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In 1985, the USSR collapsed before an unknown enemy. Within days, the entire country became a radioactive wasteland – violence, hunger and disease reign here now. You are one of the few survivors. Now you need to find your family in the vast territory of the post-apocalyptic USSR of the 1980s. Of course, if they are still alive.
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April 15, 2022
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In Day R Premium Mod APK – After the end, survival is not simple. The genuine hunger awaits! Then there are the beasts and zombies to battle as well as many illnesses and injuries. Make your weapons, outfits, and vehicles.

Day R Survival Mod Apk

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Overview of Day R Survival Mod Apk

App Name: Day R Survival Mod Apk
Publisher: tltGames
Genre: Role Play Games
Size: 158M
Latest Version:1.714
MOD Info: Unlimited Money, 100 Level

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Day R Premium unlocks to a world of horrors after a atomic war. You are lucky to be alive, but millions of others are not so fortunate. At your feet are now zombies, corpses, etc. Tactlessly, your opponents now, besides hunger, also have monsters. Because they took benefit of the loopholes of space and time, aggressive here. Facing you four tanks are hazardous opponents.


When folks are faced with death, they become empty of humanity. Hunger has made them self-centered and cruel. As long as they are eatable, they are ready to put them in their mouths and bolt them up.

The dead moods also do not let go of you, and they constantly pester you to make you obsessed. The costs of nuclear war have not stopped. Toxic fallout is still left universally, causing hundreds of ailments and injuries to you.


No material how hard it is, you do not give up on this daring journey. In this battle with the disease, hunger, energy, etc., your goal is not only to save yourself but, most highly, your family. Even you physically do not know if they are still alive or not.

Too, after just a few days, your republic has been surrounded by energy and violence… Those who have not been beaten by death are also waiting for you to come with the finest hope.


The once superb cities have become wildland. Here, it is quickly skillful by many familiar but strange faunae. You have the chance to wander around and explore this land. In addition, you can hunt animals to find nutrition, save yourself in the days when hunger is ruling. However, be wary because a small mouse can also cause you many wounds.

From these hitches and challenges, you can exploit your intelligence and inspiration in creating many new arms. They will help you against many sinister enemies. The skills of a blacksmith, mechanic, etc., are used to create swords, potions, etc. Your recipes are stored and become your own star. You can sell it for money or talk it if you find it needed.

Also making combat guns, you have to tinker with crafting cars yourself to serve the transport process. From the supplies left in that desert, you can use all your knowledge of physics and attraction to create your own ended products. In wild buildings is an ideal place to live for you to pelt and carry out your plans.


The creation in Day R Premium is an open world. Online multiplayer across five lands can connect with you. You become allies in the cause of saving the simulated world from hunger, death, fallout, etc. Some ogres are huge in both size and vocation.

You may not be able to save physically alone. This is when your colleagues are bid. Everyone discussed the attack plan sensibly and rushed to the arena together.

As a premium version, Day R Premium leftovers the same as the unique chat feature with online companies in joint battles. However, a new development is that you will not meeting any limits while chatting. This is your accidental to make new friends around the world.

At the identical time, it is also a home for you to nurture and learn more good strategies and educations. If essential, you can suggest to conversation items and weapons with the enemy to serve your drive.


Day R Premium offers troupes a map system. This is like your close item in a desolate setting like this. All was falling apart, and it was unbearable to identify where it was. Through the map, players easily connect with allies, find them easier. The game stretches you access to all types and insignias marked on the map with this premium version.


The gameplay of Day R Premium is usually quite simple, so it is suitable for most viewers. Whether you are somebody who has just been introduced by an friend or has become a expert player in this role-playing genre can be considered. The game allows you to choose from 3 dissimilar difficulty levels, from sandbox to real life and online.

Graphics and sound

The melody in Day R Premium is rather strange for post-apocalyptic games. It is low, sad, and a bit painful. On such a sound contextual, you feel a lot of dangers await.

The sound when matters are collected is intended well, increasing your enjoyment of playing greatly. Such noises are like a form of small mystical encouragement, motivating people in a frantic state.

Like the sounds, the graphics seem sad a little bit when they are wistful brown images orders and 2D sketches. The game items are full 3D simulations. As you upgrade yourself and your gear with many dear and powerful things, the pictures will gradually be replaced by average, vivid 3D graphics.

They will cheer your spirit, I think. You will be amazed a lot when viewing the character’s shape variation step by step and feeling the advantage and energy he regularly gains through the pursuits in the game.

MOD APK version of Day R Premium

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Many Items

Download Day R Premium MOD APK & MOD free for Android

Survival game Day R Premium is value playing. All practices will bring you choking instants. Well, let’s see how good your survival skills are. 

What's new

✔️ Some bugs fixed



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