Grow Castle Mod Apk Unlimited Money 

Grow Castle MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is one of the owing games of the tower guard genre. With simple gameplay and fun graphics, it’s hard to deny its attendance on your Android device.

Grow Castle Mod Apk

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Overview of Grow Castle Mod Apk

Name: Grow Castle Mod Apk
Publisher:RAON GAMES
MOD Features: Unlimited Money 

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Today, turret defense games are very popular. They receive great attention from the gaming public and may comprise you. Grow Castle – be a part of this category. It has simple gameplay, industrialized with two main goals is to bring entertaining and exploit players’ tactical competences.


Grow Castle has a start story about the invasion of crowds of monsters. Your kingdom is the next chosen target. The obliteration will soon take place, but luckily, you have been warned about this.

Though, the kingdom’s forces were fairly weak, so most of the bases were occupied. Now, the last residual base is the castle. You will face your enemies one last time and incessantly.


Like other resistance games, your only job is to make sure your tower still stands after each wave of bouts from the enemy. On the first wave, all looked pretty simple. The scheme gives some orders on the addition of units and how the game works.

The foes continually came from the right side of the shade and destroyed everything in the way. You will abolish them until the time of that Upsurge tops.

If winning, the next Wave is unlocked with more enemies. This means that the difficulty is regularly increasing. The longer the guard period, the monsters’ forces increase, counting speed and power.

So, you also need to become stronger to adapt. Upgrading the main keep, recruiting new units, and building sub towers are conducts you can think of.

Re towers, as I stated above, there are two types: primary and secondary. The tower is the goal that you need to defend against enemies. If it is ruined at a certain time, then the game will end directly, and you will have to play it over from the previous Wave.

The main tower has some singular rewards that it can hold many units of troops and has many superior skills. In addition, they can be advanced to increase HP and MP. Besides, the secondary tower has only one skill (each has a different skill) and only one place to place elements.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the unique and satisfying strategy game

To twitch with, Android gamers will have admission to the unique yet addictive plan gameplay with Grow Castle. Find yourself caring your castle to the last enemies’ attacks. Nosedive and your entire kingdom’s fate shall be enormously hopeless.

In totaling, the simple defend game with better mechanics make Grow Castle extremely nearby and enjoyable.

Upgrade and build up your castle tower after each stage

Gamers can revenue part in the buildings and upgrades of their castles. Choose between multiple promotions such as building new levels, enlarge your towers to fit more men secret, give it better defenses so it can resist enemies’ attacks. Feel free to top your keep high up with multiple grounds or unlock new fire powers.

Different units with varied powers and abilities

And as you get complex in the game, you’ll have admission to a variety of different units that you can need in your army. Choose between multiple units with unique powers and skills. Pick up the powerful archers who’re proficient of dealing with the enemies. Release magical attacks toward your foes. Or curse them with your enigmatic voodoo stuffs.

On the enemy side, they are continually getting stronger. At a certain time, bosses will look. They are big, have more HP and have rotten destructive power. Make sure the attacks from your military are fast enough before the barbican can no longer stand it.

Yet, the boss is not the most awful thing. The monsters you are facing tend to grow rapidly. They even build towers and have their own witches. She would constantly use her magical to upsurge attack speed, defense or even carry large dragons to the arena. This is a warning to the snags you will encounter in the coming.


Now, Grow Castle has up to 120 units so you can easily customize your tactics. Each of them has singular skills and brings dissimilar effects. For instance, magicians, they can freeze enemies, wizards create storms, while Stoner can throw large stones at foes.

Furthermore, attack coldness, damage and knowledge points are completely different. Let determine it in this game!

Graphics and effects are simple

As can be gotten, Grow Castle is not only just in the gameplay, but the graphics as well. The fonts have no faces but only forms. But this does not mean that this is the design team’s inattention about this game. They attention more on blast effects or magic in attacks. General, they are attractive and still make you feel stimulating.

Some other features

If you famine a real test, join the infinity mode. Here, the clash took place for a long time. In adding, you can also shape your guild and recruit memberships. Build colonial areas, hire mining labors to earn coins. Endorse and craft new heroes from the LAB room. You need to do all to grow and become sturdier.

Real-time rankings will rate every player in the scheme, and will you have a accidental to write your name on it?

MOD APK version of Grow Castle

MOD feature

Unlimited Money (Gold/Crystals/Skill Points): Too tactics, upgrading towers and archers is the calmest way to defend your citadel. With the amount of Grow Castle MOD APK version, you can securely upgrade without limits. Besides, the money doesn’t decrease when you use it.

Download Grow Castle MOD APK for Android

Grow Castle is motivating and contains lots of acting. Moreover, this game has a moderately low capacity, only about 40MB and needs an Android 4.1+ operating system so it is apposite for low-end devices. This defenses a smooth action so that players can practice the top.

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