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Dig potatoes, collect science, and seize the means of production to climb to the highest Rank! Join Supreme Leader in contributing to the State: AdVenture Communist is the ultimate Communism simulator built for hard working Comrades like you!
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March 23, 2022
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AdVenture Communist is developed by Hyper Hippo Games and is measured as the development of AdVenture Capitalist. So, it is strong that this is also an idle tycoon game. The game’s box is to produce as many products as conceivable, and you can private more things. Coming to AdVenture Communist, you not only relish the same gameplay, but you also have unlimited gold.

Adventure Communist Mod Apk

In other disputes, the slashed version helps you in terms of change. If you do not have enough properties, you will not have to be worried as this hack accommodates you with plenty of them. This give the impression to be the most remarkable part of this version, and you will be more relaxed when you do not requirement to employ any penny to avail of this pleasure.

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Overview of

Developer:Hyper Hippo
Requires:5.0 and up
Size:74 MB
MOD Features:Free Upgrade

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The story of AdVenture Communist is not different from the novel version. When live this game, your main duty is to cultivate vegetables as much as you cannister as the trail to your glory will start with wonderful potatoes. By and great, the mechanic of this game is fairly simple. As well potato farming, you also have to succeed your possessions, which are the creation of different state incomes, including weapons, ore, land, potatoes, and medicine.

To produce one of those resources, you just snap until you fill-up the elevation bar. And as soon as you read a specific value, you can exchange to promotion the multiplier of incomes each time you click. Still, to get rid of ticking many eras, you can hire some workers. There is extra base source known as Comrades, and it embodies the number of workforces you can have. And you have to acquisition these dedicated workers, so they will gain the resources robotically.

Adventure Socialist Features


This feature is one of the maximum crucial possessions. It came out with an modernized version of 3.0. When your exuberant is higher, the task will be exponentially stiffer. In this case, you have to accumulate and endorse scholars as the place will not growth the industries’ construction. There are about 96 scholars in this game, but you can answer only 93 of them. The residue can be wide open at the rank of 115. Recollect that five researchers can only be found in measures when you reach brinks. To answer more researchers, you have to rampant up by finishing tasks.


Parallel to other games, missions are responsibilities on condition that to group of artistes to wide-ranging and get loots, which are usually the Tablet. Every time you complete a job, you will take a Wood Capsule or Stone Capsule. After concluding a certain quantity of missions, you will grasp a new Rank, and you have a recompence of Silver Capsule. Now and then, the loots from jobs are Gold or Science. The sorts of missions can be operated, unlock industry, collect cards, collect resources, assemble science, endorse researchers, or employ science.


Rank is used to degree the evolution of each player in the game. To rank up, you are mandatory to comprehensive some missions, usually three. The profit when smoothing up is that all job rewards and available science are habitually composed. All possessions excluding Farmer are uninvolved and all trades except the Potato lock.


A trade is measured as a means of cumulative the making rate of Comrades. Trades are highly critical as the making resource requirements Comrades to hypothesis. The Comrades are also secondhand for accomplishment higher productions as well as house high tier possessions. There are five productions in total so that there will be five Trades existing to buy. Each Trade wants a specific amount of a base reserve, and this base supply will rise when you get the succeeding trades in a similar business.


As mentioned above, tablets are rewards, plus Gold, Academic cards, and Science. They have many rarities, and you can get them done mission loots, event rewards, free capsules, or Shop consumptions.


The Airdrop does not frequently look in the game. It is observed as a intermittent rate. When it appears, players will get plus Resources, Science, and Comrades. There will be a even flying from one cross of the screen to extra, and players have to tap on it. Every now and then, the airdrops will be specified by a boat or by supplementary aircraft, liable on the current occurrence.

A Variability of Events

Adventure Communist has a lot of exhilarating events, and respectively event will take place scheduled. There are about 11 events, with Communist Crusade, Space Force, Quest for Oil, Anew Atlantis, Winter Motherland, Supreme Santa, Shields Up, Comrade Cowboys, Potato Export, Ninja Union, and Authority Underwhelming.

Usually, a player winning part in an event has to complete a mission, including 21 ranks. Each event has unlike supplies for productions and researchers. So, you should make indisputable that you boost plenty métier for your academics to get as many rewards as you can.

Adventure Communist other features

  • Automatic Update
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Support All Devices
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Connection Encryption Script
  • Not a root is required.

Adventure Communist FAQs

What Should I Spend Gold On?

The greatest way to use your gold is to purchases the periodic Supreme tablets whose fees are 750 gold. On the other needle, if you can participate in events sensibly, you are likely to get 40% more Supremes per gold. To do that, you have to buy the detailed Supreme you poverty in the Shop for 40k and aim for knowledge rewards.

How Does The Adventure Socialist Work?

You can tail these steps to fit the hewed type on your device. First, you click the Online button. Then, you go directly to the website new and submit the compulsory material. After that, you pick to Produce and Verify to start the part. Finally, you just comprehensive one offer and take loots.

What Can I Grow After The Event?

As said before, you will get rewards after beating each event rank. Then, you may reach a particular leaderboard milestone. The future event will not save your progression or resources earned.

Do I Have To Wide-ranging All Missions Before Levelling Up?

It hinge on on you. In other disputes, you just do what styles you fun. There are some wiles about this inquiry. Some people have confidence in that there will be no gain of staying as the higher lines give you more worthwhile capsules. However, others say that they can use policy to get higher researcher stages.

How Regularly The Supremes Seem In The Shop?

The Shop will enliven every 8 hours. There is a casual of 20% that the Best shows up in the bottom-right for 1.5k gold. And only 12% of occasions for Best to turn up in the bottom-middle for 40k Skill.


Generally, AdVenture Communist Mod Apk presented by IQC Pro Mod Apk and is cast-off to improve the game’s delight. To be more precise, the mod version will generate Gold as much as you necessity. Besides, it does not lodge much of your maneuver storage or cover any malicious agendas inside, which can save your device harmless. Although the hacked apk appears to be valuable, you should not misuse it to avoid recognition from the server.

What's new

Greetings Comrades!

This update comes with every Comrades favorite thing (aside from potatoes!)…

- NEW RANKS! 10 Glorious Ranks for you to master; from 141-150!
- WATCH OUT! Get Event Airdrops with ZERO ads with a new SHOP item you can purchase!
- STOMP! Continued bug fixes and improvements!

As always, loyal Comrades are here to support you at [email protected]

Peace, Prosperity and Potatoes!



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