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The original idle game where you bake cookies to rule the universe! This is the official Cookie Clicker app by Orteil & Opti. Accept no substitutes!
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Find manually relatively bored lately and would like to take a look at a simple yet addictive mobile game that you can enjoy every time you want? Well, we have just the right thing for you with this astonishing game from redBit games.

Cookie Clicker Mod Apk

That life said, this unique game features a simple gameplay that allow you to get aware with the game play in just a few jiffies. And no, it doesn’t get harder as you go, only more enjoyable. It’s hard to trust such a simple mobile game could be quite stimulating once you get to know it.

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Overview of Cookie Clicker Mod Apk

Version: 1.0.5
Developer: redBit games
Requires: 5.1 and up
Size: 41.5Mb
MOD Features: Unlimited Lottery and Bingo

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In the ready, players will pick up their ultimate cookie trip when you work hard to convert the world best cookie provider. Start by tapping on the giant cookie on the canopy to collect new pieces. And each time you reach your goal, you can pick up awesome plunders. Head out to the store and collect new buffs to help you gathering more cookies.

Find physically enjoying this absurdly simple Android game of Cookie Clickers while you try your best to tap by way of hard as you can on the cookie and unlock even more cookies. And that’s it. However, don’t thing of this as boring or repeating by any incomes.

Features of Cookie Clicker

Here you’ll find all the thrilling features that the game has to offer:

Humble yet addictive clicker game

The game skins an extremely accessible gameplay that all Android gamers can enjoy on their portable plans. Just open the game and you get used to the controls in, literally, seconds.

As humble as it is, Cookie Clicker will make you wholly addicted to the unique gameplay that it types. That being said, you’ll find yourself hooked to the clicking process as soon as you’re in the game. There is rather about this simple clicker game that make you so close to it.

Multiple promotions to help you gather more cookies

And to assistance you collect the most cookies, players in Cookie Clicker are permitted to make varied grips in the stores to give their cooking factory new upgrades. That life said, you can choose between vast upgrade options that’re available in the game from giving you some hands to click the cookies to multiplying your clacking effects.

Grand buffs that’ll radically improve your act

On top of that, the game also landscapes awesome buffs that’ll be available in certain steps of the game. These powerful boosts will greatly enhance your cookie making speed. But since they’re only temporally, it’s important that you choose the right time and make the most of them. Whole achievements to unlock trophies and prizes

With thrilling achievements that you can choose to complete, gamers in Cookie Clicker can also find themselves enjoying this unique gameplay. Instead of fighting to overawed other gamers, you can take on the exciting achievements so you may unlock the unique cups and prizes. Show them to your friends as you earn your arrogant rights.

Trial online gamers and friends in leaderboards

And of sequence, Cookie Clicker will be extremely boring without this exciting online gameplay where you can challenge other gamers. Choose between your friends on social nets to the best players from all over the world in this epic online challenge. Try your best to earn the top sum of cookies so you may compete with the best troupes in the entire world. Challenge and win against them to reach the highest seats in the leaderboards.

Get some additional cookies fairly easy

Sideways with the usual gameplay, Android gamers in Cookie Clickers are also allowed to pick up the delicious cookies from many other sources. That being said, you can broad the challenges and unlock additional gold cookies, or spend time to timepiece ads and get extra cookies. And most highly, the awesome daily rewards will positively satisfy you.

Travel the weekly challenges with online gamers

And if you reason that the leaderboards are quite difficult to reach since you’re still new to the game, you can entirely join the weekly challenges with online gamers. Try your top to earn certain amount of cookies and win against the best cookies clicker in the entire creation. Join the challenges anytime you want, even when you’re off the willing.

Broad achievements to unlock medals and prizes

With stirring achievements that you can choose to broad, gamers in Cookie Clicker can also find themselves enjoying this exclusive gameplay. Instead of fighting to overawed other gamers, you can take on the exciting achievements so you may unlock the unique cups and prizes. Show them to your friends as you earn your arrogant rights.

Not ever lose your growth

In totaling, the game also features the grand online save which allow gamers to save their in-game growths on the online cloud. Thus, the next time you log into the game again, even from another device, you’ll be right vertebral to where you started.

Play the game with or without the Internet

And if you repeatedly stay outside and don’t always have access to the Internet joining, then you’ll definitely enjoy Cookie Clicker as it offers the offline gaming landscapes. Hence, you can enjoy most of the game without any Internet connection.

Free to play

The game now featured on the Google Play Store for completely free. Hence, you can simply have it installed on your devices without having to pay anything. However, if you wish to enjoy the game without the maddening ads, then you’ll find our next article stimulating.

Have contact to unlimited money with our mod

To have access to the infinite gameplay, all you need to do is to download our Cookie Clicker Mod APK on your mobile strategies. Make sure you follow our directions to make sure that it’s properly installed. After that, you can do whatever you want in Cookie Clicker.

Graphic and sound quality


There is not full to say about the game’s graphics, but all in all, you’ll find the border quite innate and the simple visual effects also enhance your in-game experiences. And greatest importantly, thanks to the easy gameplay and simple graphics, you’ll find the game very pleasant.


Skill simple and relaxing in the world of Cookie Clicker. Feel like you’re surrounded by loads of pieces of lovely cookies.

Download Cookie Clickers Mod latest 1.0.5 Android APK

While it’s an very simple game on the mobile stage, there is something about Cookie Clicker that makes it very addictive. So if you essential an idle clicking game on your mobile devices, then this game and Tap Giants would be a few great references.

What's new


• Ascension system added to live version
• permanent upgrade slots are more permissive
• heaps of bug fixes, see update notes


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