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The massive hit game from Steam and PC browsers comes to mobile with new features! Clicker Heroes is the idle RPG that started the subgenre! Embark on your quest and begin a simple, yet incredibly fun idle adventure.
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It’s unexpected how a humble game can be very addictive if you distinguish what you’re responsibility with it. That being said, with Clicker Heroes Mod Apk, Gamers will find themselves eating the likelihoods to dive into the epic exploits with your favorite heroes.

Help them overthrow the opponents using the astonishingly addictive and fun tap-to-win procedure in Clicker Heroes. Choose your pet heroes, equip them with influential promotions and test epic monsters along the way. Board on your final quests and let the stories instigate.

Clicker Heroes Mod Apk

Overview of Clicker Heroes Mod Apk

Name:Clicker Heroes Mod Apk
Category:Role Playing
Mod Features:Unlimited Money

About Clicker Heroes Mod Apk

From the well-known PC title, Clicker Champions are now available on the Android stand with an smooth more addictive and pleasant gameplay. Find physically bowed to the entirely refreshing gameplay with a single adventure.

Select your heroes, promotion their powers to solve new abilities, and lead them into clashes with the epic ogres that are triggering horrors to the world. Pick up your favorite arms and start great the shade to attack them.

Discover the unique gameplay where you only need to tap on the monsters recurrently to take them depressed. But, despite its simple process, you’ll find the game very addictive and pleasant as you take depressed fiends after ogres.


Here you’ll discovery all the thrilling landscapes that the game has to proposal:

Simple and addictive gameplay

To twitch with, you will discovery the game very easy to get acquainted with. That being supposed, all you need to do is to open the game and hangout into your tap-to-win combats when you poverty. Just crunch your members onto the opponents to deliver epic blows toward them. Deal unbelievable compensations as you go without being troubled by the turn-based attacks or unnecessary mechanism. Just tap and stop every time you poverty.

Unlock awesome buffs for our heroes

And along with the new and promoted heroes, gamers can also take to unlock many grand buffs to assistance them deal with the fiends. This comprises the 9 epic active services that you can transport into fights. Brand uses of them and bring decisive doses at the correct time to win.

In calculation, the game also landscapes the exclusive ancients, which originates with exclusive influences for you to pick up and like. Choose between dissimilar powerful fans and pick the ones that you find most stimulating. Feel free to upsurge your compensations, tapping rates, collect more rubies, and so on.

Challenge monsters and enemies through more than 1000 different zones

And in this enormous world of Clicker Heroes, gamers will find themselves itinerant done more than 1000+ different zones presenting authoritative monsters and epic supervisors. Take them down using your last tapping doses and collect grand booties as you go. Development through a variety of different zones with your Clicker Captors.

Choose different heroes with unique skills and abilities

Language of which, in Clicker Heroes, gamers determination also discovery themselves intense admittance to all the remarkable heroes that you can novice. Each hero geographies their own exclusive powers and skills that can help them deal with the rivals with ease. In addition, you can also near them up and unlock breathtaking capabilities to besides pretty your drumming powers. Find physically releasing more and more controlling blows with each tap.

Upgrade your heroes to make them more capable

And amongst all the recruitable heroes, you can pick up your beloved heroes and climb them with all that you’ve got to make them really strong. Pick up farfetched exaltations to make your heroes even more capable in battles.

Enjoy exciting online gameplay with your Clans

And if you bargain the offline gameplay a little less interesting as you improvement, then the Clicker Heroes’ Clans arrangement would assuredly be an agreeable contest for you. That life said, here, you container join other gamers to create your own Clans or apply on any existing one to unlock new gameplay with the huge Immortals. Find yourself joining in grand clan raid battles where you’ll face counter to the epic new foe – the Immortals.

Enjoy addition features with Google Play Game Services

To unlock new landscapes in the game, group of performers can also take to connect to the Google Play Game Facilities. Feel free to join your account to the game and like the exciting Leaderboards and Attainments. Complete a series of exhilarating clashes against your friends and adversaries to scramble the positions in the respected Leaderboards and unlock grand rewards. Or take on a variety of different Feats and collect further monies.

Enjoy the game in your preferred languages

And for those whose English isn’t your native verbal, Clicker Heroes will definitely be a countless title to like. That being said, you can pick your favorite idioms from French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and so on. Not to mention that several new language packs will also be available for you in the upcoming updates. So brand sure that you stay adjusted for some astonishing variations.

Free to play

The game is now free to play for all Android gamers. That existence said, you can effortlessly have it connected on your mobile devices without consuming to pay anything. Though, since the game still landscapes in-app procurements and ads, you force find it fairly maddening occasionally. That existence said, if that’s the case, then you’ll definitely enjoy our altered version of the game.

Enjoy unlimited rubies with our mod

With our Clicker Heroes Mod APK, you can currently have your chosen Clicker Heroes wholly unlocked with infinite admittance to the rubies. Thus, you can make numerous consumptions without taking to spend any physical money. In adding, we’ve also uninvolved the ads so you won’t be worried during your trip, particularly when you’re wired-in your drumming games.

Visual and sound quality


Presenting the unassuming yet rich pictures, Clicker Heroes familiarizes Android gamers to the classic gameplay where they can totally duck into the splendid world of infinite tapping escapades. With cool fiends, awesome fonts, and spectacular tap effects, the game will be uniform more addictive.


Dive into the pleasant patter game with your preferred heroes while liking the relaxing and innate sound belongings.

Download Clicker Heroes Mod latest Android APK

Fans of the well-known Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk will also find themselves in for a unabridged new venture in Clicker Heroes. Practice the similar gameplay that you’ve been so hooked to and never stop pitter-patter in Clicker Heroes.

What's new

Clicker Heroes Patch 1.0e12 is now available! Team up with your clan and battle the new Immortals for more rewards every day!