

For those of you who are involved, you can now have access to the free gameplay of Ocean Is Homegrown from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything. Feel free to need fun with many available features in the game rather easily. But since it still skins ads and in-game grips, you will still have to pay to unlock the full skills.

Have access to our useful mod

To brand the game more fun and exciting, Android gamers can continually go for the free and unlocked version of Ocean Is Home on our website. Here, with our useful mods, you can have access to the ad-free gameplay with unlimited features and happy. As a result, you can always enjoy the complete game play without any troubles.

Simply download the Ocean Is Home Mod APK, follow the given orders, and start having fun with the mobile name.

Visual and sound quality


Get prepared to engage yourself in this splendid mobile title of survival simulation with its truthful 3D graphics and beautifully simulated settings. Here, you can truly become one with nature, as it topographies many dynamic elements to keep you affianced.

From the realistic physics, in-game cartoons, to the dynamic weather and stunning pictorial effects, Ocean Is Home will make sure that you can always have fun with the mobile title.

Sound & Music

Together with implausible visual elements and graphics, Ocean Is Home also features its amazing sounds and exciting sound effects, which will always keep you engaged in the imitation title. Have fun immersing yourself in the awesome in-game world and have total fun with its features.

Final thoughts

With an in-depth and accurate gameplay of island survival simulation. Ocean Is Home allows Android gamers to relish their role-playing skills to the fullest. Feel free to discover the exciting features and the addictive gameplay. As the game lets you do whatsoever you want on this enormous island.

Enjoy living your island survival tests in different lifestyles with the stress-free gameplay that will always excite you.

What's new

In this update, we have added new materials for home decoration, new furniture for the living room. New furniture stores are located near the city. We've also fixed several known bugs.


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