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The best-selling LEGO Batman franchise returns in an out-of-this-world, action-packed adventure!
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LEGO Batman Mod Apk: Beyond Gotham is an astonishing 3D action game. The game is built on inspiration from the famous LEGO Batman series. You join Batman in an astounding adventure, and skill the fun packed action. Too Batman, you join forces with characters from the DC Comics cosmos. You fight in space to stop the evil Brainiac, and defend the annihilation of earth.

LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham has varied content and around 100 different stimulating typescripts. You fight and reveal many characters with countless powers, like members of Justice League, Solomon Grundy, Lantern hero and villain. You can play to unlock fonts, and great ability. Like the variety of “LEGO Star Wars: TFA, LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin”, you can unlock many special outfits like Batman’s Destruction Suit, Robin’s Techno Suit, Stealth Cyborg’s Hidden Suit, and the Joker’s Decoy Suit. Each suit has its own stimulating looks and abilities.

LEGO Batman Mod Apk

Overview of LEGO Batman Mod Apk

Name:LEGO Batman Mod Apk
Developer:Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Mod Features:Unlimited Money

About LEGO Batman Mod Apk

“LEGO Batman Mod Apk: Beyond Gotham” takes to the crime city GOTHAM. You embark on an astounding quest through an exciting story in the space and world outside Lantern including Zamaron and Odym. You explore the accustomed DC realms in the Hall of Justice, Batcave, and the Watchtower Righteousness League.

Of course, the game is suitable for those who love Lego, so you meet your favorite fonts like Batman Beyond, Dark Knight, Batman, Gameplay is also a amazing factor, the game allows you to effortlessly Easily switch between “classic” and “Touch Screen styles“. Everybody has their own favorites, so you choose your favorite control style to develop the best player.


“LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham” helps you learn the divine squad of Batman champions. You and Batman join forces with other DC Comics Super Heroes to rest the evil villain Brainiac. The content is as rich and varied as “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mod Apk: TFA, Ninja Arashi Mod Apk “, you explore and whole about 45 missions and unlock more than 100 fonts. Each mission is packed with puzzles, regardless of what Batman has to say, he needs some help to take down Brainiac.


The game has over 100 grand fonts to unlock like Black Canary, Solomon Grundy, Cyborg and The Joker. You unlock new typescripts and different clothes. Each suit offers its own powers, such as the elite hacker Robin’s Techno Suit castoff to hack the computer quickly.

The game brings out the most basic and interesting basics of the LEGO game. You involvement exciting 3D adventure, and explore Warner Bros. quirky pranks. Your mission is to move around positive maps, fight, solve and destroy everything in your super hero style. The sound is striking with great music, and sounds from some of the great voice actors: Kevin Smith, Stephen Amell, Adam West, and Conan O ‘Brien.

LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham Mod Apk has positively inherited the essence of Lego action adventure games. Players can travel the world of Lego DC Comics, and cleverness many great heroic roles, Justice League, including Batman. You use heroes with special aptitudes to break interesting puzzles in many difficult levels. The game shapes many cute characters like champions, and the funny interactions between the antiheros.

The game includes a variety of characters with the largest number of infamous heroes and villains, including the clown or Rex Luther. Like the gameplay of “LEGO Star Wars: TFA, LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin”, the player partakes in great battles with many enemies in various fun. You collect the puzzle basics of the level, and use the characters’ respective abilities to complete team jobs.


The game also landscapes a great Storyline, and suits with great skill. Example: Batman uses a space suit to fly into space, uses surreptitiousness outfits to explore secret locations; Robin has the ability to break through glowing fluids and improve powerful building hunks.

LEGO Batman: Outside Gotham is a countless blend of lego elements and RPGs. You knowledge the world of Lego Batman through a sole storyline with new plot and plot. You knowledge 45 amazing missions with dynamic, fast-paced gameplay. Besides, you join thrilling outer space battle, and together with great allies in outer space.

DC Comics Super Heroes

The game also brings to the magic world of Lantern including Zamaron and Odym. You will have countless great things like the exciting plot of “LEGO Star Wars: TFA, LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin”. The game has a commanding roster of DC Comics Super Heroes and Super Villains, and you can explore over 100 characters with far-fetched powers and abilities. Too, the game also opens up more favorites for DC Comics fans. You can see many exclusive typescripts from licenses like Batman Beyond.

The Dark Knight series, Green Arrow ™ and Batman the Classic TV Series and much more. The game presents many iconic idioms ​​like Hall of Justice, Batcave and Justice League Watchtower. You fight, destroy many rivals to win medals for shops and trophy rooms. Another special feature of the game is the faithful sound from the amazing voice cast. You can hear conversant sounds like Troy Baker (Batman); Travis Willingham (Superman ™); Christopher Cory Smith (The Joker ™); …

Another interesting eye of the game is a superior universe, and seven dissimilar planets. You examine character counts, charm skills and great elements for the fun group. The game is suitable for adults and offspring. The game has great 3D images, soft actions and is very suitable for mobile platforms. In short, “LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham” is truly a worthy work of art for Lego and RPG. The game has interesting stories, all of which are linked very naturally in a cinematic style. You skill great combat, and join in solving exciting puzzles in engaging action. The game is truly a connection to the victory of the Marvel superhero movie.


  • Enjoy around 100 overwhelming characters from the DC comic cosmos.
  • Meet accustomed names like Batman, Robin, Joker, …
  • Experience exploit in space, and visit familiar DC empires in Hall of Justice, Batcave, and Justice League Watchtower.
  • Unlock many types, and special suits like: Robin’s elite hacker skill suit, Cyborg’s Anonymous Invisibility Suit, …
  • Easily switch amid “Classic” and “Touch Screen” controls.


  • Limited in terms of 3D visuals compared to the original.
  • Many tasks are not really stimulating.

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