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Knives Out Mod APK is one of the greatest popular PUBG clone mobile games developed by NetEase. Origin version of this game is called in chines, one of the top games on the Appstore of China. Earlier, NetEase also released Rules of Survival, another PUBG clone game and it seems that both of its products are well conventional around the world.

Originally, Knives Out was only released in China although it was designed to be playable around the world. And NetEase took the Chinese version of the game down, they controlled for a stronger global public.

Knives Out Mod Apk

Overview of Knives Out Mod Apk

Name:Knives Out Mod Apk
Developer:NetEase Games 
Mod Features:Updated

About Knives Out Mod Apk

I was fairly suspicious about the success of Knives Out, especially in the context of so many PUBG style games like today, even the gameplay is similar to additional product of NetEase. But Knives Out has claimed itself when Rules of Survival and Knives Out occupy the first two locations on the Chinese application market. China’s copying ability may not be so strange, and it can not be underrated. To say it, Knives Out succeeds since it’s simply a PUBG Mobile game.


Knives Out creates a large island with an area of 6400×6400 m2 where there can be 100 concurrent players. Initially, you will be dropping off the plane, and you will have to move to safe locations, find capitals for yourself and destroy other players or you will become wounded of them. This gameplay is quite familiar to those who care about PUBG so I will not clarify much anymore.

Impressive interface and graphics

Knives Out are one of the greatest invested games today. It can be said that our expansion team’s features and features are created in the best way. The ultimate goal is to bring a product of the highest excellence to the player. The first thing that excites all players is a beautiful border; this is also the point that attracts everyone’s interest about this game. The investment in this form has also made the game more singular while bringing a new look. A part of the players said that it was the game’s attractive and beautiful border that made them extremely curious and wanted to knowledge the game.

Talking about the imitations of the game, we can’t help but mention its graphics. With beautiful 3D graphics, the game rapidly reaches many players ubiquitously. Stunning graphics also bring a delightful and great knowledge for you; it assists players in the background. In terms of form, it can be seen that the beautiful interface and imposing graphics are some of the core factors that make the game positive. This is also the first achievement of the game development team. Though the game’s content is not too singular instead, the game has brought a sole and fancy appearance.

The game mode

Coming to the game Knives Out, players will be complicated in an excellent mode. This is a high team game, so that players will be aggressive with their colleagues during a battle. Each team will consist of 5 players; each battle will include 100 different players ubiquitously. Each player’s task is to try to survive the lengthiest and destroy all the remaining teams so that they can win. This can also be careful a form of survival game, so players need to emphasis as much as possible.

The game will transport together the most potent gunmen universal, so the game’s competition is very high. The game’s core component is still entertainment so that every user contributes in the game with a happy and relaxed spirit. With such an excellent game mode, the game has transported the best values ​​for everyone. At the same time, it also brings keenness to the current game market.

Experience the game

Every player at the start of the game experience has different thrilling feelings. Your life is the most vital thing when entering this war, so stay calm and emphasis on the match. Around the sound of firings, death everywhere, players need to be alert in all circumstances to be able to survive. Shooting services are also one of the factors that help you win the game.

This skill needs players to hone and practice regularly. Also, players need to have a subtle view, brainy observation and handle the situation in the fastest way. Contribute in fierce battles, confront the violence of guns, bring the best feelings for all players. The player’s survival is only in a single instant; overcoming it, you will become the winner.

New and innovative entertaining game

Knives Out is one of the most original entertainment games available today. With numerous versions updated regularly and unceasingly, the game always contents all the needs of players. We always listen to comments from players, and the aim is so that we can recover and develop this game in the perfect way. Since then, it is to deliver players with top-quality products.

But also many new improvements

What I like to mention today is the graphic design and programming of Netease, the Knives Out game intended to eliminate problems that make it difficult for players to play shooters on the phone. The new border allows players to easily switch guns, posture …You can easily shoot, run and skin. The new engine platform makes the game much more enhanced: the flora and the terrain in the game are varied, the game details are great. Not only that, the minor details in the game such as wind, angle, and the lag of the gun will also make it difficult for you and make the fight to endure more attractive and tense.

The game has both male and female fonts, while the male character is strong, the female character is also very fast and sexy, no alteration in speed, HP of both characters. Particularly players can join the team with up to 4 players to destroy the other players and help each other in finding resources. The game also lets you to navigate around the map by controlling vehicles such as boats, cars, and motorcycles. Game makers have calculated that the land in the game affects the speed and fuel feasting of each vehicle.

Download Knives Out APK for Android

This game has a lot of abilities to grow, I and my friends played it by playing the APK for Android, and it has a good mechanical scheme, relatively easy control over the map, good graphics. I’m want to play the global version with multiple languages and servers reinforced, and I’m sure Knives Out will succeed with a great community of gamers.

Knives Out supports three simultaneous languages, English, Chinese and Japanese, showing that the game has occupied another step on the road to becoming the most popular survival game mutual with the best shooter on mobile. Currently supported for both Android and iOS, while the iOS version has been updated in all three languages, we will still have to wait for the Android version, or you can download the APK file of the game to try.

What's new

1.The new battle pass-[S24: Beasts of the Mountain and Sea] has arrived. Activate it to get super value rewards.
2.Workshop update: New leisure mose [Bio-chemical Drill] has arrived.
3.New Gatling Machine Gun Goes Live. Available in regular mode, the Gatling Machine Gun is a large-magazine machine gun that provides powerful suppressive fire.
4."No BOT mode" is now available in Hurricane Peninsula.