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Build your own battle bot and unleash its power in this stylish PvP game!
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Fine, it’s not a game of cats like you would’ve believed. But instead, the CATS is short for Crash Arena Turbo Leads. However, you’ll still have many cats in the game, who’ll control the epic brawling tackles. Enjoy the game with the master engineer cats as you build your own ultimate engine and use it to take down others’.

Cats Mod Apk

Make uses of your vision and challenge other gamers in epic PvP battles. Build your own single machines with varied machines. Use all kind of weapons that you’ve poised and put them on your brawling mechanism so you can take down your foes easily. Join awesome challenges and contests to become the champion in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars.

Overview of Cats Mod Apk

Version: V2.40.4
Requires: 5.0 and up
Size: 96.5 mb

About Cats Mod Apk

In the ready, troupes will join the journey of a daring CATS fan who wish one day to become the world victor. And finally, that day has come. When you were seeing the world event and daydreaming, you were requested by Uncle Tony to be his winner.

He then grants you with a small engine as your birthday gift. But you were soon advanced by Snake and the gangs, who needed him to return the machine that he has taken. However, as he says, he just gives it somebody better. And that is you.

So it’s time to repay his deed and help him defeat the evil gangsters with your new-found engine. Equip it with weapons and give it new upgrades so you may defeat the evil Snake and his gang. Your voyage starts here. Never give up until you become the victor with the most powerful machine eternally.

Features of Cats Apk

Here you’ll bargain all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Travel many design choices and create your ultimate engine

Achieve your infantile dream as you become the master engineer that you’ve always wanted to. Calm with your master machine, you can involvement different business and crafting option in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars.

Plan your own machine with unique mechanics, upgrade the parts to give it more power and hurt. Create the ultimate machine to get you to the world championship. And later the battle will auto-resolve liable on your designs, it’s important that you come up with a moral one.

Match against other troupes in epic and funny PvP clashes

Find physically flattering the meanest cat in the neighborhood as you defeat one after another in epic and funny machine battles. The game also features online PvP battles where gamers can take on actual gamers with their unique machines. Make sure your gears are well designed and upgraded so you may come out charming.

Trial other mobs from all over the domain

And in this town, only the stout can rule over the other. That being said, gamers and their gang can take on the epic universal challenge and conquer the entire city with your gang associates in exciting co-op gameplay. Task other gangs from all over the world and show them your influences.

Match to the top in the World Contest

Most highly, CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars also sorts the exciting World Championship where you can find physically battling against the toughest enemies across the globe. Challenge different CATS players with exclusive playing styles and win against them to loan to the next round. Get closer to the World Champion label each day and you’ll become the champ one day.

Reveal awesome arms and equip on your engine

Gamers in CATS: Din Arena Turbo Stars will have access to dozens of exciting guns and gadgets that they could easily equip on their plans. That being said, it’s important that you collect the craziest weapons and come up with the most amazing designs that can outwit your enemies. Depending on your opponents’ it’s important that you take on different tactics and methods to win the game.

Love betting while receiving some further cash

And laterally with the epic and hilarious ties, gamers are also allowed to enjoy some gaming gameplay to get some added cash. That being said, while you wait for your next match, you can go round and make your bet on other bots to win the game. Who knows, you can become insanely rich lacking having to win the label.

Convert the best and pucker your own ring

Discovery yourself rule the street with your private gang where all your adjoining partners gather. Create your best machines and take them out for an epic clan clash. With multiple bouts that feature up to 3v3 battles, gamers will find themselves partaking a lot of fun in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars. Make the clan your own den and have secret chats with your friends in the band.

Segment your growth on social systems

If you request to have your development being shared online, you can easily attach the game to your social accounts. Feel free to share your growth in CATS Mod APK and brag with your groups about your successes.

Whole your term and earn loots

Gamers in CATS: Bang Arena Turbo Stars are also familiarized to seasonal events which would last for a certain amount of time. Each term comes with unique themes, missions, and loots. You can choose to broad these season in order to collect the awesome bootees.

Able to show

The ready is now free to play for Android users to enjoy. That life said, you can easily have the game fitted on your devices anytime and anyplace. Just go to Google Play Store and the game will constantly be ready for you to move.

Relish the altered version of the ready

Then if you find the in-app acquisitions quite annoying, you might find our modified form of the game interesting. Enjoy the totally unlocked gameplay by downloading our CATS Mod APK on your plans whenever you want. Plus, the game will also free of ads so you won’t likely to be troubled by them.

Filmic and sound quality


Love the cute and lively graphics that the game features. Takedown your opponents with exclusive weapons and spectate awesome visual stuns with your attacks. The faithful physics will make everything very real and legit. So it’s important that you pay care to the design of your machine so they won’t end up falling on the ground.

On the other hand, the light graphics make the game quite handy. Hence, you’ll find yourself enjoying the even and satisfying gameplay on your low-end devices with luxury.


With correct and enjoyable sound properties, gamers in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Leads will find themselves completely hooked to the combats. On top of that, the relaxing dialogs will keep you listening for times on finish.

Download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Mod newest V2.40.4 Android APK

If you’re seeing for a simple action title with single gameplay and skins, and most importantly, quick matchups so you can play it whenever you want, then CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is positively one of your best choices. Join your gang in the world of mechanism fighting and hike the top with your ultimate devices.

What's new

- Here's to you the new Joker Cards exchange: you can now combine Joker Cards and create new ones of a higher rarity!
- Let's do some Fall cleaning! Toolboxes will now be stacked and will no longer be all over the place. Yay!
- We've improved and streamlined the initial tutorial sequence.
- Our CATgineers have also fixed a lot of those little annoying bugs.