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Stickman action Game - Anger of Stick 5 : zombie
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February 14, 2022
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Anger of stick 5 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds) is a consequence to the deed game sequences from the producer J-PARK. This is an thought-provoking game in the deed game category combining tactics. With the 2D graphics spinning around the main character is the stickman which is aware to players.

Anger of stick 5 Mod Apk

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Overview of Anger of stick 5 Mod Apk

Name:Anger of stick 5
Publisher:COWON PLAY
MOD Features:Unlimited Gold/Diamonds
Requires:Android 4.4

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The game takings place in a city where a cluster of bizarre people look as if. They used blameless people as trial tools. As a result, many folks were absent, and one of them curved into dangerous zombies. And our hero, the stickman hero stood up with his groups to take portion in the battle in contradiction of unsafe zombies.

Stickman graphics are often enjoyable and want to bull a large and diverse player market. That gives them unassuming games but encompasses much striking gameplay and can be enjoyed infinitely with their new happy. Thus, stickman has advanced strongly and is outbound with players, taking the all God’s creatures of games full of illustration and full of acting. One of those competitions is Anger of Stick 5, with an nice-looking theme of zombie bombardment for players to relish the most nourishing fighting sense. The elasticity of stickman pictures is the climax, mutual with the situation and engaging gameplay to make a perfect zombie game.


Anger of Stick 5 is the fifth game in its complete series, and this time it presents many vagaries and comes with ironic content for players to like. The biggest alteration between the forms is the flatness that originates from the regulator instrument and the aptitude to interact with the setting, allowing players to display many singular move sets and dip themselves in endless ecstasy. The game will also present supplementary elements such as weaponries, skill systems, level design, and operation. Fortunately, all is designed at different levels, and their trouble will gradually upsurge, and players will advance access to new basics and content thru the trip.


Impress from stickman graphics is agility and nimbleness in execution combos and bouts. Furthermore, the character’s activities become more creative and eye-catching thank you to their slender and level stickman plan. Most outstandingly, the game’s controller machine allows players to cooperate with the situation through many unlike actions. These contain both commanding and greater combos, and players can reveal new happy as the game progresses. Too, the game will uninterruptedly have many unpaid and generous loots for players based on their development.


The zombie-fighting class has become general and is extensively useful in many diverse game types. They always astonishment players with their gratified even if they are overworked, and Anger of Stick 5 will take the zombie combat experience to the next level. The most imperative thing is the vivid visual and wide-ranging effects, making respectively hit on the zombie real and inspirational, and the player can drop a sequences of attacks on them to advancement level faster. As well fighting zombies, the player will face altered ogres that can use unusual skills to destroy the performer.


The appeal development system is an vital element of Anger of Stick 5, permitting players to unlock new combos and happy to plunge themselves in endless acting. Moreover, the skill tree will be not speaking into many diverse branches, and group of actors can mature their characters giving to their playing style. That displays the game’s assortment in as long as players with the highest benefits to fighting zombies crosswise many different elegances. Moreover, the skills will disturb the weapon’s act and allow the player to make more powerful and impressive combos.


Although the game customs the zombie fighting context, it does not eradicate the change of current weapons and sustenance gear. As players development with the game, they will progressively unlock new weaponries, whether melee or long-range and each missile has its faces to make the battle more nice-looking. All guns have simple, familiar designs, whether medieval, sci-fi, and more, to line players easier. Each missile has unique beating emotional state for players, and they have an advancement system for players to mature the weapons they are most attentive in.

Anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk Features

The player battle in Anger of Stick 5 is limitless and has always had many unanticipated changes, counting challenges and expeditions. The game always requirements players to be interested, so it always familiarizes new things, comes with amply of rewards for players to enjoy the game to a new range. Furthermore, the game will feature superior events and tasks every week, and players will have the break to collect outstanding and funny fashions. The game always uses all possessions and ideas to mature gameplay and satisfied and gives players many possibilities to relish the game.

An interesting RPG

When partaking in Anger of stick 5, you will play a stickman hero, using the function keys and joysticks on the phone screen to switch moving, offensive or self-protective typescripts. The control organization in the game is moderately familiar, you will not take much while to get conversant if you’ve occupy yourself done any other game of the same sort.

In your voyage, you can equip unlike weapons like knives, artilleries,  and exploration for new allies. You can treasure 6 allies and get sustenance from 3 allies at the identical time.

Challenging level system, diverse game modes

The game is erected according to the accustomed motif that effort will surge with each level. Each equal in the game is really a trial and you will not know what anticipates you ahead. There are up to 60 levels with diverse difficulty planes to delight you in viewing your mind-thinking ability as well as your shelling skills.

Too the main game mode of belligerent to pass each level, you can attempt more modes, such as existence trials.

Tackle system

The game has a change of apparatus and weaponries. As the trouble of the game surges with many levels, you need to advancement tackle to overcome new contests.

To exaltation your apparatus, you will need to custom the game exchange. You can earn money when effecting levels and trials. Or if you hunger, use our Anger of stick 5 MOD Unlimited Money variety.

Although there are many authoritative weapons in the game, retain in concentration that your skills regulate the whole thing.


Even if the game’s graphics are corrupt, you can’t teasing. The reason is that it was innate for acting determinations, and the illustrations are a bit inept, but this cheerful is adequate for you to please what you seek. The astrophysics useful in the game is fairly stable, there is nothing to be censured here.

Download Anger of stick 5 MOD APK for Android

Summary, Anger of stick 5: zombie is an thought-provoking game, rather exclusive in both illustrations and gameplay, appeal system, weapons. While there are immobile some minus facts like graphics need to be better-quality. Weaponries systems need too much money to upgrade but in general, this game is still value your download.

Make sure that Anger of stick 5 will make you and bombardment game touch a new. Join the game, convert into a stickman hero and except the world!

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