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Eternium is a beautifully crafted Action RPG, reminiscent of the great classics.
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April 1, 2022
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Eternium MOD APK is an remarkable adventure fighting RPG game and has a lot of innovation. You have to play to feel it, but for now, let’s take a look at this review so you can know more about this thrilling game.

Eternium Mod Apk

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Overview of Eternium Mod Apk

Name: Eternium Mod Apk
Publisher: Making Fun
Category: Role Play Games
MOD Features: Unlimited Money 
Version: 1.5.89
Size: 136M
Requires:Android 4.0

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Eternium has a succession of events that take place in the enchanted world. It’s where people, angels, and experts live together.

You are a hero born at the incorrect time, as a talented child, you are called to go on a difficult task: destroy the evil forces, barbarians, and ghosts. And like so many other slow magic combat RPGs, you’ll choose one of the lessons to enter and advance down the path of true heroism.

Mage: the deterrent is a staff and a bunch of back-to-back magic, capable of future attacks and using many different aids.

Warrior: Superspeed melee, the undying weapon is a blade of all sizes and colors. The warriors with sudden speed and close armor are second to none.

Bounty Hunter: is a sincere monster hunter with the talent to use guns, bows, and arrows. Using this eccentric you can strike quickly at long array and in all directions on the field.

You can take to be any type since every class has its own pros and cons. But whatever the type you are, you requirement to increase your skills, load more tackle to be more influential in the later game.

Coarsely the story of Eternium it’s like that. There are dozens of deep and confusing expansions in it, you can play to explore more. Overall, I’m quite enthralled with the way the setting and legendary story of Eternium is built.


The satisfied of Eternium is simple but never dissatisfies, as it is repeated endlessly and introduces new basics for players to travel and collect. The first thing is the entire game’s main storyline and operation, where players battle across multiple lands, face uncountable enemies and collect chance rewards.

However, the conclusion of all campaigns is not the end. Still, a new opening and the game will unlock new snags for quests and unique content for players to fight. The game can grow almost everything endlessly, but it gives players a entirely new feeling, such as starting a new journey that players have never observed.


Eternium is also famed for another reason, its single gameplay and control mechanics, where the RPG genre’s shared arguments cannot be linked. Elements like the virtual joystick, console, and instruments do not exist in this game but are drawing and touch-only mechanisms.

Since of that, the player can easily traffic, attack, and use skills with simple moves, a mechanism suitable for hit-and-run attack style enthusiasts.


Skills and curses are the highlights of Eternium through the player’s journey, but their activation mechanism is wholly different from other games. Each skill comes with different symbols, and the performer must draw that sign over an enemy or a certain area for the skill to execute.

The ease and flexibility of effecting the skill give a magical warrior’s true feeling from the made-up world. Besides, players only need to unlock their skills, and the game will let them enjoy spamming whatever they want on top of their rivals.


Eternium has continuously become a game with infinite potential and an abundant skill system, separated into many different twigs to develop and explore. The power of the skills is scaled rendering to the weapon’s power, and after each promotion, the player’s damage increases knowingly, helping them growth with the dungeons quickly.

Too skills, players can upgrade their appeal’s general stats, such as spell power, agility, protection, and many other factors. The player can level upgrade them infinitely throughout the eternal voyage.


The spirit of Eternium is to make everything infinite, so a weapon system desires to be established to help players fight powerful beasts. The color of weapons determines their rarity, and each weapon arises with its outstanding features; even players can craft selected weapons with excess possessions.

The ability integrated into tackle has always been a familiar feature of the RPG genre, as they disturb the character’s overall stats and stack effects to advance combat efficacy.

Not only that, but they can be developed limitlessly when the player has plenty resources, and the effect of each missile is great, giving players more decisions to enjoy the game.

Unique equipment

Language of good points, it must be stated in the Equipment for the characters in Eternium. In the game, you won’t need to go about to collect tools, instead, you will have the chance to Find and Craft your own equipment and weapons. That Crafting feature is the interesting thing about Eternium.

That incomes you don’t have to devote the whole day collecting money to collect treasures to argument for character upgrades. And in Eternium, the character’s level will gradually development based on the ability to Craft tackle. Of course, you also need to kill ogres, fight fierce bosses, then find and take their star boxes. Whenever you have free time, take them out and put them collected to create more advanced, powerful, and modern equipment.

The eagerness of the player is the sensitivity of thrill, looking forward to making a newly made equipment. Occasionally it’s a very unique item, the first time you see it in your gaming life, sometimes it’s a inadequate item that cuts done the day. There are a few things that move me such as shiny chest stickers, tailored helmets, and hoods that increase character’s guard, spiked shoulder pads, mysterious cloaks or capes, or multi-shields… The attitude goes up and down incessantly throughout the day depending on the unforeseen results that the Crafting course brings.

Graphics and images

Eternium is not single in equipment but also beautiful in graphics and pictures. For a rough count, each appeal has a maximum of 20 different skills, separated into passive and active groups. As for the tackle, as I mentioned above, it must be called myriad.

When casting, skills joint with weapons in hand will make a very eye-catching scene. Effects of light, fire, and colors bloc to bring the extremely good-looking fighting.

Brutes are equally attractive as role-playing types. They are zombies, skeletons, dark creatures, fierce monsters, flying dragons with roaring smoke. Fiends, as well as characters, are separated into many different levels.

The stouter the monster that you win, the more change you can collect and the higher your odds of finding some toxic equipment boxes.

Download Eternium APK & MOD for Android

The producer of this game is just nonentity but has received tons of respects from mobile battle exploit RPG enthusiasts. The classic gameplay syndicates a completely new way of creating gear and upgrades that have carried for players freedom, eagerness, and full of wonders.

What's new

Fixed a crash happening when opening the game. Fixed a crash happening when inspecting the store. Various bug-fixing.



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