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These days, video calling apps are top in demand and we all are observing for apps which are pretty easy to use. And amongst them one such app is the IMO MOD APK. The app is undeniably free to use and offers you faster video calling and messaging services. Lengthways with that, it comes with lots of cool features that makes video calling super easy yet fun. For example, it allows you to have group video and audio chats and so on. So in case if you are beholding ahead to download IMO MOD APK on your Android device, then you are on the right page. But first, let me just go ahead and talk about what is IMO apk. So here we go:

Keeping in touch with family and friends has never been cooler than when you set foot in Imo. Even if your mobile device is not connected to the network very well, you can effortlessly text or even video call. We are named a messenger bird that helps bring people’s moods closer composed. In particular, this application will not gather any fees from users to help you feel more safe when choosing us. This Mod Version is provided by IQC PRO MOD APK.


Overview of IMO MOD APK

MOD Features:Premium Unlocked


Now I’ve got to be truthful, IMO free video calls and chat actually does not differentiate itself in a lot of aspects from its contestants. In fact, all messaging services offer officially the same thing, and rarely, if ever, there are any new features that have yet to exist in additional service anywhere. The only major variance between them that create the ‘popular’ messaging apps, from the ‘average’ ones is the userbase. WhatsApp and Messenger have tons of users. Like I said, it’d be hard to find anybody who do not use either of these. And since you need to use the similar service as theirs to connect. It’s common sense how these apps keep on fast users, while the average ones just grow gradually over time – and maybe not at all.

Fortunately, IMO themself has a huge fanbase. Of course, it’s not as large as the examples I used above, but mediating from how there 4.69 million unique downloads and a 4/5 rating for the app. I would say that you wouldn’t at all be at a difficulty if you decided to change your evasion texting app to IMO.


Easy login and use

Unlike any other message support application, imo allows users to use it without making an account. Because this app is compatible with popular social networking sites like Skype, Facebook, Gtalk, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, and more. You just need to use accounts on other stands to log in and use this app right away. Total, imo was created with the mission of transporting users around the world closer together so anyone can use this app quickly.

Support communication through many different forms

In fact, when calling or sending text messages to loved ones at a aloofness, you will have to pay a certain fee. This fee is frequently quite expensive for many individuals, thereby assembly it difficult to keep in touch with loved ones around. The advent of imo will entirely solve the above problematic. With this application, you can use many different forms to connect with your loved ones.

Share multimedia files

Besides, imo also agrees users to easily send multimedia files to other users. Comprises audio, video, files, voice messages, and more. The sharing way has also been improved for mobile devices. With just one humble touch, you can share anything with those around you. Equally, you can also receive media files from the adversary in real-time. You can also visit our suggested Apps Telegram MOD APK, WhatsApp Messenger APK AND 2ndLine Mod Apk.

Support to improve internet connection

When using applications that support message, users are very concerned about internet connection difficulties. But imo will help keep everything under the control of the user. Characteristically, the intelligent algorithms available in this application will help users be entirely assured of the internet status. Even if your network connection is not really even, the communications in this application will still work optimally.

Freedom to build a personal brand

Besides, Imo lets users to create a personal image with their wanted style. These may or may not be your own avatars, and it all be contingent on your needs and preferences. In addition to your avatar, we also stretch you a username, which will set you apart from other users in the world. Besides, the application’s sound theme or wallpaper is also extremely beautiful.

Less data consumption

Besides the influential features mentioned above, imo also transports data ingesting statistics that make any user feel surprised. Therefore, you can make high-quality HD video calls but with very low data feeding. As a result, it will save your network planetary when using a 3G or 4G connection. This is really one of the magnetisms that help this application reach a huge number of users.

Simplified user interface

The border of imo also has strong compatibility with devices on mobile podiums. Thanks to that, users will not have too many problems in the process of using this application right from the first time. The layout of the features looking on the main screen is quite simple, but still fully meets the user’s needs. Moreover, you can also tailor the light or dark look according to the themes available in this application. Overall, the border of this application will be a scoring feature for you from the first time you use it.

How to install IMO

Step 1: Download the APK or MOD version of imo from

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on mobile.

Step 3: Click to install the imo_ file.

Step 4: Finish the installation, the application icon appears with the words “imo by IQCPROMODAPK.COM”.


Is Imo app safe?

Yes, it is very safe to use IMO for video calling, if d other person is not recording ur video call through other application.

How Can I download Imo MOD app?

The IMO MOD APK can be downloaded from website without any charge!

Is imo free to use?

Yes, the IMO MOD APK is 100% to use. Using a Wi-Fi or data connection, users can join using Imo, a free video, messaging, and chatting app.

Download imo MOD APK for Android

In short, imo is a free video call and chat application that contains many extraordinary features that make a strong imprint on users. Although the first versions did not make an impress on users, up to now, this application has convert more complete. Most of the features are fully supported which will absolutely give you the best involvement. Besides, the MOD version on our website will help you access progressive features wholly for free.

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