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Welcome to Gardenscapes—the first hit from Playrix's Scapes™ series! Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory!
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April 29, 2022
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When you get weary, download and play Gardenscapes MOD APK to grow plants and decorate your own plot. With Unlimited Stars, the adornment of your garden is endless.

Gardenscapes Mod Apk

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Overview of Gardenscapes Mod Apk

MOD FeaturesUnlimited Stars 

Introducing Gardenscapes

When folks feel tired, they often want to be in agreement with nature. Everyone is the same. Outback domains, farmhouses, and lush green greens are always the first places people think of when they face the weight of life and want to get rid of them. Everyone wants to take care of the floras themselves and enjoy the different air.

And me too. When it originates to pressure, I do not have the skill to go far, so I usually choose for I to care for a virtual patch through mobile games. These sports help me reduce and love life, help me remove the fatigue of myself. There are games that are born to be celebrated (maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months), there are games born to survive. Popular games often make us recall, but we often choose durable games for individual needs. Here, when it comes to gardening games, Gardenscapes (MOD Unlimited Coins) is such a tenacious and vigorous game.

I’ve been playing this game for fairly a while, recently I was a bit stuck in the subject and expressively, sitting open the game to decrease a headache so the old feelings rushed, now challenge to sit typing.



The first area that Gardenscapes sends you underneath the direction of Austin is a spout. Upon inflowing, you can see the villa’s imposing appearance, and you will be fascinated by it. But when it comes to the spout left too long, it will inevitably create precise contrasts. In that case, somebody would want a more attractive and colorful place for themselves. That is also the lashing force that this game produces.

So, the player will be led to each component that needs to change, and from there, you will be able to select new things that you love. In this game, there will be a supply used to upgrade the items that are actors. You will have 3 choices of the same type for each star as what you need to swap. From there, it won’t get stuck in creating a histrionic look to the area you’re setting. Each option has a different figure, and you can switch between all three to find the true one.

When the OK button is pushed, the change cannot be made. One of the things this game springs you is that the repair will take a few minutes. Unlike some plan games, it takes a lot of time to build a edifice. After you have received a new creation for this game, the overhaul will take place in a few minutes. In other disputes, objects robotically appear, and the situation gradually changes giving to the agreeing object.


It is a detail that any player should also pay care to the number of stars you own. The number of stars you need at the start is 0. Upon effecting a match-3 game, you will receive a star, and from there, you can use it to purchase new items and return your home. If you want to alteration how many objects, you have to earn the matching number of stars through match-3 matches. With match-3 games, it is also an completely fun time for players.

Match-3 is no longer a odd way to play for many people when you can go through matches that need your observation and calculation skills. Concurrently, it still follows the mechanism of uniting three or more basics of the same type. Also, in some cases, when there is a blend of more than three elements, special possessions and elements appear. So, from there, it formed the simple but extremely challenging gameplay of the match-3 game genre.


Once you have remained instructed to take part in a match -3 match, there are some new elements you will need to take care of, and it makes a lot of challenges for players. Exactly, you will be able to see which landscapes are required to collect enough in the match on the left side of the screen. In other words, it is the condition of each match, and you will need to do it. At the similar time, this collection is imperfect to a certain number of traffics.

The quantity of moves limits the number of moves you can move basics successfully. In other words, you will try to achieve the request within a given number of turns and cannot go outside that limit. If one of the two supplies is not guaranteed, then it means you have lost and must linger the level. This game is usually candid at the beginning of the game and regularly gets more difficult over time.


Match-3 games are no lengthier a genre that is too unaware to many people when they offer a simple but highly enjoyable game. It is perfect for entertainment for short periods and agrees you to experience it anyplace. At the same time, simple graphics are always factors that help troupes feel comfortable with this game. Regularly, according to the progress of the game, there are many match-3 games with many new features and gameplay. If you love this game type, you cannot miss Gardenscapes.

Help Austin clean his house.

Where you live is a large city, packed streets and traffic never seem to stop. You start fantasizing of planting trees in a large space outside your narrow window. And until one day, you accept a letter from Mr. Austin, the housekeeper of your uncle’s family …

He has been overseas for quite a long time, and his home in the scenery has a vast garden that has long been vacant. Knowing you love gardening, your uncle asked the Austin housekeeper to send you invites to take care of his garden. So you take care of it. But he also went a long time, nobody care patch so it should be ruined, perhaps you will have to do from score again. But do not worry, Mr. Austin will helping you.

Beat match-3 levels

If you must been playing Homescape – another Playrix Games product, you will be familiar with the gameplay of this game. Misshapen into a boy who has a passion for farming and garden, it is your job to solve the match-3 puzzles to collect coins and stars. Changes and stars are tools for you to restore and re-decorate the garden, and also are the two most vital units you need to achieve done completing tasks.

Restore and decorate different areas in the garden

The game is planned in the form of a story every day, you will have unlike tasks to improve and develop the garden. When you first attain, the garden is ruined, you will have to clean and place the bench so that everybody can sit and relax. Then, plant more trees and adorn the garden more eye-catching.

Cute graphics

And enjoy the business of amusing in-game fonts, including Austin, your butler, and a hilarious dog

Playrix Games always follow to its own design rule, which is to make things so cute and true, and Gardenscapes is no omission. The game is designed on a 3D platform, if high realism in each image. In addition, the game makes each detail is cute and bright, suitable for lessening.

You may sign small butterflies hovering around the flowers or the little dog’s activity in the garden, and Austin’s housekeeper’s gesture is also very real and funny.

A long game

With more than 200 stimulating scenes, Gardenscapes is really long to play all this. In addition, new game modes are also updated done the updates, ensuring that Gardenscapes is always fresh and durable.

If there is whatever that needs to be discussed about this game, then maybe the most expensive items in the game is worth citing. Personally, I find it very unprofitable to price a set, for example, a set of 3 shovels cost 1,900 coins, whereas, for 5 extra moves, you lose 900 coins. On the other hand, you only earn 50 to 70 cents for each level. That is, you will have to pass 12 new levels of play to get 5 extra transfers at the end of a level.

MOD APK version of Gardenscapes

If you discovery the game difficult enough and want it to be easier then please download and use the MOD version. The MOD version will give you unlimited stars in the game so you can comfortably decorate the garden.

Precisely, you can use stars to rebuild your mansion, even if the number of stars is negative.

Download Gardenscapes MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

Mainly, I feel hard to make money, but this also aids players to save more than what you have. And it also types the game more attractive when players continually have to hunt a target. I for myself value Gardenscapes 9 / 10 for overall (both gameplay, story, and graphics).

What's new

New events
- Spotted Season starts in mid-April
- Decorate the garden in the style of Barcelona at the end of the month
- Set out to search for a mysterious artifact in early May

Also featuring
- Adventures in the garden: create an elf kingdom
- An updated element: Compass



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