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“This is the perfect game for anyone wanting to get into the hemp industry.” - Tommy Chong 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌱 Chill Out with Hempire: The World’s Greatest “Gardening” Game & Community 🌱 Grow mary jane! Get rich! Chat and relax with high-minded friends from around the world!
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Model games are the best type that lets us live in a true world and perform actions that we didn’t ever dream of. These video games are planned in a way that closely copies real-world activities or types.
In most states of the world, it is banned to use or grow clear. But in Hempire I’m about to present, you need the chance to mature a prepare realm, and provide it to everyone. IQC Pro Mod Apk is the platform where you can get all MOD and APK files of different games and tools.

Also, they also shower excellent pictures and audio quality that makes these games highly accepted and loved. And what will be more wanted than plant rising games, it is even more wanted when the game is regarding hemp. Yes! We are here to debate a game on hemp – “Hempire – Weed Growing Game.

Yet hemp is not banned, the law bans anyone from calming it for salable purposes. Thus the game is enough to sate your thirst. It’s not only about increasing but also offers many other events to make and show your planned skills to keep you charming. You can play various modes in this perfect android game and can really enjoy all its types.

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Hempire Mod APk
LBC Studios
MOD Features
Unlimited Money, VIP Unlocked [Details]
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Hempire Mod Apk – Plant Growing Game

In many parts of the world, marijuana is a banned drug because it is addictive and creates visions for the user. But in a few places allow the use of this warm drug. In some areas in the United States, young people use it as a neurotransmitter for creative making. Below is a typical example. For this little collective and some others, the control of a patch in Canaan is their all-time dream.

Hempire is a robot game full of the affected visuals, and applied waves that make it a whole fun suite. For all the hemp lovers and flora fans, Hempire is the finest range since it won’t only allow you but also make you enjoy it. LBC Studios Inc. urban the Hempire in 2017 for iOS and Android smartphones and the team is always trying to ensure the players’ pleasure with regular updates.

Have you seen the Breaking Bad movie? You are a wise man, building your career with the main product is clear. So, the goal in this game is very clear: grow your business and research new weed. The first time you play Hempire, you will receive instructions about weed fixing, the development until you can crop. You need to find likely customers and trade with them to swell your empire. They are rather simple and innate, you just need to read the copy on the screen and tap on the parallel function.

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MOD feature

Unlimited Money/Diamonds:

You can use them to speed up the process of creation, development, or hybridization in the lab. It can also talk for Dollars.

VIP Unlocked

Play games with more treats and not be worried by ads. With the profits earned, let invest, buy new seeds, and expand the area of tilling. Soon, production facilities will be great enough, the status will rise and many partners will come to unite.

Support of the endless keys

Keys are one of the main currency in the Hempire since it helps in unlocking many types of stories and chapters. And if you’re playing the official version, then you can buy the Keys in exchange for diamonds in the Pawn Shop. But after installing the Hempire MOD APK, you can experience endless keys to spin the wheel, build boldness, and improve your business.

Karma is a myth here

Karma is basically self-policing, based on players ranking their experience with other players in-game. Everyone starts with 0 karma level, and that level is posh by ratings given by other partners. If you are a good teammate, you will receive positive Karma. Well, you don’t need to think much about it after downloading the Hempire MOD APK. Since it’s offering endless Karma, you are not dependent on anyone for your high Karma level. Time to astound all your friends on Hempfire with timeless Karma!!!
Play with zero interruption.

The best feature is yet to be revealed. You would be glad to know that Hempire MOD APK has an entirely Ad-free border. Ads are the worst and the most unwanted part of any game. And that’s why we’ve built this game with the No-ads script. Enjoy it!!!

A featured modification of this stoned game

Hempire is a famous game in the public, enjoyed by more than 10 million users. The game has many fantastic roles, hence most o the users give a 5-star rating and a positive review. The graphics and top-notch sound quality are also the reason for its clap. However, during significant problems, some in-app currency sources are vital.

These game items once tired, are available for buying using real money.
Spending money every time is the most disturbing part of the game. So keeping that in mind, we have developed the modified version of this excellent android game Hempire MOD APK. It’s a perfect version with the same interface and effective but having additional features and endless resources for free.

Play legendary with the unlocked VIP Mode

As we all know, VIP mode comes with certain rights, but we need to pay a major amount of money for VIP membership. But not after installing the Hempfire MOD APK. Because Instant Growth, Increased Speed, Addition dispensary slots, and many more Limitless VIP features are ajar under Hempire MOD APK free of cost. Also, you can download it readily just by going through the below-most link. Try it now!!


Hempire: Plant Growing Game MOD APK is one of the most praised games in the category. And while the gaming world assumes that marijuana has become 100% legal, you still have some challenges ahead. For example, you have corrupt police officers watching your every move, and doubtful businessmen who want to profit from the profits you make.

There is also a multiplayer mode here. For example, the Hempire Cup, where you compete against virtual weed growers from all over the world, produces the highest quality stress.
Start growing more strains and making money with them in a game world where cannabis is legal. It isn’t easy to get to the top and master the game.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a marijuana tycoon? Here’s what it does for you. In this game, you will deal with everything that the marijuana production chain requires:
Farming of the most famous diversities of grass (such as Sweet Berry, Orange Bud, and Master Kush)

Grow your empire

If you are interested in the news, you probably know that this job is super profitable. Therefore, a lot of people defy to make money. In this game, too, there are people like that, and they are your business players. If their quality is good enough, produce more quickly on a large scale, then the young business you are building will soon ruin. Do not let them have such opportunities. Work harder to serve customers, meet the needs of customers in the best way to grow your empire.


