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Welcome to My Singing Monsters! Breed them, feed them, listen to them sing!
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Welcome to My Singing Monsters MOD APK – a world of beasts filled with singing. Join My Singing Beasts, and your task is to take care of monsters to obtain the reward of the best songs that are melodic from their mouths.

My Singing Monsters Mod Apk

My Singing Monsters troupes will start with a silent island, and your task is to break that serenity by raising monsters to form the perfect band. The game includes many kinds of fiends to choose from, and each has unaware sounds and traits. Therefore, each mixture, adding or removing monsters, will make the melody you create with unique skins.

Overview of My Singing Monsters Mod Apk

Developer:My Singing Monster
Requires:5.0 and up
Size: 40.11 MB
MOD Features:Unlimited Money

My Singing Monsters is careful a simulation game with unique content and gameplay forever. It does not need the player to be absorbed in destroying monsters such as role-playing games or affected action, instead of building his monster island to create free huge music. What are you waiting for, but not yet downloaded to your telephone to experience the exciting gaming moments?

Or you mention, and knowledge Pocket Build, which is a simulation game for structure a sandbox world with beautiful 3D graphics. In Pocket Build, you are free to build, create all in your virtual world, and succeed it yourself.

Features of The Singing Monsters Mod Apk

My Singing Monsters is a model music development game ported to iOS. It is a green biosphere full of interesting monsters. There are various fiends in the game that can be high, collected, and advanced.

The thrilling thing is that these monsters have their sole singing voices, and players can amass them to create sole sounds in their world. There are over 30 kinds of monsters to achieve, and each island has its recital hall.

On each of the lovely My Singing Monsters islands, players must achieve a series of tasks such as fixing trees, moving unnecessary edifices to replace with recent structures, buying food for fiends, and feeding them.

Then, upgrade monsters and type more money. Also, the game also has a system of successes and goals that, if finished, you also receive many other attractive loots.

In My Singing Fiends, players can collect and raise various monsters and enjoy the lovely music carried by the monsters.

The world obtainable by the game is like a fairylike and unimaginable word! In My Singing Monsters, there are over 30 kinds of cute monsters. Troupes can unlock diverse monsters and shape your private world while planning and spacing monster housing parts.

The central features contain:

  • 30+ types of epic and unreal monsters. They are all calm!
  • Cartel your monsters to make extra ones!
  • Astonishing art, cartoon, audio effects
  • Making levels to unlock more monsters and things!
  • Original plush islands, each atoll has its unique theme and monster setting
  • Many flags and edifices affect every Monster
  • Produce a unique blend of scenery and sound
  • 3D sound properties, with many individual songs
  • Task-based class, suitable for beginners
  • Feats and rewards
  • More beasts, islands and music content every week


My Singing Beasts is a strategy game that unlocks up the miniature garden and installs many monsters, but this work is unalike. The monsters in this work of love tune, and it’s about to sing when the egg flaps. The more you develop the little garden, the more BGM will become famed!

Next the game starts, when the first shelter appears, here the rock-like monsters take the tempo like a drum, and the white monsters just sing “Bourne Bone.” You can make unknown monsters by gaining eggs by mixing and getting and hatching them.

Overhead all, it’s fun that the BGM becomes lively when the number of monsters rises and players wonder what the finished form will be so they will play forever. You will be joyful that you can feel your hard work not only with your senses but also with your ears when trying to make your monster chorus.

Singular Skins

Reflect you see your Singing Monsters? Travel back in time to when Monsters first vented into song and witness the splendid Dawn of Fire. Knowledge catchy tunes, beautiful graphics, and innate gameplay in this exciting prequel to the hit mobile sense My Singing Monsters.

Every Monster has its speech.

As you answer each lovable appeal, their unique sweet fashioning will be added to the song to size upon the exertion, creating more lively sounds. Some monsters are vocal brains, while others play splendorous devices. Until you hatch it, it’s a wonder!

Type and produce your Monster bands

Need to grow your Singing Monster group? That’s simple – breed Monsters with distinct basics together to create fresh ones! Level them up by satisfying them stuff they like and cherish your very own one-of-a-kind group.

Skills a crowd of unique matters

Shape inspiring structures, collect capitals, and master the complex new crafting system! Learn the formulas for anything your Monsters might ask of you and put up wacky flags to add that personal bit!

