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★★Go for the Knockout!★★ Make your opponent see the Stars! Only room for one Boxing Star!
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If you are here to look for taxing challenges, congratulations, you have come to the right place! Sit down and let me present you to a game that will definitely inspire fervor. That is Boxing Star – boxing game for sports enthusiasts!

Boxing Star Mod Apk

I also just open and downloaded this app in the last few days. But amazingly I was very addicted to it. Boxing Stars is a mobile game by sport category. FourThirty Three is the inventor of this game.
Though it was released a long time ago – 2018, it is undeniable that graphics, gameplay, all is still very good! I am sure that the outstanding 3D graphics and engaging gameplay of this game will not fail you.
If you are attentive in Boxing Stars, please endure to accompany me. Be energetic, allies!

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Overview of Boxing Star Mod Apk

Developer: FourThirtyThree Inc.
Requires:4.4 and up
MOD Features: Unlimited Money

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No lengthier a distant vision, Boxing Stars will help you fulfil your requests. It will be a long trip, from a street fighter to a world lead. Game modes in this game are diverse. It is not just about beating your opponent and levelling up. Boxing Stars also has dissimilar game modes such as Story mode, League mode to fight right with other fighters.


  • Creator: FourThirty Three
  • Size: 1.3GB
  • Right age: Not for children under 12 years old
  • There are origins of mild violence
  • Suitable dais: iOS and Android
  • Download for free


Here are some noteworthy features that can simply make any gamer enjoy:

Elastic Drive Modes and Diverse Wheels

When you leading access the game, you will be pragmatic and follow the orders in the boxing match of the heavy boxers The Grave and Joe the King. This guide will help you know some basic travels such as Hook, Dodge, keep the body in balance, and some other classic movements in this sport.

This game lets the player to relate more and control. You can make many different actions to unleash your originality during the fight. No limit so pleased!

Conquest All Rivals to The Title of Boxing Star World Winner

The story of Star Sparring is simple and easy to know. This game fits to the category of simulation shared with sports. When you first enter the game, you will be altered into a newbie in the boxing world. Your work is to become a champion.

To become Real Steel Boxing Champions, players will have to go through many tasks. But trust me, this is well worth it! To prosper, everyone must go through lacks.

Train Grit to Get Solider

In Boxing Stars, too two game modes, players can upgrade their character’s power with some built-in features. Training will be the place where you find full behavior and added boxing skills.

Interface and Graphics

Are some beautiful features above enough to entice you? I think so! Now, let me find out and appraisal the graphics and some of Boxing Stars’ top basics!


The Fonts

At the start of the game, the given character will look in simple clothes and optional belts. There are three types of characters to pick from, but don’t worry if you make the wrong special.

Foes in Games

The scheme characters in Story mode also have natural and realistic movements. The builder has staged them according to the cursive during the fight.

At first, you can simply win, but the later the level of difficulty surges gradually. However, this is an chance for you to improve your boxing so it will be very exciting!

Group Mode

As cited above, Boxing Stars also has Coalition mode for players who want to try directly against other enemies around the world. Here, everyone will compete beside each other to win stars and gold.

Several stars will unlock alternative routes. If you have a lot of gilt, you will buy more items to upgrade your charm.

In fact, I need tried to play a few bouts in this mode and it is not too difficult. Yet, the match will take place at a quicker pace than usual, so please exercise smoothly to get castoff to the traffics.

Switch Way

Possibly this part I will not discuss much since the control is quite easy. Although the control device will need to use the entire screen of the phone, you will be supple with it. Remember, swipe to punch, move quickly to avoid and defend.

Bench of Options

When you chief started Boxing Stars, you strength find it a bit confusing because the menu of the game is a bit untidy. But do not worry, I’m sure that after just a few taps you have learnt the menu of this game.

The tariff isn’t too bad, and if you’re used to it, you’ll find it quite clear and detailed. Every nose in the game appears here. This is actual convenient and helps the actor a lot.


I need to assert one thing that the more eye-catching pictures are, the more people are fascinated to it. This is true, right?

Pay Courtesy to Every Little Detail

When it arises to graphics of Boxing Stars, I will give it 5 stars. Inventors design the characters in the game are pretty diverse with distinct style styles. And as I said above, your charm will also have a distinct charm.

Lively Cartoon

I rise the perfection of the Boxing Stars cartoon. The characters are lifelike and move easily. Most impressive is the fight of the fighters. The moving effect when they bout looks amazing. Believe me, that’s charming!

Facts and Problems


Total, Boxing Stars is a game worth a try. It is not only free but also highly amusing. The instructions are detailed and complete to support you so you can defeat tough enemies.

Boxing Stars will aid boxing fans fulfill their wishes. You can play it anywhere. Modest custom with nice graphics is another plus point for this game.

Each game will have different background sceneries to not bring boredom. Two parallel game methods allow you to alteration often.


Though you can download this game for free, rolling to the next stages is a bit difficult. If the player seldom upgrades the power and buy valuable items, the enemy will easily downfall the character. If you upgrade, you risk opposing more advanced troupes.

It is a fact that the profession of the character comes with the time that the player applies to play. But facing solider opponents will make the promotion process tough.

Too several free upgrades, you will have to pay for in-app grasps if you want your appeal to be even stronger. I feel a little required to do this. Anyway, if you are a creature who likes to face tasks, Boxing Stars will not let you miserable.

Closing Opinions

In small, I think Boxing Stars can bring performers perfect satisfaction. This game will help you train your reactions and acuity. The eye-catching graphics and its rational plan are among the top-rated acnes.

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