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Dynamons 2 is an amazing and addictive role playing game from the creators of Dynamons!
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Dynamons 2 MOD APK is a Pokemon-based game from the publisher KeyGames System B.V. The game is easy to play, rapid to earn gold, and not too solid to collect magical pets. You can play it for a small time to relieve Pokemon addiction.

Referring to the game of gathering animals, Pokemon determination be the first name for everyone. But not everybody has the patience to education each Pokemon and follow the long quest stories of the characters.

Dynamons 2 Mod Apk

Overview of Dynamons 2 Mod Apk

Name:Dynamons 2 Mod Apk
Developer:KeyGames Network B.V.
Mod Features:Unlimited Coins 

About Dynamons 2 Mod Apk

If you like to play a game that is like but small, unassuming, playful with magical animals of all colors, scopes, and skills, and has a game not too complicated with many dense character lines, then there is still additional alternative: the ideal game Dynamons 2 mod apk by Kizi.

Dynamons 2 by Kizi is the result to Dynamons. This part has many visual improvements, more Dynamons, and a few dragons for you to freely fight with other teachers.


Just like Pokemon, the gameplay in Dynamons 2 by Kizi is to role-play, arrest magical beasts (here are the Dynamons), train each one, and form a group to form a mighty army of beasts. Then revenue it to fight other Dynamons to collect gilt, items, and level up Dynamon’s skills. And linger to conquer other magical beasts in the carefully shown map area.

Dynamons 2 by Kizi is not too wide, long-term and it does not have a lot of strings like the Pokemon game series. Dynamons 2 by Kizi is short in everything from Dynamons battles to game styles. But no matter which game mode you choose, you must ensure that you have a specific plan for your Dynamons squad. Arrange the whole thing so that it is rational, and you can protect and attack at the right range to quickly get the victory and collect plunders.


The more Dynamon is took into battle, the higher the experience and skill points. The uneven supply of services can also lead to a case where one is strong but the other is weak. Sometimes it’s not good for the later battles when you will must to let your weaker ones go to fight. So, you need to equilibrium the number of fights for Dynamon in the squadron.

The right choices bring victory

In Dynamons 2 by Kizi, when you overthrow a certain Dynamon Leader, all his Dynamons will routinely belong to you. If these magical beasts are already sturdy, your squad will be like a tiger with more wings. As for the minor squad with usual strength, no matter how hard you train them, occasionally the latter can become a burden for you in vital battles. Therefore, choosing a worthy adversary having a potential Dynamons team is also a way to advance quickly for troupes.

Most of the time is absorbed on turn-based battles amid two types of Dynamons. To win, you need to pick a Dynamon on your team that has good battle to the adversary captain’s Dynamon. Each attack, contingent on the initial selection, the damage to the opponent will be different. If you choose wrong, your Dynamon will lose vigor quickly and will certainly lose.

So, although Dynamons 2 by Kizi is quite easy to play, the first selection is very important. You should deliberate carefully in both choosing a worthy adversary captain and choosing the right Dynamons to defeat the adversary’s Dynamon.

Graphics and sound

Following the chic of Pokemon, but Dynamons 2 by Kizi has smooth more colorful graphics. Dynamons here are really cute and eye-catching. Though the ones with good fighting ability look less striking than Pokemon, in over-all, they are too good for a follow-up game.

The setting in the game is also pretty good. The map is not as big, but there are many specific directions on the way, helping players shorten the period to find and capture Dynamons. The scenery is lively and has depth and lots of areas to explore. Some suggested apps you will like are Eternium Mod Apk, Dungeon Quest Mod Apk and Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk.

The sound is also selfsame good. The battle effect between Dynamons is fun and stirring. The haste of the attack is a bit slow, but it will be apposite for those who are just starting to get used to this enchanted game.


Dynamons 2 is set in a exceedingly magical world full of lively colors with the arrival of Pokemon beings. You will feel the familiar feeling of the celebrated Pokemon cartoons that you must seen before through the game. In this game, you will be singing the role of a talented spearhead who uses his skills to train these naughty Pokemon and build them to form the best Dyanmons squad. To win, you must downfall every other adversary and take part in challenging fights. The game gives you an amusing atmosphere through many fun colors lengthways with many other outstanding features.


Dynamons 2 gives you a map with each specific level. First, choose a Dyanmons that you love the most; it will offer each creature with a unique skill and bout. When entering the battle, the canopy interface will appear to cut the attack button giving to each different symbol contingent on the creature you choose. The humble thing you need to do is click on it to attack the adversary. For example, there will be four primary services for Winger, including bubble rain, hail, twofold sound ring, and light ray. To win, you obligation give each gift judiciously to avoid running out of health before the enemy. If you are the winner, you will be gave coins and surge the XP of the character of your choice.


Not solitary that, but in Dynamons 2, you can also upgrade your level in a change of ways. For example, surge the power of each character’s skills through retrofitting the items you have poised or use the money received after each victory to buy in the shop. Or defeating tough Leaders and catching risky creatures is also an speedy way for you to hurry your progress in the game.


The game not only elevations many elements of types and content, but it is also gradually perfect in terms of pictures. The game gives players an totally entertaining atmosphere by decorating each scene and appeal with vivid colors. Not only that, but the sound quality is also an correspondingly important factor; the good possessions of each step of the crusade or the sound of the attack are described in great detail and assortment. Dynamons 2 brings you a world full of fun with beautiful graphics, vivid sound, and engaging gameplay. If you want to get familiar with these lovely creatures and show off your exercise skills, then try this game right away.

Download Dynamons 2 APK & MOD for Android

Overall, Dynamons 2 by Kizi can be the model stepping stone to lead you into the superior world of Pokemon. Surmount the magical beasts to originated to the finish line and become the best leader of all time in Dynamons 2 by Kizi. Maybe when live Pokemon, you will also get striking achievements. The game is cute, short, and worth in concert with many magical creatures with all the good-looking moves. Obligate a great time with the game, everybody. 

What's new

Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
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