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Sick with love? Meet a total Survival Otome!
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The magnetism of romantic love stories often does not only lie in the chemical reaction amid the two main characters or the love threesome but also the elements incorporated into it such as horror, zombie, fiction, detective. Newly, I’ve discovered an interactive novel game that has both love and horror. Amazingly, it received a lot of respects. Rarely has a game in the supposedly-feminine-only type got this much attention. That game is called Dangerous Fellows MOD APK.

Dangerous Fellows Mod Apk

Overview of Dangerous Fellows Mod Apk

Name: Dangerous Fellows 
Publisher: StoryTaco.inc 
Category: Simulation
MOD Features: No Ads

About Dangerous Fellows Apk

Just like other archetypal otome games, in Dangerous Companions, there is always a story with love as the chief theme and players can make their own selections that lead to different finishes. There are many ways to end liable on your views and decisions and all will turn in the consistent course.

But this while, it’s not just romance. But love needs to be redirected in the context of scary zombies. The world is no lengthier an ideal green earth. A dangerous virus pandemic has looked and swept through all, spreading to every corner of the Earth. Most of the individuals were infected and converted undead.

There are a few people who are lucky to survive, and you are one of persons rare girls. But it can be quite luckless to survive in this rotten world. You must always find ways to fight and run away from the gory zombies around.

No stuff how careful you are, there will be times after you are careless. Once, unable to control your famine, you had to go out for feast and zombies came out. In the situation of dilemma, you were sharp helped by strange boys and took back to shelter. This is the house of the few who are still alive.

Now you have arrived the game and together with everybody survive the terrible pandemic. Here some dealings are building. There is friendship, love, and amity. You will be the one to find the answer physically.


Meeting relationships and determining to follow your emotion or attention are always the “specialty” of collaborating novels like Dangerous Fellows. Like I said, everything ensues in the lodging. Here, done countless smashes, living situations, and intense battles with zombies, you have bent odd relationships with five boys.

There’s a lot lucrative on in this game. How to play is only analysis, following the story, and touching the options when available by the game. There are many things that lead the way and brand you powerless to stop, even however your mind is always gritty from the start. You can also enjoy our suggested app like Mystic Messenger Mod Apk, Smurfs Village Mod Apk  and This War of Mine Mod Apk.

It is an enormously intense mental fight between life and death, amid love and friendship, between mind an d emotion. You will trail your heart and choose a guy with the correct charm for you or choose someone who can help you safely ended all the snags of life.

In entire, there are up to seven dissimilar endings liable on your choice. So even if you play regularly, there will still be a lot of belongings to explore and feel.


Collect Essential Items

The game usages the zombie disaster premise to make the world more chaotic and complex, resulting in a exciting and dramatic adventure or tale. As a consequence, the player must leave the safe zone, look for matters, and continually wander around the globe, making separate decisions.

Some of their activities may put them in danger, but in conversation, the plot will progress and numerous new workings in the imaginary universe will be familiarized.

Customize your Character

For Dangerous Companions, the costume component is also crucial, and the majority of the attire is zombie-survival. Separate character alterations and rare plot events can be affected by personalization, making the game more immersive and thick. As the game develops, players can look for new clothes in shops or other such locations.

Dangerous Fellows is an otome game that uses sole themes to present players with a fresh viewpoint on finding love. It also introduces a cast of fonts, each of whom is designed to highlight or thrill the player as they make results.

Five Master Characters

The task’s members will be changed into lovely feminine frontages. Dangerous Fellows’ main character is gifted with an endearing and magnetic personality, as well as the ability to remain strong in the face of difficulty. When confronted with gory zombies, no matter how powerful, the female heroine requires help.

And the publisher has been very clever in including five male avatars in the game to assist players in implementation the assignment fast. The five male characters are all quite attractive and charming, and the publisher has done an brilliant job of portraying them.

Each character will must a distinct arrival, from hair to face to the outfit. However, players will have to admire and like the five male appeals’ helpful gestures and agreeable words in general.

So much to explore

You can do a lot additional than just reading stories and creation choices like being able to customize the character’s figure, change the costume. Our main character is a good, beautiful girl. She is also quite stout and independent.

Let’s talk a bit about the five active boys. Lawrence is the leader of the group with a kind and gentle character. Eugene is conceited, gruff but good-natured and affectionate. Ethan has a stout personality, is dependable and can do what he says.

Zion is straight-forward, but particularly with the main character, he is quite welcoming. Finally, Harry is emotional, soft, and very attending to the people around him.

Each charm has such a unique entrance and personality. So, following the progress of the story never ends to surprise and wonder. Just listening to each person’s life, family background and past will energy you crazy with interest.

Cover the whole Dangerous Fellows story is a somewhat pent-up mood because the characters integrally live in a world full of zombies. However, it is not continually gloomy like numerous other zombie games. We still have states full of romance, heart fluttering, sometimes cute and passive like student love. Once you’ve played, you can’t stop.

Graphics and sound

All is astoundingly simple. There is only the human figure looking with the dialog box on the background music apposite for each context. Although it’s only 2D, the image of each appeal is taken care of very carefully. No matter who you are, you can nearly identify it if you look at it once.

The supporting characters looking in the game are all interesting. The background music is also quite good, exciting, sweet or horror at the right time and never diverts your mind from the screen. Playing this game in the dark gives goosebumps in many portions.

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An otome style cooperating game well worth playing with many plot twists for a love story and some amity. Though, this story is for self-experience to fully absorb the hearts and feelings of the letterings.

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