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Discover a magical land of entertainment and mystery in the world of Merge Dragons! where you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey.
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Merge Dragons MOD APK (Free Shopping) – This game is a countless choice for players who dear dragons and want to size a dragon island for physically.

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We tin see dragons in movies, images or legend stories. In Game of Thrones, dragons are signs of House Targaryen, children of kings and rulers. Dragon is a symbol of forte, prosperity and fear for manhood. But in this game, dragons are very cute depicted as a caring of pet.

/Overview of Merge Dragons Mod Apk

Name:Merge Dragons Mod Apk
Publisher: Gram Games
Genre: Puzzle
MOD Features: Free Shopping
Version: V7.3.1
Requires: Android 4.4 and up

About Merge Dragons!

Thousands of years ago, Dragonia was a magic vale hidden behind vapors. Here, dragons live luckily with other creatures. Swiftly one day, the evil Zomblins destroyed the valley, rotating it into divided plots. Your task is to rebuild Dragonia by using magic and recover the men of the valley – dragons, dragon eggs, trees, floras, Gaia’s statues, fabled beings…

What is Merge Dragons!?

Merge Dragons! is a free mystery game for Android and iOS, released by Gram Games. Its gameplay is like aware match-3 puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga or Adorned. Have you ever heard of these games? If the answer is “not yet”, it’s okay. Because of the gameplay of Merge Dragons! is very simple and easy to understand, suitable for everyone, with small children.


Merge three resources of the same type to evolve, such as merge three shorts to form an early tree, three dragon eggs to create a dragon. After that, you can merge three dragons to create a larger dragon, three florae to create a bigger bud.

The dragon on the map also everything to bring light to the dim lands. You cannot merge and move beings in the dark land. The only way is to sunny it up and then you can join it as normal.

The law is just that. And the game is not much of a test for you. But in return, Merge Dragons! very know how to addictive players with loots after each level. The game brands you feel nosy and want to know the shape of the men in the valley after growth.

A portion of loots

Loots are what I like when live this game. Merge Dragons! has many types of rewards for companies. First is the reward by level, the higher the level the more valued the reward will be. Besides, you can obtain rewards over time. There is a furtive chest in the main shade, you can receive any rewards after a sure amount of time. The more valuable the gift is, the slower the to come time. This is a stirring factor for me to return to the game each day. Even if I don’t play, I still have a accidental to receive valued rewards. That great!

Lovely charts

Visuals is one of the acmes that made me download this game. Merge Dragons! has 3D graphics in very cute movie style. Bright colors, vivid images. The beautiful Dragonia vale is like a fairyland. Dragons, trees, lands, everything is beautifully planned. Fun sounds, fit for this game.

MOD APK form Merge Dragons!

MOD eye

Free Shop: Buy all for Coins, even when there’s not plenty!

Features of Merge Dragons

Each game has its own unique faces. Merge Dragons too. This game contains a lot of attractive sorts that any player would like to travel. I have experienced Merge Dragons and here are some thrilling things that it gives me:

Travel the Land of Dragons Full of Mysteries

From the opening, the game will take you to a odd magical world that you could not know before. The furtive world unfolds, settled under clear blue blues and clouds. It looks that it is one of the many beautiful islets in heaven, where the Dragonia race thrives.

This is the plot of dragons and mixtures. During the skill, players will be taken to explore each fable, strange dragon magic from ages. Cartel all the objects present in the game, making items stronger than ever.

But unhappily, life at Merge Dragons was not constantly so peaceful. The evil Zomblins looked into the land, meaning to take over the island to destroy the dragons. Your job starts here; it is no longer a time to see everything. The only hope to save the land life troubled is only one.

The furtive lies in your own magic power, but you will never know anything. Search and bloc everything to create many species of trees, dragon eggs, reserves, stars, magic flowers talented of reviving life. Or even the player may suddenly meet men only in saga.

Every Job Is A Riddle

Merge Dragons carries an very diverse number of quests for a game with simple gameplay. There are over 180 unlike levels, with all 900 jobs to challenge your brain.

Start by placing plants together to create a nascent life. Then combine many types of dragon eggs to hatch organic creatures, evolving them into warriors to protect the land. The puzzle process will convoy the dragon farm growth. Riddles always appear suddenly during the game.

If you can whole the Gaia statue, that is a signal of conquest. It will bring enormous rewards for upgrading and emerging the land. Many hidden levels are hidden aimlessly in any item, discovering them will be exciting.

The evil Zomblins continuously try to destroy the area, so remember to pay close care. Well, do not forget that satisfying tasks are still free daily. Join the entertainment, challenge, and obtain valuable loots with Kala.

Take part in make new events every two weeks with an interesting riddle for you to complete. They can gem, magic, and hundreds of thousands of men, whether the actor can gather them all.

Body A Beautiful Grange

Though Merge Dragons is a puzzle game, edifice elements are also an vital part of the game. Tactlessly, the mist army has taken over the coup area and is ending it.

By all means, have to rob each isle, restore life to the area. There are many different shared objects you can through it to adorn the beautiful island. Do not overlook to revive even the cute but sturdy dragon people.

Learn nearly 100 separate types of dragons with eight heights of growth, leveling, and evolution. Try to merge and flap eggs on the farm; you will not know which dragon next will seem. That is interesting, isn’t it?

Too, Merge Dragon has a few other bulbous features that I skilled when playing this game:

Bloc Objects Calm

  • Drag items around the beautiful world to match-3 and make new items more useful.
  • Can combine everything
  • Jigsaw Life Heart and touch to release control, save the world.
  • Realize Gaia statues on each level, link them to solve puzzles, and body a life.

Gather New Dragons

  • Notice 17 ways to breed dragons and upgrade them over 8 levels.
  • Chain dragon eggs to shade baby dragons.

 Astute Puzzle

  • Over 600 charges to challenge your puzzle and matching skills.
  • Test riddle skills in over 140 “brain hurt.”
  • Notice hidden planes. Will you find them all!
  • Confront the hostile Zomblin to continue the journey. Observe wisely and carefully!

Some Orders When Playing Unite Dragons

Live any game is the same; the tips will make your live process easier and faster. If you are seeing to explore this game right now, first, satisfy refer to a few tips below:

All Can Be Joint

Uniting things together is an vital thing in this game. Trust me, and I am serious! In Merge Dragons, most gameplay involves combining items to make or upgrade to new items.

So, the first part of guidance I want to give you is to combine everything you think will work. And in each try, you should use the most important number of items.

Although each of you, you and many other objects can interact, you can only secondary a single object with the same type. The minimum number of joining at any time is three objects of the same kind. If you rise the quantity to 5, the output will be binary the original. Select the number of workings as much as possible and do combos.

I have to say that linked to single reagents, merging the versions of some subjects is much well. This is suitable for all, even the healing flowers or the cash you pick up on the street.

Download Merge Dragons! MOD APK for Android

Each hero has his own task. When live Merge Dragons! MOD APK, you have a moral mission, that is to revive the vale of Dragonia back to the heyday. Too, if you want to join the quest with cute dragons.

What's new

- Stay tuned for more fun events that will bring you wonderful dragons.



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