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Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition of a lifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores.
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DINO HUNTER: LETHAL SHORES MOD APK is the silliest and most fierce dinosaur shooting game on the mobile stage. If you’re ready for a highly forceful game, here it is. A rare words to part and note for you before live this heavy relic shooting game.

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod Apk

Chief of all, I would like to say: DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES MOD APK: BORING SHORES is a stunning game. For somebody like me who focuses on role-playing plan games, this is truly a shock.

Overview of Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod Apk

MOD Features :Unlimited Money
Version :4.0.1
Requires :Android 4.1

Few next notes before playing:

  • The game is vastly violent, a 17+ label is ample for you to realize how it is. So, if your kids ask to play, you need to say “No” exact away.
  • Every firing turn in the game wants aiming and securing the target. Some modern fire games may have skipped these plain steps, but in DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES, these are strict foods. You even need to be more and more careful.
  • There is time to freight and change ammunition before firing. You must calculate fall for this sector, mainly in the stunts.
  • In this game, “run wanton like a rabbit” is no slower right. It must be “run fast like a relic”. There are full of dinosaurs which fair take one shot to reach your neck. So, continuously evoke the speed of dinosaurs is really fast.

The act of the game is charming, epic, intense with hostile and hunting

If you’ve seen the Dinosaur Green series, you might maybe once want to try the feeling of the field a rifle and straight firing the tyrannosaur. If that desire continues, let’s play DINO HUNTER: DEADLY COASTS.
In the game, you resolve to be an expert relic hunter entering a hunt full of risk, death, and volatility in the ancient world about 65 million years ago. In front of your eyes are not only a few dinosaurs like those in the park in the movie but a large world with large groups of fossils everywhere. Sound excited? But don’t be misled either.

Gameplay is actually humble, but not for everyone

In every scene, you must kill a type of vestige (the number can be one or more dinosaurs). Agreeing to the violence of each species will be the bonus amount. The more pluses, the faster you can elevation your weapons, from gun type to ammunition type, and of the path, the skill to hurt is also higher and upper.

Hope means being in the switch of the state and the timing. Some classes is particularly fast, cruel, and quite lenient, they can suffer hurt for quite a long time. The reserve between you and such a dinosaur can occasionally be quite far. But never be derisive, because after the first shot, level if you shoot right into it, you really kind them angry, and rush to you like a flash of speed.

At that moment, if the next step of marking and firing (or sometimes even taking to install new ammo) is not done quickly and fittingly enough, you will be “on the plate” true away to become lovely prey for relics and game over in agony.
It will be a dinosaur shooting skill that you will never overlook for the rest of your lifecycle

The game bids a pretty scary skill because of the level of violence, the literal blood and gore, and the cruelty of the gun barrel you own. Though the hunter cannot move back and forth docilely, only with a gun in his hand and a first-person view, everything has gone so far that you cannot forget the practice you are having in this game even when there will possibly be many others like games in the coming.

Visuals are constantly in the top ten mobile sports

The 3D graphics in DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES are not normal at all but very absurd. They are so real and active that you feel like you can touch those leftovers. The rough skin, the sharp tusks, the sharp curved nails, the brutal eyes, all of them are so real that you will be fearful once looking at them. The lingering great work must be the graphic possessions and travels in the game.

To be true, there have been a few epochs when I jumped on the chair because a relic pounced on the hunter. I felt risky and scared, no joke at all. This new experience is only likely with the level of DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES. No marvel the game is always in the top of the top visuals games.

Affected sound things

This game has nearly no background melody. It’s all just a highlight of the thorough effect. The cries, running ways, the sound of gunfire, escorted by the scary scenery around will bring you to the land of fear and danger. Lastly, it brings a thrill that any skilled hunter desires to try when.
Those who love gunfire and want to see violent scenes in heavy FPS games must play it directly and directly. The game lies at the top of visuals and gameplay and also sound things. As for me, I probably won’t taunt to play again as it’s really too unshakable for me.


MOD feature

Infinite Cash

Furthermore, the dinosaurs in the game occasionally look very pitiful, even when I know if I don’t leaf it, it will kill me with just one nibble. Download this top dinosaur firing game to show now for an extremely notable hunting skill, folks.

About the Game

Dino Hunter is an exploit game with absurd new adventures, and it is happening in this game. Troupes will face real relics in this 3D world. When coming to this game, players will be on a trip to a cagey, unspoiled Jurassic island and kill the most ferocious animals in history. Encounter animals from the Jurassic period thought to be dead long ago, from the dutiful stegosaurus to the awesome T. rex. This home will be barren full of ruses and risks, so you will necessity to be alert to your settings. Remember, hunt or be hunted! However, the game is free to show, but you can choose to pay real change for other items that will charge you. Your Google Version may spike in-app grasps by altering your device settings.


Dive into the rough and hunt for the most fierce creatures in history. You can only count on yourself since no other beings are hostile by your side. But don’t worry because Dino Hunter gives you a full guide on the game’s wheels. You will also learn about the vital points to look for when shelling relics. Be it Velociraptor running on the ground or Pterodactylus flying in the air, goal and shoot your slug. An full army of beasts is to come for you.

Still, you will be able to visit different places in the Jura period goGo ahead and kill dinosaurs in lush and risky Jurassic environments like ruins, lush forests, and relic vineyards. Different weapons are required in different areas in Dino Hunter. The player will be armed with a rifle when he first starts playing the game. Since the rifle can only load 1 bullet at a time, you will want to shoot it exactly, or you will waste time filling the gun when the angry relic is hiss at you.


Dino Tracker with beautiful 3D graphical borders and engaging with each session. Since Dino Hunter is a first-person firearm, you’ll take the role of a new dinosaur hunter and takedown precise fossils in the field. The sounds in it are so real, with each dinosaur’s roar talk creepy. Crashing your rifle, you roam around the base in search of your target. The truthful high-resolution graphics in the game will make you feel like you’re really in a Jurassic setting.

What's new

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance