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Dragon Storm Fantasy APK is an RPG game from the publisher of GOAT games. In the game, you play as a Dragon Warrior with sundry magical capacities, caught up in an infinite exploit, where many dark services are waiting. One of the most joint inhibitions of players when jolting into escapade role-playing games is: the exploit is too short, the game tops when you still feel nobody.

If so, you must try this role-playing title, Dragon Storm Fantasy. Since in the game, you will go on an infinite adventure, never ending, with no arrival. And of passage, with every step up, your attractiveness will rise to a new near, repeatedly like that ’til you get tired and stop.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Mod Apk

Overview of Dragon Storm Fantasy Mod Apk

Name:Dragon Storm Fantasy Mod Apk
Developer:GOAT Games
Mod Features:Updated All

About Dragon Storm Fantasy Mod Apk

The plot is not too byzantine. In the game, you are a Dragon Soldier having many exceptional skills, and has accepted a great duty since birth, caring the world from the dark armies waiting to engulf all. The whole story is that, but the masterful storytelling of the game is what kinds players want to explore.

With direct history, the game is like a pre-written original, and the player cannot delay with the story, but you can only convert into a appeal, part of the world to plunge yourself in the story. The upright point is you do not tell what’s gaining, what is waiting for you. And the upright news is that this new is very decent and never copies even if you play it again from the first act.


Dragon Warrior incomes a character of two forms, Dragon and Humanoid. By flexibly switching amid the two forms, you can battle managers in the Dragon form, which only incomes 15 seconds cooldown. And there are a total of 7 dissimilar Dragon forms, every with its own métier and battle ability. So, the lowest line is that you have to bargain the right form of Dragon to fight with each of the unalike bosses. This tactical section makes the game superior compared to other RPGs.

Dragon Soldier is cool, too many angles to exploit

And yet, the level of planned prerequisite is not one high in assorted Dragon models, but also from first-origin choices. Our main attractiveness is preferred from one of three changed Class classes: Warrior, Mage and Archer. Of sequence, these organizations all have their own métiers and skills, and carry 7 changed Dragon forms.

Unambiguously, we have Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon, Light Dragon, Dark Dragon, Life Dragon, Time Dragon and a Space Dragon. These seven dragons will signify the 7 elements of bliss and earth, and each has its own fighting ability and asset. Some other dragon games are Dragon Hunters Mod Apk and School of Dragons Mod Apk and Dragon Village Mod Apk.

Good-looking gameplay, easy control

Dragon Storm Imaginary is fairly generous to the player when it arises to simple gameplay, with just one-touch, two-touch task to control the appeal’s drive, alteration and ability. Thinking, vision and plan are vital in each battle.

Action is easy, but you level up very fast. That assistances the game upsurge in pace faster, all happens earlier, more affected, more nice-looking. At the same time, you have more hostile subtleties when you see your charm change hour by hour. Not only physically, each elevation you also get a lot of other boundless doles such as Cohorts, Mounts, Divine Dragon, the falsify where you can skill or trade a new missile.

Rich game styles in Dragon Storm Fantasy

From twitch to finish, you can totally play alone with the AI. But when it derives to important acts, which are predicted that there is a World Boss, I endorse that I go to the menu to treasure the online communal of Dragon Storm Fantasy, to find buddies. After the competition, all players receive a payment.

In addition to the AI method, which summonses you to fight the final chief, you can also play the Clash mode, which means you can indicate amid fighting with other people in one waitron or different servers with the extreme number of 10 people.

Download Dragon Storm Fantasy APK for Android

Dragon Storm Fantasy has a latent feature. When you first-rate this mode and take a break, the AI auto-attack (AFK) eye will mechanically help you keep fighting and assembling items. But of sequence, you can only play in medium mode, and not get as many objects as rarely as you play. Whole, this is a role-playing game rate playing on Android headphones. It has a deep storyline, spectacular visuals, and vivid sound. Satisfy download Dragon Storm Fantasy APK right here!

What's new

There is now an upper threshold of 24 Border Seasons.
After your Outer World level reaches Lv.30, you'll be able to participate in the new event, the "Outer World Demonic Sea."