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Human: Fall Flat is a hilarious, light-hearted physics platformer set in floating dreamscapes that can be played solo or with up to 4 players.
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November 16, 2021
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Discover the world of wobbly figure and thrilling puzzle-solving gameplay with Human Fall Flat. Enjoy funny and filling gameplay as you join other players in the world of precise physics and uncanny fonts.

Human Fall Flat Mod Apk

Find out more about this surprising game as you foldaway the world of exciting puzzle with our reviews.

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Overview of Human Fall Flat Mod Apk

Name: Human Fall Flat Mod Apk
Genres: Puzzle
Version: 1.9
Developer: 505 Games Srl
Requires: 5.0 and up
Size: 1.4 GB
MOD Features:Paid for free
Updated: November 16, 2021

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Here in Human Fall Flat, players will be playing inside a bizarre dream, in which you find physically being a wobbly fake figure. Travel the strange worlds that you’re fixed in and solves many riddles that block your ways.

Kind uses of your coarse ingenuity to come up with unlikely keys for each challenge. Get your characters over many diverse levels of mind-twisting puzzles as you realize to find the way available.


Here you’ll low all exciting features that the game has to offer:

Hilarious controls with realistic physics

You’ll find the wheels in Human Fall Flat very difficult but also very fun to play with. The wobbly fonts with hilarious actions and controls make the game much more interesting liken to the normal puzzle resolving skills.

Make sure you’re make to master the art of wobbly parkour in “Human Fall Flat”. Vacillation from side to cross ore up and down when you run, carrying stuff as if you’re successful to throw it at someone or beating yourself, jumping around grasping on your friends like a silly stalker, and so on.

It’s fair to say that the panels have added a lot of exciting facets to this game.

Combined with the faithful physics, your fonts will look like they’re made from air and could be blow away any instant now.

Explore the mind-bending puzzles

If you’ve stayed playing Part Time UFO and find the puzzles in the game stirring, with this one, you’ll both get your mind-blown by the epic puzzles or enraged by the difficult ones. So get ready for the tasks as you explore the 10 levels of exciting gameplay as well as lots of different arcs.

Make habits of your clever mind to come up with the keys for each puzzles. Choose the right methods to the game as you slowly figure the way out. And don’t ever think of soaring off the edge to get away since you’ll be falling on the precise foundations that you’ve fair get off.

Interactive environments like no other

To type the puzzle-solving gameplay a lot more interesting, players in Human Fall Even will have their chances to discover the extremely interactive settings. With each arc, you’ll be presented to a wholly new map featuring new matters and rudiments.

Type uses of many objects that might seem aimlessly appear around you to come up with the keys for your problems. From piling up the mats to create a tall platform so that you can wall higher to regulatory the demolition crane to break through the walls, players will have dozens conducts to entertain themselves in Human Fall Flat.

Enjoy the game in exciting multiplayer games

By letting gamers to enjoy the game in thrilling multiplayer matchups, players can play the game with networks, family members, or friendly strangers in Human Fall Flat. Binary, triple, or even x4 the funs with the multiplayer games on Human Fall Flat.

Troupes can either host their own game in their resident network for nearby friends to join or play with thousands of online players. Get to know the stupidest and thrilling friends from all over the world. Spend hours on end employed toward your goals or troll and prank all other while taking fun in Human Fall Flat.

On the extra hand, if you prefer playing unaided, that’s find too as the game also support solo bouts.

Customize your own characters with various traits

And meanwhile you’ll be playing online, it would be more fun if you could play with unique characters liken to the other members in your team. Choice the right models to suit your favorites. Choose among dozens headgear to fit your style.

Pick your blouses and pants as you dress up like all you want. Customize the colors of your fonts or go as far as paint on them using your artistic services.

Play the game with online players from all over the world

By the online gameplay available, troupes can easily enjoy their game whenever and anyplace they want. Knowledge the addictive and thrilling portable gameplay as you team up with or go beside players from all over the world.

Convenient in-game communications

And to kind the gameplay even more interesting, specially for those who love playing in online multiplayer matches, Human Fall Even also allows gamers to admission the convenient voice chat eye.

That being said, you can now talk and teasing with your fellow online players no stuff where you are. Just make sure you’re using a steady internet linking so the game won’t be concerned.

Visual and sound quality


The game doesn’t derive with beautiful visuals, in fact, it looks like some fictional biospheres that were drawn by a 5-year-old kid. Still, this astonishingly add up to the wobbly and white-knuckle gameplay that we were deliberated above.

That being said, no firing, no explosion, just simple puzzle-solving gameplay, but players will find Hominoid Fall Flat extremely calming and fun. In facts, you can devote hours on end playing it without sense bored.


The music in this game is fairly surreal. While you still alert that you’re in a virtual biosphere, you can’t help to think that it’s a actual one due to the accurate sound effects and close situation.

How To Install Human: Fall Flat APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.and.games505.humanfallflat. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.and.games505.humanfallflat folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Human: Fall Flat latest 1.9 Android APK

For those who’re seeing for a prodigious puzzle-solving and adventure game that they could enjoy when they want without sensitivity bored overtime, Human Fall Flat must be our number one reference.

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