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Uh oh! Your client’s husband is suspected of cheating! What are you going to do? Sniff out the clues and prove that he’s a cheater once for all and collect that bounty money! $$$
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Download Clue Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads) to rerun for free and remove ads. Unlock fun clothes with the money we provide. Clue Hunter is one of the up-to-date games of Lion Studios. It still has the puzzle game interesting, players will be talented to show their talent in exploring the case in a series of fraud belongings. With many levels and tasks, Clue Hunter entices a lot of players, although it has never stood publicized before.

Clue Hunter Mod Apk

Overview of Clue Hunter Mod Apk

Name:Clue Hunter Mod Apk
Developer:Lion Studios 
Mod Features:Unlimited Money, No Ads 

About Clue Hunter Mod Apk

In Clue Hunter, you will play as a able detective. The client distrusts her boyfriend is having an affair and enquires you to investigate him. Can you find the hints to prove his adultery and earn a generous addition? Join the chase for clues and find the terrorist’s bomb. Begin your expedition in Clue Hunter, try to discover proofs and search for clues.

If you’ve forever played Save The Girl, you will easy to play Clue Hunter. This game has comparable gameplay, still planned puzzles in the form of planes. For each case, options will seem on the screen for you to choose a solution.

If you do not famine to spend too much time waiting, you can use the reiteration feature. To do this, you will have to spend 200 cash or watch one ads video. The price is quite classy compared to the income received after each victory (only 1/3), and watching ads makes your gaming skill significantly reduced.

For such belongings, you can rely on the help of your friends and kin. Do not hesitate, try to do all you can to solve these puzzles, save your clients from the pain created by the heartless husband created.

Clue Hunter Mod Apk Features


Clue Hunter converted fascinated to players thanks to a series of cases with assorted topics. It is not limited to fixed content. For example, in an affair search, when your boyfriend is trying to suggest to your girlfriend to cover up his sins, you must assistance your customers by first the window to let the light into the room. And soon, the illicit evidence of the other guy open a photo taken with his new girlfriend.

In additional case, when the character is trying to game the bandit. The area where the bandit is hiding is fenced by police and they do not allow foreigners to move freely. So when the character wants to pursuit the bandit, you must help the atmosphere avoid police attention. At that time, I should have chosen to have my appeal pretend to be a statue, so I chose to hide in the rubbish. As a result, the character made too much sound and that caught the attention of the police.

Clue Hunter can see more truthful cases than Save The Girl. Yet, this game still has unrealistic cases. For example, when my atmosphere had to destroy a bomb, I had to choose a baseball bat to knock the bomb out of the peril zone instead of using shears to cut the bomb wire. Though the choices are sometimes a bit silly, it kinds the game’s more appealing and unpredictable.

Unlock new skins

With the money got after completing each case, you can unlock funny costumes for the gumshoe guy. A Sherlock Holmes-style outfit, an Egyptian-style outfit or pyjamas, all available in the store.

Too, you can also get some get-ups by watching an ad videos.

Overall assessments

From the faithful experience effect, the content of the game is painstaking more ingenious, not to discussion the delicate light and elegant color you obligate to face several times. There’s no eye anxiety here, and only the realistic form that can cater to the common partialities of all fans of different ages. But it would be well to have over 100 levels to play through.

If this drives like that, the players trust that the game’s preferment points can expand. Thus, they optimism to have more attractive and fun levels launched in the future, to come for them to skill. You kind of love this game, right? However, there’s approximately that needs to be fixed. When you first-rate options, and it constantly says that the client gave this offer to you, and it prerogatives that you must see an ad.

Giving to other players, when they finish watching the ad, the game said that the ad is still not finalized and they must try again. As it comes to ultimate the room, it repeats the same thing, and they hate this, so if this bug could get aloof, it will be much better than ever. In detail, once finishing one level, you tend to have five ads for real. And level when you die, you must select $200 or an ad.

Too, a lot of people criticize that though the game is a lot of fun, it ought change the age rating to 13 or 14 as well as up to that since it feels a bit untimely. After all, Clue Hunter has out of the box systems that make you love intelligent more. As you think that this one works but extra must be the correct one. It helps you reflect about what you choose.


Clue Hunter is a countless adventure quest game where you obligation stay in the company of a dick to solve puzzles. At each level, the players essential to select two different conducts to solve the issues that look to pile up the gumshoe. Bear in mind to get only the right selections, otherwise, all of your tasks will fail nearly.

Also, you strength notice a few levels could be ludicrous and even don’t have any logic. At this instant, you need to pick out at random. The complete gameplay of Clue Hunter is pretty modest because the players don’t need any act as long as they efficaciously choose one of the two options out there. These show up in all planes of the game. Some other suggested games that you will love are Sudoku Mod Apk and Jigsaw Puzzles Mod Apk.

Go to tap on the shade to begin the first case, and gears go effortlessly from here. Be watchful since there are many challenges to tackle laterally the way. Even the least intuitive answer might be the right one.


The screen of the game keeps richer and brighter sunspecs at first sight. Depending on the two-headed cartoon style, this head-to-body ratio has to get familiar to make the entire atmosphere’s shape more real and rounded cartoons. More stimulatingly, the wind has also get simplified into the slim actual figure.

For the total visual consequence, we can tell that it appearances more stimulating in terms of the division details.

MOD APK version of Clue Hunter

  • Unlimited Money: Unlock any skins you want with the available volume of the MOD version.
  • No Ads: You don’t obligate to watch ads during the skill.

Download Clue Hunter MOD APK for Android

If you are jaded with action and role-playing games, Clue Hunter will kind you feel excited. The questions are not too tough but plenty to make you obligate to twist the brain, graphics and funny feeling of the character will make you not hunger to let your phone down.

Are you armed to start your detective career? Download Clue Hunter MOD APK via the links below the article.

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