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Top down air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics and amazing orchestral soundtrack.
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AirAttack 2 MOD APK is an very good vertical shooting game with beautiful graphics, rich context and affected air battles. Get ready and let’s fight. Fighting games are the best at live quickly, dramatically and final without distractions. Moreover, the epinephrine rush and the energy after playing these games.

Determination make you more enthusiastic, original, and energetic when you return to work. And the combat knowledge will be even faster and cleaner when playing on mobile or tablet. If you are look for a game that brings out fantastic feeling, you must play AirAttack 2 once.

AirAttack 2 Mod Apk

Overview of AirAttack 2 Mod Apk

Name:AirAttack 2 Mod Apk
Mod Features:Unlimited Money 

About AirAttack 2 Mod Apk

AirAttack 2 takes the proceedings of World War II as the background. You will be a part of this historic war, attractive in intense air battles between hostile factions.

Though taking the theme of world war and air combat as inspiration, the way to play AirAttack 2 is quite simple and does not require too many mixtures or brain hacking details. Your main operation in the game is to tap and jab the screen to navigate the plane. The shooting is continuously in automatic mode. When you want to bomb an object flying low or on the crushed, just tap on the object and you’re done.

Where does the addiction come from?

AirAttack 2 is the sequel to the well-known aircraft shooting game AirAttack before. Despite the same top-down shooter gameplay, AirAttack has made many new wonders this time.

First, the game has a total of twenty-two levels, along with a lot of small errands that need you to complete. AirAttack 2, in addition to playing alone with the device, also helps you invite your Facebook friends (up to 5 people to fight on the battlefield) to trial and compete through singular weekly and daily missions.

The attraction from speed and upgrade

You’ll have to continually dodge ammunitions and collect items in the middle of a fight as a challenge instead of aiming, shooting, and firing. It may sound simple, but I just poverty to warn you that the speed in this game is very high. Later, you must constantly strain your eyes to detect bullets flying towards you like a storm and classify items on the way (coins, stars…) at the same time. Besides, with such many enemies, the risk of deafening into an enemy plane is entirely likely.

When you realize the cumulative challenge in the game, you are officially hooked to AirAttack 2.

This feeling of addiction is also increased when you find yourself happy every time you unlock new levels and frequently receive upgrades to your iron battleship. When you reach a sure level, collect enough cash then you can wholly choose how to upgrade the flat for more weapons with a series of increasingly penetrating selections like F4Ucorsair, Spitfire, Yak, P40-Tigershark and P38-Lightining.

Otherwise, you can select to increase the movement speed faster, add special combat skills to the aircraft, or choose a new armament. The arsenal in this game is also rich such as: Tail Gunner, Bombs, Lasers, Wingmen, Homing Rockets… The longer you go, the more stimulating things to choose. This game is not only suffocating but also good-looking. No wonder why 9 people out of 10 people can’t stop once playing AirAttack 2.

Wide customization

The level of customization in this game surprised me because it was so wide. First, you can physically select the screen in scenery or portrait mode. Regardless of the shade mode, the game always perfects its role of peacemaker and unique battle. So, it’s okay if you get used to any kind of process.

New proceedings are updated every day. This promise is worth looking forward to and jutting with for a long time. When playing, we can also easily customize the graphic excellence and button layout to suit our device healthier.


The player’s campaign will consume to use fighters from the WW2 era to whole all missions while meeting the minimum circumstances to continue. The great thing about each level is that they consume a distinct style, counting the ground, the environment, and more. Over time, companies will have the opportunity to fly in different territories and perform every mission outstandingly to access more interesting content.


While the game is fast-paced and extreme, its control device is smooth and fluid for the player to get the best control presentation. Depending on the individual trouble level, the speed or thickness of the enemies will change significantly to give players the real tests of this unique genre. Not only that, the hitbox is precise, and the fighter’s haste has no limits, allowing everyone to pull off the most dramatic moments.


AirAttack 2’s fighter aircraft are all based on models that appeared in WW2, and the system divides all units into dissimilar ranks. As players continuously fight or complete challenges, they will accumulate enough knowledge points or costs to upgrade fighters to new peers. Aside from looks or presentation, they have a separate feel for every mission for players to use in various instants.


During battles, players will consume the opportunity to collect boosters from opponents, which will increase the strength of their attacks. Depending on the weapon they have before armed, the attack power or effect will change significantly after collecting the consistent booster. The variety of promoters will always open up new ideas for players to uncheck the full potential of fighters in countless tricky situations.


Bosses are continuously the pinnacle of enthusiasm and entertainment as they are all big, powerful, and always create a lot of difficulty for the player. They do have certain weaknesses for players to take full benefit of and overcome them for various rewards or fighter promotions. Contingent on the terrain or level, bosses will have many different shapes, but they still have the chic of armed vehicles from the WW2 era.

Graphics and sound

The entire image in AirAttack 2 follows a 3D style. It looks just because the colors are profoundly serious, not as colorful as other fun 3D fighting games. But if you look closely, you will comprehend how delicate every detail is.

Light effects, bangs, collisions, exploding corpses of steel battlewagons when shooting and being destroyed look chiefly good. Viewing the city from above, you can see the lights coming from the windows of high-rise buildings or even the bricks on the roadside. You’ll also see the trembling of bombed-out structures, the constant collisions of enemy planes, and the affected scene of a plane burning down.

Everything also reverberates with its own authentic sound with each weapon and each fight space. The aerial picture in AirAttack 2 is not only beautiful but also vivid, realistic, which will make you not take your eyes off the screen for a additional.

Lively reasonable music with more than 30 epic background music is also a feature that makes you impressive when you hear the normal sound system of AirAttack 2.

MOD APK version of AirAttack 2

  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Energy

Download AirAttack 2 MOD APK for Android

This is a non-stop flat shooting game with super speed, beautiful scenes, and very generous attractive upgrades. All from this game brings it out to be one of my favorite first-rate air combat games. Try out this cool game, guys!

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