Learn unknown parks and likable songs

Increase your horizons yonder the Continent and explore the diverse and amazing Outer Islets. Each has its catching melody, as performed by your Singing Monster genii! Who knows how countless there are to learn?

Orders and Guiles

Know that the gladder your monsters are, the faster they will produce coins. To make them happy to look at their affinities, buy and room the monsters and objects they alike near them.

The advanced the level of your ogres, the more money they will earn! To level them up, you just want to feed them. The more they level up, the more they are greedy. You can have five bakeries in each of your keys. Stock up on food as soon as likely and keep it benign!

Recollect to install a mine in each of your islands because it carries in one diamond per 24 hours. Go often on the purchase of diamonds and enter free diamonds because to guard a video for 30 seconds, you will pocket a ring.

It is a game that too requires tolerance because we do not have the watch we want the first time. Through breeding, there can be one of the two fiends chosen instead of a new required one. All you need are endurance, patience, and grit.

Complete Appraisal

Original refrain

My Singing Monster is a game in which you have to class monsters that make music. Your goal is to help the monsters to release their voices – an scarce game for your cell receiver. So the game asks the player to take care of those monsters who like to chant and play on a small island.

The game initiates like any other “farm style” game, with the birth of insignificant beings to care. Only, instead of a farm, they are on an island in the sky.

At the start, you buy the monsters and place them in the state. Then a curious thing happens. The beasts keep pace with the background music and rise it with their sounds. For the monsters to grow and improve their artistic skills, you need to feed and promotion them in the top way.

An gorgeous game code

You will find physically on an island, vacant, calm, and covered with vegetation. It is where the first Monster we will home on this island comes in. The baby monster will make music using an tool, his mouth, or a part of his body.

There are over a hundred species of monsters that have their musical phrases. Some are beating, other stringed devices, or even singers, and there are also DJs! You will comprehend, the more we add different monsters on our island, the more composite the song will be. It’s up to you to compose your song with the persons you like!

Rapt gameplay

Fiends are obtained by buying them on the display case with coins, or by replica between some monsters. To create new species, all you have to do is try multitudes of monster combinations!

Once positioned on an island, the monsters collect coins over time, and you can succeed them to buy unknown monsters and buildings that will improve the pleasure of your Monster and even make all kinds of candy for feeding them.

Like many free-to-play games on the phone, there is the option to buy coins to gain haste, but you find that not required in My Singing Monsters. You just have to be enduring, since each action takes real-time to be carried out (creating cakes, to come for the egg to hatch after imitation between two monsters, etc.)

You can generate an inclusive situation for your monsters: bakeries, trees, objects improving their act. By creating all these spaces for our men, you will gain levels, and it will agree you to unlock new islands that will contain limited monsters, and a new song!

So, each Monster has a tuneful phrase which be contingent on the island on which they room it before! These can also level up, and the higher their close, the more coins you will amass.

High-quality visuals and sound properties

My Singing Ogres provides a relaxed, music-based gaming skill. The game contains a hundred different type, and you will have to raise, feed, and repeat them to hope to collect them all. And thus, combine beasts to compose your song as it sings to you!

Each Monster has its behavior, and it will sing differently depending on the island it parks on. The game art is fresh. Each Monster is magnetic.

Certain even change their arrival during certain events, like on Halloween night. You can try to hear a song calm by a player with the creatures of the island of plants to have a broadcast of what it can be like!

Last Disputes

If you hunger to use one word to designate the fresh game My Singing Monsters MOD APK of creator Big Blue Bubble, the terms weird and spirit should be the most apt. It is a game that collects, upgrades, and builds your music world through many monsters.

The character of the game is a group of fiends who sing with a distorted voice. All beasts can sing, have uncommon sounds, and use various gadgets to accompany them. Depending on the monsters poised, the melody created will be different.

Download My Singing Monsters here! It is an pleasurable casual puzzle game. Troupes need to collect their single sounds in the game. Even if you don’t know tune, you can cartel them to create an excellent beat. If you have questions, leave them in the remark unit!

What's new

• NEW Epic Wubbox on Cold Island!
• NEW Epic Tring on Fire Haven!
• Yool returns to Cold Island and the Colossingum
• Returning Seasonal Quest - 'Day of Yay'
• Over 25 Festival of Yay Series Costumes available to collect
• Rare and Epic Yools make their Seasonal Shanty debut
• Festival of Yay Decorations and Seasonal Obstacle Decorations available



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