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ChimeraLand is an open-world survival game with strong RPG elements in a prehistoric, mythical world.
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Chimeraland Mod APK is careful a super game on mobile, require you tried this survival RPG where the replication combines with immense freedom? Converting into a charisma in Chimeraland, you will fight for being as a primitive human. All around is a unknown; every backcloth is attractive wherever you go. Chimeraland is not only a game but similarly a culture, a deep lesson about the history of human source. You no longer must imagine mortality’s most deserted period, but now you can see all in Chimeraland firsthand.

Chimeraland is a 3D MMORPG that not lone has a beautiful story, but also flawless scenery and a wide-open unreal world. The world Chimeraland has an area of ​​​​up to 836 million m2. No matter how far you go, you determination never learn it all. Every pace is a new journey, attractive you to new and motivating things. All is built on modern Imaginary Engine know-how, highlighting a lot of single creatures. Very vivid and lively!

ChimeraLand Mod Apk

Overview of ChimeraLand Mod Apk

Name:ChimeraLand Mod Apk
Developer:Level Infinite 
Mod Features:Updated

About ChimeraLand Mod Apk

The creator took 4 years to work hard to make the false world full of Oriental assets in Chimeraland. What you see is a entire study of quality, from crags, rivers, forks in the road to rare antique animals. Like all of them are revived from olden legends. When picking a character, you can indicate your original race giving to the available suggestions. Each race resolve have its times, individualities, and weapons. From here, live like a caveman and begin your journey of unearthing.

The autonomy in the world of Chimeraland is endless. You can do all you need or want to do to serve the combat for survival here, of course as an earliest person. Choose your land, design your lodging, hunt animals, ride horses, eat meat, trained wild beings, and travel around to realize more about the world around you.


The first feature of Chimeraland is the freedom to figure anything. For example, shape a house. You can take to build your house in the massifs, by the oceanic or on a small island, or smooth on your way to the blue. Go a lot, live a long time to learn the most beautiful seats, and choose the home to shape your future home. Can you envisage living in a rural house with a windy sea surrounded by huge trees? And every morning you can look at the huge horizon? That content feeling would be so countless!

Unlimited freedom

And meanwhile Chimeraland is an MMORPG, there will continuously be other players too you. They are structure, living, and doing all in the same world. You can attach them to talk furniture and substances with them to earn more gold, changes and then buy belongings for the appeal. This is also rare autonomy in an open-world mobile game setting.

Shooting and catching wild faunae are also some of the charms’ regular and daily doings. You will fight for food, for existence or to protect physically from the attack of cruel wild animals. When again, companies are free to do whatsoever they want to search. Make your own weapons, bout melee, or take long-range combat to imprisonment an animal or protect yourself. During the clash, you will be free to swap arms to fight rapidly and efficiently.

The fierce animals will develop a excellence mealtime for you. At the similar time, some of their shares can be used to make arms, or beautify the house (ivory, tiger skin …). As for the milder animals (such as horses, Casanovas, wild boar), you can select to bring them home, broken them and turn them into your animals. Or they can even developed a ‘vehicle’, a buddy on every exploit. Or extra, you can select, TGV and have yourself an army of animals with an strong, strange power. They can be used to fight later.

Animals that originate out of legend

In this disordered world, all is a miracle. All the strange beings that the world of Chimeraland produces encompass many similes from Eastern legends. And with that sole arrival, their defense and bout skills are also not regular. You can meeting the most awful animals that do not be in the world, such as human-bodied birds, sea wolves, multi-horned rhinoceroses, ancient phoenixes, etc. These are all possible species for the army in the future. Prudently method, use your attention and intellect to tame and train them to develop part of your beast army. Masketeers Mod Apk, Dino Tamers Mod Apk and Jurassic Dino Water World Mod Apk.

The battle for existence is never easy

To survive, you necessity eat, drink, get warm, and be harmless. Each of these necessitates a lot of groundwork effort and a series of in-game activities. In addition to the key task of Structure, Hunting, the game also proposals a lot of attractive “side activities”. These are all things that aid the charm’s daily survival. Like fishing, assembly fruit trees in the forest, farming, cooking, interchange, and swapping substances with other players. Recall to pay care to the survival pointers because whatever you do, you motionless must live fit first.

All in Chimeraland is even more thrilling on the enormously multiplayer online role-playing stage. In addition to interchange and replacing things, you can also call other people to form a fierce wild being clan, and then share the spoils/loot.

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The world of Chimeraland doesn’t just break as a land. It is a massive bionetwork. It is divided into many dissimilar areas. Each home has a totally different populace of animals, countryside, scenery, florae, resources, resources, and weather. Anywhere you go, there will continuously be new problems waiting, whether it originates from bizarre animals, or basic survival desires, and also to the nearby terrain, rainy weather. To live a long, fit life in this world, you vital to be imaginative, proactively grasp the state, and CCTV survival stats carefully.