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Once become a bad person with Idle Mafia MOD APK (Unlimited Money), where you develop a millionaire by managing a infamous criminal company. Download this game via the links below the article.

Idle Mafia receipts you to a busy and growing city. But beneath this growth is the raging of subversive forces. The criminal gangs are very lively and do not seem to have the interference of the law. You come here to shape yourself an infamous crime territory and become the boss of the city by any trick.

Idle Mafia Mod APK

Overview of Idle Mafia Mod APK

Name:Idle Mafia Mod APK
Publisher:Century Games Pte. Ltd. 
MOD Features:Unlimited Money 

About Idle Mafia Mod APK

Idle Mafia fits to the idle business simulation game genre, free by Century Games. Until now, business simulation games have absorbed players to a certain area of life. However, the subject of the underworld and receiving rich with illegal activities is supreme in previous games. This is a new and stimulating field but it is strongly optional that players should not do it in real life.



With Idle Mafia, players are best understood about the unlawful activities of gangsters. From robbery, causing misperception, collecting insurance fees to abduction, even killing each other to contest for the area… All show the evil and unkindness of the mafia. Your mission is to profit from the above doings, eliminate those in the way and develop the most powerful Mafia gang.

Conducting illegal activities

Basically, your mission in Idle Mafia is to get rich from unlawful activities. Like the usual business imitation games, everything starts from zero. In the start, you can only make money with small activities like pickpocketing, robbery, and street fight. The amount of cash earned is small but it is the first step for you to board on a criminal path!

When you start to brand money, players can recruit more
minions. They will obligate illegal acts on your behalf to brand more money. There are dozens of criminals in Idle Mafia with unique abilities. Contingent on the level of danger and the money that you pay them, they can do things like kidnapping, robbing, defensive or even killing! There is no limit to a cruel and reckless criminal.

In addition to employing juniors, you can also build buildings such as night-clubs, nightclubs, weapon shops to income from it. Basically, Idle Mafia is still a business imitation game. Using money rationally brings higher efficiency. Offenders can do many things, but the leader is always the most unsafe.


A Mafia will have to accomplish multiple businesses to make the money used to maintain the entire group. Therefore, Idle Mafia will have an idle system that has complexity and can be expanded endlessly to let players know the common doings that Mafia often operate in many cities. Besides increasing businesses, players can control large cities and impose new rules on them for money.


All in-game content topographies the familiar idle mechanism, which mechanizes many processes based on player upgrade progress. It also helps businesses unceasingly generate money even when players are offline. Still, it can only be employed for a certain time, and players have to interrelate with them to continue. Thanks to that idle system, players can uninterruptedly upgrade things and reap important profits for the empire.


If players want to earn additional money effectively, they can whole the many tasks that Idle Mafia updates daily. The contents of the tasks are also varied, counting killing an important person, conveying goods, and many types of doings that the Mafia can only do. Of course, their rewards are always generous, including money and vital cards used to upgrade many portions of the gameplay.


Managers are significant units that players need to take full benefit of if they want businesses to function correctly. The competences of each manager are incomplete to one business, but they can automate every procedure and have a significant revenue multiplier for players to accelerate growth. Also, players can upgrade their bosses if they collect enough cards specifically for them, thus unlocking new features or skills. You can also visit our suggested Apps Idle Digging Mod Apk, Shark Tank Tycoon Mod Apk and Life of Mellow Mod Apk. 


If players are still not content with all the current controls, Idle Mafia will introduce gang war procedure, where players take over other areas finished violence. Although taking territory is slow, the capitals and potential they offer are almost boundless, and the player can last with the new commercial. As their control continues to increase, their splendor will also be shaken and will continually have to fight to protect all.


Become the boss of the underworld

The final goal in Idle Mafia is to build a influential and most infamous crime empire in the world. So don’t just work in one city, enlarge your geography to other areas and recruit dangerous international criminals. From the night-clubs in Las Vegas or cities in Japan … Those seats are the ideal places for you to do commercial and expand the area.

Of course there will be numerous people who get in your way and fight in contradiction of you, those are other criminal gangs. By any tricks, even shooting to pay the opponent, show everyone who is the real boss. Below your wing are hundreds of unsafe criminals who can do anything. Recall, the criminal world doesn’t exist in kindness, only wisdom and cruelty can make you a tycoon.

As the boss of a huge criminal empire, all you consume to do is watch the loyal juniors handle illegal doings and make a lot of money. At that time you were fruitful in Idle Mafia, but behind that success are all the corruptions.


Although it is a crime game with a mainstream of illegal and violent doings, Idle Mafia owns colorful 3D cartoon graphics. The characters are notorious offenders but are cutely built with fun doings, helping to lessen the violence of the game.

After all, Idle Mafia is still a extremely entertaining game, simple graphic rudiments that somewhat reduce stress and give players the lightest and most contented experience.

MOD APK version of Idle Mafia

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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The business imitation games are all providing players with valuable knowledges and knowledge in life. However, I do not encourage you to apply what you have erudite in Idle Mafia to your life. That is really crazy! Let Idle Mafia become an real tool to help you entertain and relieve pressure after hours of work.