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The end of the day, should we still be kind and honest, or should we follow the instinct to survive? Make your choice in this great independent doomsday survival 2D RPG!
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Ares Virus MOD APK is a top-down firearm RPG. In the game, you drama as a Heroic soldier, the only confidence of persons in the battle beside fierce mutant objects. Not many top-down guns can conveyance high drama to the actor. But if they can, their shooting skill will excite you, maybe even more than ones with a first-person standpoint. And Ares Virus is one of persons games

The diplomatic world rapidly bowed into mourning. Ares Virus, a chilling virus that looked out of nowhere, triggered huge harm to the survival of manhood. Humans were crook into zombies and huge biological mutants that uninterruptedly seems to wreak havoc ubiquitously and tumbledown the Earth.

Ubiquitously now is full of hazards, people have no harmless home and there is fewer and less chance of survival. In that frantic situation, heroes look. He takes a ray of sunny to the future. They are you and your colleagues, great soldiers with supreme talent in using arms. You will fight all misshapen objects, find out and destroy the source of the Ares Virus, carrying back the past peace to the Earth.

Ares Virus Mod Apk

Overview of Ares Virus Mod Apk

Name:Ares Virus Mod Apk
Developer:Qcplay Limited.
Mod Features:God Mode, Unlimited Energy 

About Ares Virus Mod Apk

The theme of the disaster is not new. But Ares Virus can take a deep impress to your heart since of its impressive neutral graphics, smooth character drive with a top-down viewpoint, and a series of fierce blasts across the screen.

Ares Virus uses mark strokes lengthways with the main dark blue-gray tones to signify the gloomy instant of the world. On that color related, the effects of belligerent and firing arms are more protuberant and visible, producing an interesting disparity.

The odd thing is that in that dim space, the shooting and the sound of the bouts are a bit minor, not a showy bustle like in zombie firearms we repeatedly see. That complete, that stylish image with a little monochrome scribble will brand you fall into a national of both confusion and homesickness. To me, it well defines the obliteration of the world.


It can be supposed that these odd images and hums are one of the prodigious parts of the success of Ares Virus.

The Art of Storytelling

The total story is spoken quite deeply in Ares Virus which makes it rigid to forget. It is quite long if chitchat in detail. So, it can be abridged in a uncommon slug points below:

  • You are Neil, a follower of the worm squad, the team spearhead is Captain K.
  • The cluster’s area was in anxiety when the path to the exploration middle was blocked by distorted creatures.
  • But then the total team grabbed control of the situation.
  • Neil was tasked with violation down the door to the halfway argument. Whereas he was waged, a follower of the team condemned him with a grenade and released the door for zombies to pass in.
  • Neil stood saved by Chief K in time.
  • Then the funding associate of the team and Leader K died in a zombie stop, Neil was auspicious to be salvaged by a survivor short-lived by.
  • Neil stirred up, he recalled the whole thing and agitatedly rifled for the traitor’s situation, as glowing as taxed to find a way to ample the group’s new goal.

When decease is near, people return to their true fauna, the line among good and evil is as fragile as burn. This is the note Ares Virus wants to bear. Because not only firing, killing, and fighting, Ares Virus is also infused with feelings and tragic stories, awful swift.

As you can see, Ares Virus is unlike from the zombie/ monster execution games you have ever played. Its plan is deep, fast-paced, and full of stirring and random states. The arts of gripping storytelling and skillful linking of measures… are united with the brutal battle on the canopy, making this game directly become super bizarre.

Anti-Ares Virus Crew

Ares Virus is a top-down 2D firearm. But its petition lies in the gameplay which is also rather odd, no less than its visuals and sound. You play as one of the gallant soldiers of the anti-Ares Virus crew. The goal of the force is to find the font of these poor viruses and extinguish them wholly, find a cure, end all the mutant units that are intense ubiquitously and reinstate order to the world.

In the entire game, you determination always be enclosed by tons of automatons and mutant beings occasionally of giant dimensions. Every time you expression an opponent in Ares Virus, you are confronted with difficult choices: whether to method them for close battle or use a long-range gun to murder them, which armament to fight healthy with the greatest real attack, what tactics you should use to save ammo and possessions, what to do best for the shelter of you and your colleagues???

The gameplay of Ares Virus is odd in that it takes benefit of the viewpoint from above with the gunfire procedure with postponement and requires the appeal to aim first to shoot to finish the goal. In short, beforehand you kill a certain automaton, you necessity have a small waiting minute. The fighting is therefore more stimulating. You will frequently find physically in an crucial state and may be overwhelmed in a cloud of ogres before you have time to peaceful down and fix the bullet’s pathway.

Survival Times

Furthermore, Ares Worm also forces players to admit the available survival times with little best. Possessions are also pretty incomplete: wood, pebble, drinking water, food all is desired. And you must work meticulously to gather them every day if you don’t poverty to run out of liveliness and then can’t grasp a gun. You may also like are Taichi Panda Mod Apk and Masketeers Mod Apk.

In addition to food and substances, Ares Virus also consumes many other helpful items and possessions to help you defend yourself and your colleagues efficiently. Collect as much as imaginable, you will need to use it one day. Since you will need to use funds to build houses, harvest medicines, and forge weaponries. All are useful for the expedition ahead.

MOD APK version of Ares Virus

  • Unlimited Energy
  • God Mode

Download Ares Virus APK & MOD for Android

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