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When SQUARE ENIX released FFVII The First Soldier MOD APK on mobile strategies. The game attracted a large number of fans of this fabled game. And did not dissatisfy with a lot of admiration and gratitude for this part. Let’s see what this latest part has.

FFVII The First Soldier Apk is a Battle-royale game, like to PUBG and Apex Legends. But is a bit diverse version when uniting elements of the legendary hero. The mount of the bid beast, deadly chariot, summoning spells, and huge cast. So calling FFVII The First Soldier a masterwork is nothing too inflated. This Mod Version is provided by IQC PRO MOD APK.

FFVII The First Soldier MOD APK

Overview of FFVII The First Soldier MOD APK

Name:FFVII The First Soldier MOD APK
Publisher:SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
MOD Features:Unlocked

About FFVII The First Soldier MOD APK

The story in FFVII The First Soldier takings place 30 years before Final Fantasy VII. At this time, Shinra is starting and placing to the test Soldier, a skilled army with huge warriors, superior weapons, and a series of the greatest modern cars, which perhaps never earlier seen in the Final Fantasy parts before. The entire game revolves everywhere the epic battles of this influential army.



The enemies that must be beaten in the game are the hostile enemy soldiers and a series of fierce and dangerous monsters. All very fierce and unsafe, lurking anywhere in the magic city. Each battle takes place, if you win a huge, you will gain experience points to augment your combat skills and have the chance to unlock many new weapons.

Your task in each clash is to rapidly find loot everywhere in the city (such as arms, energy points). The parallel is overcoming traps, encountering, destroying opponents, and implementation the mission of “cleaning” the new land. Particularly, you have to fight to developed the last survivor in this intense online battle.

This genre brands the game very exhilarating. It makes players have a feeling of being channeled to the fullest with the battle acts and the thrill of being chased.


Just like the classic Final Fantasy, the RPG appeal cannot be absent. The warriors in FFVII The First Soldier can be designated rendering to different classes such as Warrior, Sorcerer, or Monk. Each class has its own physiognomies and rewards and disadvantages. The combat system and weapons in FFVII The First Soldier are valued by players as very diverse and flexible. Each warrior will in turn be armed with many different weapons, from melee to long-range such as Sword, knives, Legal Boxing joint with Guns, Grenades, Bombs. So in any situation, you can not only fight like crazy, bomb like a real action movie, but you can also swipe your sword around and fly like a swordsman.

Furthermore, the soldiers in FFVII The First Soldier also have special abilities of each class, including magic to summon ogres like Chocobo, Ifrit, or modern chariots and majestic riding beasts. This makes the game very thrilling because players can do lots of things with their characters when playing and brand the scene very marvelous and epic.

In addition to the firearm, the fighting style, FFVII The First Soldier also has a countless attraction from the dreamlike soldiers, true to the flying and legendary style of Final Fantasy. The figure keeps the original series, is even said to be much more lovely and modern in this mobile-exclusive game.

So many weapons, is the spin and control complicated?

I confess that it took a while to get used to how to regulator the character in FFVII The First Soldier. But it doesn’t take ample time, and after that, you can control it easily. On the control bar on the screen, there will be basic helps such as dodging, caring, a group of steering buttons to move the character, an drive bar, and a health bar to display the strength and cooldown of the appeal. You can also visit our suggested Apps Forward Assault MOD APK AND Mobile Legends Bang Bang MOD APK.

The rest is for the list of weapons that the soldier collected. What can make you a bit muddled at first is how to cartel many things at the same time to make combos, shields, summons, and singular moves related to each class, but when you get rummage-sale to it, you can make attack combo easily and will get addicted to doing these combos.

Revealing one more remarkable feature for those of you who are cooking to play FFVII The First Soldier here: the appeal can be upgraded to skill right in the match, without consuming to wait for the new scene to be applied. This directive is also a part that makes you able to constantly increase strength in the process of fighting aimed at survival.

Game mode

With a core of Battle-royale, FFVII The First Soldier proposals many different game modes for players to take from such as Single-player mode, 3v3 mode, Boss battle mode, and Interchange feature so that players can easily buy and sell weapons, skins, equipment, resources, and things.

Graphics and sound

FFVII The First Soldier has many elements evocative of the traditional Final Imaginary series. The familiar scene of Midgar and Wutai will brand you a little anxious when you recollect the fabled battles of the past. The technique the context project is also full of magic, both making a familiar sense of attraction, and at the same time feeling queasy because it makes you know that new gears are waiting for you.

The sound is just as sole and hypnotic as you’ve heard in Final Fantasy. The sound effects, colors, and pictures that seem in each battle combo are so unresolved. This is a big part that donates to the magnetism of this game.

Download FFVII The First Soldier APK for Android

In short, FFVII The First Soldier is an stirring game with attractive gameplay and beautiful graphics. This is truly a game price playing in 2021.

What's new

- Event preparations
- Bug Fixes
- Feature improvements



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