Just being a businessman is not enough, let’s also take on the role of a Ph.D. in workroom research. Hempire offers many customization possibilities. In it, you can research new weed changes, from basic types like Shunk 1, Sativa, Indica, Hindu Kush, or Jack Herer. The different combinations will produce different products. They are different in terms of quality, yield time, and the number of farming products that can be reaped in a crop. If you can shorten the time, increase quantity and quality at the same time, no one can compete with you.

Build your company

Firstly, the system only provided you with a small shed and a pot to plant weed. So the supply is too small for everyone’s needs. When you have the money, consider renting new, larger barns. Not only for farming but also a place to store picked products.

Business expansion

Clear trade is a way to make money. However, you need to find more policies to sell more products in this game. If they don’t want to smoke and release smoke, crush the weed and make it a dish. Open a grocery store, process biscuits, drinks, and other fast foods. Certainly, there will be many customers attached to this place!

Become a tycoon

Yes, a boss never makes money from a single job. When the weed business is big enough, think about other things like investing in other businesses, investing in real estate, or eat into construction and making a shabby town become a big city. Of course, the design depends on you, and don’t forget to sell weed in areas where people live.

Grow & customize popular marijuana strains

In order to meet that need, many game developers take advantage of this exciting model game. In my opinion, this content is not suitable for children, but the truth is its play game is quite simple. People who need entertainment for short periods of time can take advantage of it if they do not care too much about the content.

Several people in the city are always happy to buy your products. Visit them regularly and provide them with what they want. It is also part of missions that bring in additional money and useful objects. Slowly, you will meet more and more people, and their buildings will be unlocked. Your neighbor is a hot wife who runs a workshop. You can get many upgrades for your premises and provide her with the resources.

Sell product from your cannabis dispensary

In the shop will be available small works for different purposes. Stores, research laboratory, gardens, … can be bought or expanded using the money in Hempire. And the hero is definitely marijuana with a variety of plants bred in the lab. Actually, those images do not cause too much dislike. Because it is decorated with cute items with bright colors. However, players can still feel some of the game’s dark, attractive features by tracking the journey of marijuana growers and sellers.

It is a banned substance, but you can allow it by building this company that is official by the government. Find ways to use your money to expand your business and make it famous. The ultimate goal is to make a lot of money, upgrade your fortune and create a Hempire kingdom.

In addition, the game also offers a lot of items for you to collect. They will be decorated like miniatures of the Figure of Liberty, Moai at Easter Island, or any other pretty objects. There are even cars, racing cars, and decorative plants.

Tips and Strategies

Make your life more comfortable with the quick selection.
If you look at the bottom right of your screen, you’ll notice the four buttons in that corner. These are the shortcuts to the several services on your cannabis farm.
You just need to press the parallel button to access and fixing quickly and efficiently. You will see shortcuts to your home and lab, and if you want to jump into the growing lab immediately, just click the button at the bottom of the row.

While you are growing plants, be as active as possible. Each time you harvest a fully developed plant, you will get an additional bonus depending on how you added the plant. It is the results you watered them very well. Each of the plants has specific wait times between watering. And if you take too long, you won’t have to wait too long the next time you need to water that plant.

But that might stop you from watering the plant properly. Water it well, and you will get at least five more bonuses in most cases. Make sure the game is still open while you are rural. In this way, you will have an alert when something needs watering.

Increase your fluency

While we can mention this as a bonus to keep our eyes on the game, we feel we need to say this alone as it is about the mechanic of mastery.

If you get to the right watering time and grow a plant correctly, you master that plant better. And as you increase your mastery, you will have a permanent increase in the number of grows you could get.
It also improves your chances of finding “Epic Buds”, which makes it necessary never to miss a watering.

Always complete tasks with reward items

Hempire will allow you to choose from several offers that you can perform in exchange for excellent rewards. But it’s also vital that you know what those rewards are before you jump into a task.
Most of the time, you will only have cash and XP for closing a deal. But some tasks will allow you to get materials, among other more vital items, as a prize.

You will need to order these tasks before others as the rewards would sometimes include odder items. Boards and nails, for example, are required if you’re trying to make your shed bigger.
And while it is possible to repair seats and get these two items, many people have observed that it is better to close a market than to continue improving seats. You should use the latter approach. It is much more challenging to get those boards and nails.

In short, you should be working on offers that earn your items rather than suggestions that only earn your money or skill, unless you don’t have enough play money.

Final Words

It is your chance to develop rare changes of weed, making friends and foes throughout the game, and taking control of the weed city. There are some similar options such as Weed Factory Idle and Bid Wars.
If you like productive simulation games, then this game is for you. Download Hempire MOD APK on your smartphone & Turn your weed farm into a booming canna-business.

There’s no duty even to wait for the resources to more since almost everything is limitless in the Hempfire MOD APK. Begin the addictive journey of becoming a hemp mogul much faster. Let’s get growing!!!

How to install Hempire MOD APK 2.0.9

How To:

  1. Step1:

    Download File!

  2. Step2:

    Allow unknow resources in your device.

  3. Step3:

    Intall game.

  4. Step4:

    Enjoy your game


Q1: What type of the game it is?

Hempire game is the simulation type game. Basicallly its a plant growing game.

Q2: Is this game for kids only?

No. all age people can play this game.

Q2: Is it latest updated game?

Yes its latest and updated version of Hempire Mod apk.