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March 10, 2022
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Playing the piano is not ever easier than now with Magic Piano by Smule. If you are a pianist, you will bargain this app helpful. You can rehearsal regulatory the notes, rhythm and tempo and sing along. It can be very helpful. 

But if you are into this game and don’t distinguish much about melody, this is also fine. You can study from lower levels, then like the feeling that the game bounces you. It seems to be entertaining. The Magic Piano doesn’t necessitate intricate skills from players. You will get improved by time as long as you rehearsal. 

Moreover, you can play this game anytime, anywhere as extensive as you download the app to your phone. This is a game for all eons, from kids to grown-ups. Because music has no limit. You can increase your creativity and eloquence. This is in fact a game that can connect the ecosphere through music. 

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Overview of Magic Piano Mod Apk

Genres:Music & Audio
Size:16.85 MB
MOD Features:VIP Unlocked

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The Magic Piano is an app that permits you to play the piano to the tune of maximum everything you can contemplate of. You select your song then tap the awning to play the notes, aiming for petite green and yellow points. You have to time them true and within close adequate closeness and get your opinions. 

At the start, you just play the songs for enjoyable, without any opinions or objectives. After you surface a song, you can portion your attainment on Facebook or Twitter. But now they extra a new feature with points and stages. If you want to have more features, you might necessity to get smoola or spending some money to get this. But this app is not classy at all. 


This game offers delightful features that you might want to deliberate:

Have different levels

This game offers diverse levels of snags. It can be hard at times. But you can always choose the difficulty setting and switch it out of game mode, back to the classic mode. In this, you will be permissible for perfect-pitch selection which lets you go rock and foolish. 

Provide all sorts of music 

It was a wow to me in rapports of the music assortment available. Fundamentally, every palate of music can be content when you come to the Magic Piano. They have very good assortment of music right in the video game titles. 

Mario, Final fantasy or some other famous and classic ones can be found on the Magic Piano. The preparations are well composed. From traditional to pop songs, all can be found in this app. 

Have wise function

The Magic Piano flows rather well. However, sometimes, there power have some hick ups every now and then. If there are too many notes getting hit at the same time, it will lag a a bit, but not very often however. 

There are green and yellow points. The green one is the solitary key and creamy is chorus. Contingent on the songs. Some necessitate you to press manifold fingers at for each chord.

In terms of the menu, they give you diverse options. You can be choose “solo” function if you want to have battery-operated and play by yourself. If you famine to find the list of all tunes to pick, go to “Songbook” button. They have “duet”. Truly, the cohorts anywhere everywhere the world who have this app can play with you as well. 

Then we go to “world’ meaning. It brings the world then you can discovery someone randomly. Ater you touch to pick somebody to listen to, it will load, you can “heart” it or press “next” to move one to the subsequent person. 

Express yourself 

Fundamentally, you can control the notes, rhythm and speed of this game. You can choose to play lengthways singer’s vocal. More than that, you can generate your own music with their originator. You can try and let yourself to be imaginative and shine at least once. You will darling this game. 

Get the game for free 

The datum of getting this game for free is a giant plus. It is a great game. But in order to become all the songs you want, you will necessity to spend some smoola which is the app’s currency. You can also pay real money. It is relatively inexpensive. But, there are nice features that you can make free smoola. They also have free song everyday that players can dowload. 

So after one or two workweeks, you will actually consume quite a lot of respectable gongs without outlay on getting any smoola. However, the app doesn’t provision Android that turns Android OS lower than 4.1 anymore. 

Visual and sound quality


The colors looking in the app are very well mixed. They look happy and happy. Everything is clearly set and arranged. You can change the mode of the instruments to organ pipe, harpsichord, and others. They look quite outgoing and nice. 


The sound of the app is great. There are huge choice of choices for you. You can pick some older typical songs to some latest songs of the pop idea. You can even create your own list. The music noises inordinate. Rhythms and speeds of the songs can be attuned as you want. It can developed quite fun when they add a creative screw to well-known songs and one player can get a lot of applauds by other players in the game. 

Final thoughts

It doesn’t material you are a professional music player or not. As long as you are into music and famine to try to play music, this is the app for you. And if you have children who love active the piano, you can also deliberate this as an selection. 

With the current technology today, the whole thing is conceivable with just a clever phone. Find this free app, install, then you can play. This is a perfect game to chill, relax and boost your own imagination. Why don’t you try it now?

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