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Alexis Ren is waiting for you! Join the adventure! Be the hero of your own Final Fantasy XV adventure in the brand new mobile strategy game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Build your own kingdom, discover powerful magic, and dominate the realm alongside all of your friends!
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After a long time emerging ideas and testing, the exciting role-playing game Last Fantasy XV Mod Apk Pocket Version by Square Enix is available on both iOS and Android mobile stages. Although it ongoing testing last year, until February 2018, this game is formally available internationally.

This game is a imaginary story rotates around young leader named Noctis and his networks. The game unlocks with a big fire, and the game slowly clarifies in the kingdom. You will follow Noctis on a ride full of escapade, fight, rescue people and kingdom from the malevolent forces.

If you deliberate this game is too big for a mobile expedient, or if it is a period back from Square Enix then you will perhaps have to think again. Instead of shop the entire FFXV world, this game efforts on the linear plot. It’s better suited for RPG genre fans and has less time.

Final Fantasy XV Mod Apk

Overview of Final Fantasy XV Mod Apk

Name:Final Fantasy XV Mod Apk
Developer:SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. 
Mod Features:Updated

About Final Fantasy XV Mod Apk

No more an open biosphere, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Version is much lesser and meeker but offers more Final Fantasy feel for the gamer. This game is at odds into several parts, and you can drama free in the first chapter of it. The next two divisions are priced at $ 0.99 / chapter, followed by $ 3.99 / chapter. Or, if you want to buy a full game, you’ll need to spend $ 19.99.

The aggressive device of this game has been rested, changed totally from the console version. Still founded on the action, but Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition takes you, or any other actor feel much better when skillful by touch. Battle acts take place from an raised viewpoint, giving you a more overall look, proper positions, characters and ogres around. Just focus on appeal regulator, the rest will be optimized games and mechanization.


Definitely, attacks can be thrown straightforwardly, as you individual need to move closer to the adversary and your appeal will attack automatically. You can launch special attacks, loophole, etc. It’s much cooler than it was for the original version, but it can motionless turn into a challenge when bosses The stoutest in the game seems.

You can contest for an AP, which is rummage-sale to unlock new capabilities for your character, snowballing stats and combos. Besides, AP also gives you some customizable capabilities for your own character.


FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION will permit you to play the role of a large hero. You will have the focal task of fighting the fiends and enemies that are intense in this world. It seems that everybody is terrified by their gory attacks, so as soon as you become up, the other heroes will help you. Reappearance to the biosphere and gross on the combat pursuit that the game so urgently wants from you.

The singular thing is that players continuously create theoretical circumstances and come up with exclusive action plans. Each of us will face those perils, and you need to converse them with your groups before taking action. Tests will always occur, and they continuously grow with each day. You essential to pay care to the point that is to pursuit them out of your biosphere as quickly as conceivable before they suck all the aura after you.


You have the FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION if you with a choice of skills to add to your battery of power. That influence will be satisfactory if you meet an adversary for great asset; the two of you will fight each other violently. Moreover, you will also need great provision from your brothers; they will help you conquer noteworthy challenges. You can also like these apps are MapleStory M Mod Apk and The Soul Stone War Mod Apk.

It would help if you raced enemies and fiends to the end, taking all the power they have. Captivating all their forte and spirit will help to refill your own strength. It will be problematic if you go unaccompanied to the caves since there are many intimidations there, so use tank magic to care. Players also need to use their blades to eliminate all opponents and remove them from this world.

The design has a advance

What I find greatest unforeseen is the project style of the game. Funny visuals, uniting classic and contemporary is the main highlight of the game. Accustomed typescripts in the world of Final Fantasy have develop the ones he looks really cute, chibi-style. A smart novelty, stimulating the game and at the same time make the game more solid and smoother. In adding to the other particulars, Square Enix has too much knowledge in manufacture so I do not discuss additional.

Download Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition APK for Android

And I reason that whether you must played the original version or not, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition indeed left a lot of parodies. A quick and concise story of favourite characters. A tribute, a difference plenty to make it more motivating, is reliable with the mobile maneuver for the resolve that this game is fashioned.

This game has two versions. One for Android and one for iOS. Hope you appreciate this moving and emotional role-playing exploit game. To me, I’ve been to come for this game for so extended, so I’ll play the game now. If you also hunger to play like me, you can download Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition via the links below.

What's new

Supported Android Versions: 5.1 and higher
Bug fixes.
Stability Improvements.
New content and events.