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Left To Survive is a TPS Action Zombie Shooter game in a world after apocalypse where zombies have enslaved the Earth and taken control. Survival war has begun!
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March 22, 2022
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Find physically explore and skill yet another great mobile title with the post-apocalyptic setups. As you dive into the boundless shooter and survival gameplay in Left to Survive. Enjoy the awesome gameplay where you’ll join a group of stickers. They trying to stay alive from the lunacy and insanity outside.

Left to Survive Mod Apk

Grab your ordnances and shake up your guts as you prepare for your ultimate survival tests in this awesome mobile game of Left to Survive. Enjoy the fun and exciting gameplay that would take you finished the most epic in-game actions and exploits.

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Overview of Left to Survive Mod Apk

Name: Left to Survive Mod Apk
Version: 4.12.2
Developer:My.com B.V.
Requires:5.0 and up
Size: 101M
MOD Features: Unlimited Ammo
Updated: 2022/03/24

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The game takes home in the future world of the year 2024, and in contrary to most people’s trust, we didn’t achieve any scientific advances. And the peaceful world has become meaningfully devastated due to the ongoing conflicts and wars.

But most highly, due to a disastrous series of actions, the entire planet is now careful dead with most of its ecosystem life wiped out. And the reason for this turn of events is due to the foolish zombie eruptions that happened across the world.

It has appealed the majority of the populace and turned them into mindless fiends who would consume and devour any living thing that they catch. And as if that’s not enough, the few stayers even form up their armed groups and fight with each other to collect the actual lasts pieces of supplies.

Humankind is on the verge of death if this keeps ongoing. Not only that we’ll be killed and scoffed by the nasty undead, but we’ll also bring death to ourselves if we keep aggressive with each other. We must unite and work composed toward a better future.

Twitch by joining your fellow stayers and create your own group. Build your base to defend yourselves from survivors as well as your other rivals. Gather new survivors and board on a series of interesting gameplay.

Dive into grand shooter skills as you enjoy Left to Survive to the fullest. Enjoy the game with a series of interesting gameplay in the single-player or join your groups and other online gamers in exciting multiplayer gameplay.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive survival gameplay

Survival fans will assuredly find themselves enjoying their unique and interesting gameplay in Left to Survive as you join others in this awesome survival challenges. Board on your ultimate journeys where you’ll be able to travel and experience all kinds of interesting doings.

From creating your ultimate bases to gathering new survivors to reinforce up your little settlements. Take on a series of interesting battles, quests, tasks, and in-game challenges as you growth.

Embark on your ultimate survival campaigns

To twitch with, Android gamers will find themselves attractive on their epic survival tests, in which you’ll experience manifold missions from various arcs, each featuring its own sole and interesting gameplay. Explore addictive and enjoyable gameplay or zombie rifle with awesome in-game elements.

Survive the zombies’ attack by forming your defenses, take on scouting tasks to survey the areas, and complete your structure missions to enjoy multiple rewards and advance done the gameplay.

Construct and customize your bases to defend yourself

And for those of you who’re involved, the game also features a variety of interesting structure and building choices for you to make uses of. Feel free to choose between dissimilar buildings that are available in the game and have them well-positioned in your sordid.

Unlock certain resources and materials so you can start sustaining your base. Locate new stayers around you and have them presented to your bases. Expand your HQ as you gather new stickers, collect new resources, and turn it into a safe haven for others. Composed, you can overcome the zombie disaster.

Dive into awesome shooter challenges with nasty zombies

In adding, as you dive into the awesome gameplay of Hordes of Zombies, gamers will also enjoy the game done a series of exciting and epic shooter challenges. Find yourself removal the zombie-infested areas as you create extra safe zone for survivors to seek lodging.

Challenge the nasty monsters head-on as you dive into the remarkable shooter challenges. Unlock your strong fire powers with many available arms. Defeat the enemies as you go and release your special attacks to well defeat the zombies.

Takedown enemy basses and collects bountiful loots

Besides, you’ll also find yourself having to deal with the other aggressive groups who wish nothing but to finish your bases and collect their monies. And for these foes, there is no need for pity as you can dive into the epic raid clashes to take down their sources as well.

In this dark world, surviving should be the most central priority. The game features the unique and exciting chopper shooter gameplay that would certainly gratify many of you.

Unlock new heroes to lead your expedition teams

And if you’re discovery yourself enjoying the clashes, it’s always nice to strengthen up your groups by adding some champions into it. With these special characters, you can give your team manifold boosters and buffs that can successfully increase their abilities.

Feel free to unlock and make uses of different heroes, each featuring their own sole skills and abilities, which can be used in multiple in-game missions and doings.

Tackle the epic shooter challenges with actual players

For those of you who’re attentive, Left to Survive also features the fun and interesting gameplay where you can take on the heroic shooter with actual players. Dive into the infinite fun and excitements in the online FPS gameplay in Left to Continue as you fight against live players in unlike game modes.

Enjoy the game alone or play it with any of your friends and other online gamers.

Take on the ultimate zombie bosses

And if you’re discovery the mere zombies aren’t so strong or as scary as when you first play the game, then you can continually stay tuned for your new interesting in-game skills.

Start by exciting the intimidating enemies’ bosses as you progress to the final jobs in each arc. Find yourself opposing all kinds of nasty enemies with unique and motivating powers that would carry epic and awesome fights.

You’ll never be bright to imagine the scary zombies that can jump to extreme height, wear police mail, or even explode themselves to harshly damage your group.

Free to play

With all those remarkable features, the game still achieves to surprise us with its wholly free gameplay. That being said, Android gamers can easily find their preferred game on the Google Play Store and must it downloaded on your mobile strategies without having to pay whatever, which is always a blast.

Enjoy the completely unlocked gameplay with our mod

And to make the willing less challenging and more enjoyable, gamers in Left to Endure can also enjoy the interesting mods that are included on our website. With it, you can enjoy the unlocked gameplay, ad-free skills, and most importantly, the unlimited ammo mod.

All it takes is for you to download and install the Left to Survive Mod APK from our website instead. Follow the if instructions and you can start to enjoy this grand game of zombie survival.

Visual and sound quality


It’s one of those rare games on the Android stage that do feature console-like graphics. With Left to Survive, Android gamers will must their chances to enjoy the pistol gameplay to the fullest with its striking visual effects, powerful images, and impressive environments. Not to mention that the variable graphics will also ensure that the game is playable on your mobile devices.


Enjoy the fun and motivating gameplay with amazing visual practices, and of course, incredible audio too. With Left to Survive, Android gamers will find themselves travelling the fun and epic gameplay of FPS shooter and survival imitation to the fullest with the powerful and immersive sound things.

Final feelings

Fans of the famed Dead Zed and DEAD TARGET will now have themselves. Another striking mobile FPS title to enjoy on their Android devices. And most outstandingly, this time, it’s wholly free and unlocked for you to relish.

What's new

UPDATE 4.12.0 A futuristic city. Unbelievable technology. Welcome to the future! But the Hattori Syndicate wants to enslave the world. Find scientists to open the portal. SAVE THE FUTURE! NEW: - A NEW FURRY FRIEND – lovely HUSKY and it brings EVOLUTION PARTS once per day - German Shepherd brings goodies once per day now but tripled - PvP Season PASS Game optimization COMING SOON - ALIEN FACTION A strange signal has reached Earth Aliens are trying to conquer the planet! With a NEW HERO



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