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With AVG Cleaner, your Android device will run faster and smoother, store more data, free up memory by cleaning junk, and stay charged for longer. AVG Cleaner is a smart device manager & optimization tool that has let nearly 50 million people worldwide master their devices.
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Varies with device
April 6, 2022
Varies with device
Varies with device
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For Android users, it’s hard to dodge having trash files on our smartphone, particularly when you often have many apps from third-party developers installed on your plans. This doesn’t simply consume your inner storage but also make the phone knowingly slower.

If this is stylish to you then it’s naturally that you’ll need to delete those files and make planetary for new installments. However, for regular users, it’s quite difficult to tell which are the files you need to delete and where to find those.

AVG Cleaner Mod Apk

Hence, you’re going to necessity an app that can help you clean up the unwanted junks on your system. Thus, we have a actually great app from AVG mobile, the AVG Cleaner Pro which could help you get rid of the residues on your system with just a solitary tap.

Overview of AVG Cleaner Mod Apk

Development:AVG Mobile


Like the other movable cleaner apps, AVG Cleaner Pro lets gamers to scan all the junk files on your scheme and then have them deleted in just a simple tap. Though, with AVG Cleaner Pro, your cleaning procedure will be extremely quick and actual.

That actuality said, all the vital files will be scanned and rescan all over again to kind sure that there is nothing left after you’ve clean up all files. In trappings, the app will also let you look for huge files that are intense your storage space. You can then resolve to delete them if you want.

And most outstandingly, Age Cleaner Pro comes with many other features that you can sightsee with your phones, it’ll make not just the clean but also the using your phone a lot more actual and opportune.


The finest thing about AVG Cleaner Pro is that it has good handiness, which means that you can have it labor on most of your devices without fail. Plus, none of its housework and utilizing features require you to have the phone fixed. So you’ll won’t have any problem with it like other apps.

Awesome features

Here you’ll find all the thrilling features that the game provides. Decide on your own whether they’re valuable to you:

Easy to use

The app originates with useful and real features that are suitable for both the skilled and new users. That being said, you can simply have the junk files on your system perused and deleted with just a simple tap. Or have admittance to some of the most amazing features and customizations that you could nip on your system.

Remove all installed apps on your devices

For most persons, you’ll find AVG Domestic quite useful when it comes to managing all the apps in your scheme. That being said, the app lets you swipe your phone totally and help you detect all the apps in the system Thus, you’ll know just the installed, uninstalled apps, and even the APK files that you haven’t installed yet.

And with just a humble click you can easily have the app removed from your system or restore the uninstalled apps from its previous periods, as long as you haven’t deleted the data enduringly.

Optimize your storage space

And the moral thing about AVG Cleaner is that it helps you get rid of all the unwanted files on your system in materials of seconds. Plus, the controls and user interfaces are also quite modest. Thus, making it much easier for you to entree the options.

There are also tons of housework options such as eliminating the old files, uninstall all the apps even the hidden ones, or large file discovery, and so on. You’ll have your phone freshly repaid to its prime stage.

Useful photo analyzer option

In add-ons, there is one feature that I’m sure that many of you would find interesting, which is the Photo Analyzer. For those who often use their phone to take cinemas, you would perhaps be flooded with tons of unwelcome or duplicated images on your scheme. And this can take up a lot of pointless space on your stowage.

With AVG Char, players can have their photo portico easily optimized by sorting out all the bad-quality imageries, blurred ones, and even repeated images. Hence, you can easily have them all deleted and free more interplanetary on your system.

Utilize your smartphone’s performance

And if you habitually have lots of apps installed on your plans, then you would certain realize important dips of performance every once in a while. This can be quite infuriating since these large groups of apps will not only take up space in your stowing but also slow down your phone by intense its resources.

The simplest solution, in this case, is to have the app completely removed from your system through the scrubbing features. However, this also causes some embarrassments since you’ll have to reinstall the apps once again when you need to usage it.

Meaningful this, the developers of AVG Cleaner has offered the ultimate solution for you. And it is to allow users to restriction or hibernate these apps on their system. This will avoid them from working and eat your phone’s capitals. Thus, making it a lot faster.

Free to use

The app is presently free to use for users from all over the world. That being said, you can simply have it installed on your devices without having to pay all. In addition, the simple and straightforward features will make the app work perfectly on multiple campaigns with varied hardware. The only thing that you will find irritating is probably the ads and some topographies that need to be unlocked.

Fully unlocked pro version with our mods

If you’re observing for a way to get access to those concealed features, then you’ve come to the true place as our newest mods of the app will offer you all the selections. Have the phone wholly under your control by downloading our AVG Cleaner Pro APK file and install it onto your plans. You don’t need to have the phone ingrained to use all of its features.


The only object with AVG Cleaner is that the free version does entail of some ads and junk archives, which will not be erased even when you chose to clean your phone. But that’s quite clear. And if want to get rid of those too, you can easily install our hacked version of the app.

Download AVG Cleaner Pro latest Android APK

AVG Cleaner Pro is certainly an essential app for Android users. Have all the unwanted files on your system gutted without a trace in just a couple of minutes. Or succeed the apps in your system using all the available choices. You’ll have yourself a much more influential phone with AV

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The much better cache cleaning for Android 11 and 12 users. - Using a new method now delivers far better results. - Select "Visible cache / Temporary app files" and see for yourself.