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Please use Juicy Realm MOD APK (Unlocked Characters) to upgrade and prepare the hero with the best guns, before he arrives a series of dungeon battles. Must you ever supposed that one day humans will no lengthier be at the top of the food chain, but in its place are plants? A war will break out between humans and leaves for the top of the food cable. If that topic interests you, then join Juicy Realm, an RPG of X.D. Network.

In the upcoming, the instruction of all beings has been wrecked. The florae now develop the leading type of the food cable. At first, humans didn’t upkeep and it was lone when floras instigated to grow members and mature the awareness that persons understood that their places were at picket. As single of the first folks to notice that the shrub empire is rising and out of regulator, you need a very vital task to enter the den of these pressures and avert them.

Juicy Realm Mod Apk

Overview of Juicy Realm Mod Apk

Name:Juicy Realm Mod Apk
Developer:X.D. Network 
Mod Features:Unlocked Characters, God Mode, Fast Reload, Unlimited Skills 

About Juicy Realm Mod Apk

It can be realized that Juicy Realm is a game that trusts action, venture with dual shooting sections. Players are permitted to skill the journey during the storyline from the viewpoint of many fonts. Each of them has their own exclusive skills and advent.

The chore of the player is rather simple. You just need to defeat all foes on each level to open the door to extra area. A unusual thing that I really similar about Juicy Realm is that with each charm and trouble level, the knowledge will be changed. So, you can’t reiteration many times to over the level like other RPGs (due to this factor Juicy Realm is careful quite grim to overcome). Bestowing to skill, I suggest that you must choose Boxer (capable of creating HP retrieval ring) if you want your journey brighter a bit.

In addition, Juicy Empire also has a fast sliding machinery to use rule bars. Yet, this mechanism is not really useful because the recovery time amongst quick shots is pretty large, you can only upsurge the power bar by gathering sets. This sorts the charm can only slide one or two times in one combat.


One more item is that this game doesn’t allow you respawn in room. If you lose, no stock where you are, you drive be sent back to the site, starting from the start. Maybe this is the meaning of the developer to upsurge the contest, but many players grumble this feature makes them livid because they need to play again and o’er. This blocs with the effort of this game, which makes many players feel “discouraged”. Fixed in one home too long is also a unruly not many players feel happy.

In addition to violent, do not forget to secure and inflate your sordid. If you meeting a jail too difficult and can not fight alone, you can indicate the team calm with other players to increase the gambles of winning.


Juicy Realm’s guns group is a bit weird. If your charisma has long-range spells, then choose weapons such as shotguns, submachine guns and some other kinds. And if you like handy combat, you will have “weird” decisions such as a wrench, Lightsaber, a pan in PUBG, or even some peculiar toy with a pullet image. In particular, these arms will appear arbitrarily and mingled with the types of ammo, healing items, strength-enhancing pills, If you say victory is chiefly based on luck, it is not mistaken.

Your carrier has a limit interplanetary, so you should contemplate judiciously before throwing left an item to change another item since there is no surety that you will get a enhanced item. The Soul Stone War Mod Apk and Legendary Game of Heroes Mod Apk.

MOD APK version of Juicy Realm

  • Unlocked Appeals
  • God Mode
  • Fast Reload
  • Unlimited Skills

Download Juicy Realm MOD APK for Android

Though there are motionless a few small errors, in overall, Juicy Realm still positions out with a lovely, several style of graphics and shy but equally interesting gameplay. This will certainly be a fit game to relax after taxing employed hours. Download this game and skill it now!

What's new

-bug fix