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Mini madness descends on the Clash Universe! In this game of choices, duel and Rumble in a fun, strategy-packed board game.
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Nov 23, 2022
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Clash Mini APK is a persistence of the legendary game Clash of Clans. Also set in the Clash cosmos, but this part opens up new gameplay and much new enthusiasm. Preparation is a procedure that people who do not know are easily disheartened, but once they appreciate the rules of the game, they find it more thrilling than fighting. Much of Clash Mini’s plan comes in this stage. You will join in the journey to collect, summon, and promotion an army of Minis to uncheck into ever-larger battles.

Each of those steps was attended by meticulous calculation skills. When you make a blunder, the whole army will fall into misery. A few epochs like that, you will learn from experience to fix better next time and you will know how to take which troops to assemble first, who to summon in each battle, which section of Minis to upgrade to match the battleground.

Clash Mini MOD APK

Overview of Clash Mini MOD APK

NameClash Mini MOD APK
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About Clash Mini MOD APK

But that’s just the start. To prepare for battle, in addition to possessing an elite army, you also have to foresee the opponent’s moves. From there, you need to assemble a reasonable team, estimate who goes first, who arises later to attack and defend, take advantage and minimalize the weakness of the soldiers.

To make it calmer to imagine, I momentarily divide the progress in Clash Mini into 2 stages: one is preparation, the other in battle. In Battle Phase, you will have to collect your previously tactical squad to battle. At this point, the policy turns to tactics. Players need to need skills in managing troops, steering groups, and flexibly replying to different circumstances on the battlefield. The training process is like a battle in theory. But reality will occasionally be very dissimilar from what you think in your cranium.

“Erratic” is what you can say about Clash Mini. The diverse universal system, rich typescripts with different authority levels based on the number of stars calm. Each major general such as Barbarian King, Shield Maiden, Archer Queen, Wizard, Mini Pekka, Wall Surf can be heightened, adding other abilities thru the battle.


Each army has different assets and weaknesses, divided into 3 main groups: magicians, archers, and gladiators, plus the arena is always shifting and new states are always happening. You will need many nonentities when playing the game. For those who love policy games, Clash Mini is truly a vast horizon to sightsee.

In short, Clash Mini can be briefly in 2 words:

  • Strategic team play
  • Auto-battler

Although there are numerous things to control and do well at the identical time, the over-all principle of the Clash Mini game strategy is fairly simple. The act is just to put the chess pieces on the board, reorder the order to suit your fondness. Then click confirm to let them fight every other until the fallouts are out.

If the policy is good, the calculation is correct, you will win. Whoever wins the first three bouts will be the overall winner. The final winner will get the Trophy and Gold Coins. The award is used to calculate the rank rising points on the success rankings, and Gold Coins are secondhand to upgrade the army and buy items.

In which, your task is 90% to plan, place ranks and creations for the warriors most logically and appropriately. Since it has a cute and gentle entrance, but hidden secret is a deep policy and more thoughtfulness, so Clash Mini is very appreciated by many people. Even more charming and reachable than other games in the same Clash series.

Game mode

You will don’t have to apply time controlling soldiers, nor do I essential to look at the keys to control real-time combat anymore, but only focus on the strategy stage. But the way that the armed forces, after being agreed, rushes to battle, and the auto-combat on the chessboard always brings a sustaining ending. Don’t need lots of effort but the tactical mind must be in endless movement and change. That is the rare essence of Clash Mini.

Clash Mini has numerous battle styles that are enough to content all player preferences: 1v1, 3v3. In which the period of each match is not long, only about 5 notes. It’s quite short but requires you to test all your skills from strategy to tactics and smooth control operation. Or if you want more test, you can play Rumble mode with 7 other companies. You can also play at random just for fun, or contest fiercely in ranked league matches that upsurge your Alliance position.

The character formation is very cute and adorable

Looking at the visuals and images, you may see that the style of determining is no different from other Clashes in the equal universe. But if you look closely, the typescripts in Clash Mini also have numerous other stimulating points: the eyes look darker, the shape appears smaller but still upholds the majesty of the characters.

The overall colors in Clash Mini also seem more colorful. Each play act is also meticulously cared for, constantly altering so that no match is the same. The sound and visual belongings are not many, but they are very quality.

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In short, Clash Mini is a countless game, very random, heavy on strategy but extremely relaxing, no complicated panels, nor too stressful. This game is very value playing. Let download and try this game right absent.

What's new

- New Season: Robo Rumble is now active, and the entire game looks brand-new.
- Gizmos are here! Upgrade minis in battle, and use stars to deploy a Gizmo of your choice!
- Hero Progression is reworked! New skills, more levels, and deeper skill progression via Skill Shards and Crown Shards!
- Star Shards are universal currency of mini upgrades!
- Emotes! Collect them all and have fun in matches and in clans.
- Anniversary event featuring a special Emote is almost here!
- Mini Pass now is monthly!


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