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Take to the city streets as a busy beat cop and protect the civilians from criminals, robbers, and dangerous drivers in one of the best first person police car driving simulator games. Uphold your cop duty as a police officer and take on risky missions to arrest criminals and help clear the city of crime. Answer the call on your police radio to pursue the crimes in this intense police action game!
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Cop Duty Police Car Simulator is an astonishing entertaining 3D racing game. Your task is to control police cars on the roads of the city, and you protect civilians from unsafe criminals. The thieves are driving unsafe so you need a lot of skills to win the game. The gameplay mode and chic of the game is similar to “Payback 2 MOD APKGangstar New Orleans MOD APK“.

You complete hard missions as a police officer. You perform risky missions to detention criminals and wipe out the wrongdoings in the city. The game needs high concentration, and you need to constantly answer the call on the police station. Get ready to follow crime, and experience an intense police action game. The game offers an open world driving simulation feeling with lots of excitements.

Cop Duty Police Car Simulator MOD APK

Overview of Cop Duty Police Car Simulator MOD APK

Name:Cop Duty Police Car Simulator MOD APK
Developer:Game Pickle
MOD Features:Unlimited Money

About Cop Duty Police Car Simulator MOD APK

Cop Duty Police Car Simulator carries thrilling instants while driving a police car in physical time. You travel an open world and a big city with miles of big roads. You can common your car at any time, and sightsee around the city / countryside. The game shows details of an interesting open world. Of progression, you still have to contribute in the main job of the police, and do familiar actions such as abolishing the thief’s vehicle, freeing hostages, ushering vehicles, destroying drug transport lines. , etc.

Like “Payback 2, Gangstar New Orleans”, the game brings a huge open world with lots of fun. You take action against crime police fun, and join the incredible journey. Be ready for a lot of prodigious things, like: helping the victim; arrest of criminal drivers; infiltrate dangerous crime hideaways; protecting and escorting V.I.P vehicles; Use police department SUVs for difficult missions; racing to stop crime and many other thought-provoking situations.


Cop Duty Police Car Simulator offers miscellaneous customization. After many missions and long game times, you elevation and unlock many motivating weapons, and many amazing police cars to complete the mission. You have the choice of city driving, 4×4 offroad trucks and influential vehicles like SUVs. You enter the war with a variety of guns such as: Desert Eagles, M16s, hand bullets, shotguns and many more. The game tries to re-form the city in 3D with many great things.


You occupy in many police action experiences in a shut process. You receive an alert from the police station, receive the call and go to the crime scene. To learn missions, and start taking act to complete real police missions. Of course, you can also failure the call and explore the open world in the city by police car or on foot. Like “Payback 2, Gangstar New Orleans”, you can do anything to developed one of the best police officers in your own style.


Cop Duty Police Car Simulant places great stress on action experiences. The game is also extremely realistic, as well as lots of countless stuff. You must always reflect the constancy of your vehicle to attain the action, as well as your own health. All you need to find the garage to fix the car, and the city hospital to stay fit. You need to do many things in real-world surroundings to help you do your tasks in the finest way. The game offers non-stop action.

You determination a police car and take action to wide-ranging real police missions. A huge open world like “Payback 2, Gangstar New Orleans”, and you can involvement the best car driving simulation game. You drive, drift, crash, chase, and arrest criminals around a great open city. The most faithful police action driving game should be appropriate for anyone who loves action.


Cop Duty Police Car Simulator has done the basics for a large open world. Like a reinterpretation of “Payback 2, Gangstar New Orleans”, you will enter a vast open world occupied with open roads, mountains and stimulating people. Realistic driving simulation game with bumps, and great acceleration. The game bids a realistic driving experience through real physics mode, as well as a first-person viewpoint. Of course, you also deal with accidents, and real car damage while on missions. You unlock a variety of police cars and high quality weapons to do difficult missions.

The game offers a large open world, so you must complete infinite mission purposes in non-stop action. You also freely explore the world through dynamic camera viewpoints. The game has simple gameplay, and you can effortlessly do things like: drive controller, use touch action, and even move freely.


  • Like a large, detailed open world.
  • Diverse missions with interesting arsenal of weapons / police cars.
  • Experience truthful action, and gameplay is simple, intuitive.


  • Quests tend to be boring.
  • Effort is not high for fans of action genre.


In short, Cop Duty Police Car Simulator is a great optimal if you love an open world game. You have the option of playing a forces officer and completing all sorts of missions, or simply moving freely around the city on foot or on a patrol car. The game has simple, and instinctive gameplay for both individual action or car control.

G*ame has a variety of forces cars, and a variety of weapons for you to act on. The game has a variety of missions like “Payback 2, Gangstar New Orleans”. You can partake in emergencies such as: hostage rescue, wedding car chase, car security on demand. Get ready to knowledge a wonderful 3D world , and extremely pleasant relaxing moments.

What's new

- Police helicopters, drones, SUVs, and military vehicles
- Try out multiplayer mode and take down players across the world!
- Build & customize your own police vehicles with parts and skins
- Police scanner! Pull over, arrest, and fine illegal drivers!
- Tons of weapons, skins, sirens, armor, and police tools at your disposal
- Tow vehicles away to the impound with the tow truck


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