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The Genesis Order APK is NLT’s latest game after Lust Widespread and Gem of Nadia. The game is age-sensitive and ideal for adults only.It includes unique adult-themed stories that’ll retain you glued to the game as you wait for the next occasion to unfold.

If you love games that are winning, exciting, and stimulating, then you shouldn’t vacillate to download the Genesis Order for Android latest version. The game is about 276 MBs, making it relatively lightweight. It also necessitates an Android 4.1 and up operating system. This Mod Version is provided by IQC PRO MOD APK.


Overview of GENESIS Order APK

Category:Role Playing
Developer:NLT Media
MOD Features:Unlimited money


Let’s become a investigator and solve the crimes in a blink of jiffies. Customize your appeal and attracts the people. Move to new places and know their stories. Give a perfect look to your charm and date the girls.

The genesis order mod mediafıre has thrilling features and stories since of developer NLT Media. When you play these stories for the first time, you will get astounding feelings. Furthermore, the game is suitable for Android 4.1+. This means low device users can play it.

The meaning of the game can not be labeled in words as 50M+ people have been involved by it. So do you not want to experience something new? Then click on the download button and enjoy wonderful stories.

Features of GENESIS Order APK

An Incredible Story

The game has an unbelievable story. When you will play, you will see truthful graphics. So play the character of a dick and solve the crimes and quests for people. If you are discovery a clue about a unsafe guy, then your life can come into danger.

In this state, be concentrating and cast a look at the activities of mistrusted people. Use your powerful mind and do all the terrible things. If you do not find the solutions to corruptions, then visit new places and discover proof.

Easy-to-Use Controls

The Genesis Order Mod APK download is unique. It derives with easy to realize controls that allow you to have an informal time as you distillate 100% on the gameplay.

You’ll be able to hide the UI by stealing down and retrieving it again by tapping on the screen. This will come in nearby if you want to take screenshots or record videos of your gameplay. You can also use it to hide the panels when they get in your way.


In this android mod, a customization option is present which assistances modify the graphics, wallpaper, and texts. This choice is also best for the recreation of your charm. Many items like hair, head, legs, hands, cap, and stick are modern. Through these items, you can make a beautiful character.

Giving to me, before playing the game you should modify your character as a investigator. Otherwise, if you don’t modify your character like a detective then no one will distinguish you. So at first, give a precise look to the charm and become general among the people.

Superior Graphics and Amazing Sound Systems

The Genesis Order Mod APK Android latest version comes with classy graphics. This is to help submerge you in the gameplay by making it feel as if you’re a part of it.

The graphics are not only lively but highly detailed too – this will come in near when solving difficult puzzles or when you want to take screenshots or record videos of your gameplay.

The sound scheme is also top-notch, thanks to the utilization of 3D border sound technology. You’ll be able to hear all that’s happening everywhere you, making the knowledge even more penetrating. This is perfect for analytical games that require high levels of attention. You can also visit our suggested Apps Grand Summoners MOD APK, MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod Apk and Puzzle Quest 3 MOD APK.

Regular Updates

The Genesis Order Mod APK updates help to provide added features and augment performance. This is an thrilling adventure game that comes with regular APK updates.

You’ll get to enjoy new fonts, more lifelike graphics, advanced complete systems, and much more. You should therefore continuously check the Genesis Order Mod APK release day before downloading.

Explore Hidden Places

As a detective, the traveling of new and hidden chairs is on you. In these places, many confidences are current and no one goes there. But you have to move to these places since many criminals and their gangs are waiting there.

If you don’t solve a crime, then visit the close areas and talk with the persons. Ask different questions from them and take the mistrusted people with you. Now give sentence to the criminals and make a strong team for their obliteration.

How To Play The Genesis Order Apk?

The genesis order mod apk is a imitation game that offers you to convert a investigator. Here, you have to solve a lot of crimes that are fashionable in the area. These crimes are happening secretly and no one knows about them.

So you must get information of these crimes as early as fast. If you solve these crimes fastly, then you will developed a great investigator in front of people. But if you don’t solve these corruptions then no one will think about you.

Throughout playing the genesis order hack apk, safeguard that I will solve these corruptions quickly. Note that many hard challenges are present here which are time-consuming. The rewards of these challenges are precise.

An easy test has a low reward while the completion of a hard mission will give you thrilling items. Many beautiful girls and other characters are also present in the game. These girls will offer you to date them. So do all purposes without any delay.


Is the genesis order apk offline?

Yes, the genesis order apk is an offline game that does not need any internet connection.

How to update this game?

For updating the game, you have to scope its official page where an update option is current. Just click on this option and the updating of the game will start.

How can I download the genesis order apk from here?

If you want to download the genesis order apk from here then click 


The Genesis Order Mod APK is an thrilling and thrilling escapade game that originates with a variety of features. You’ll get to solve complex puzzles, date luxurious girls, and even switch the in-game speed. The graphics are also active and detailed, and the sound system is top-notch.

Too this, many hidden places are current and you can go there with the folks. Never forget to date the girls which is the main nose of the game. I like this game since there is no need to devote money on the internet. So download the full updated latest Version and enjoy it with your friends.

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